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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dreams... or... Nightmares?

I have had this same dream now five times. Not night after night, but at regular intervals

In the dream I am looking at the computer or it could even be a television screen and everything is quite normal. But then very suddenly everything in front of me either turns black or into another dull colour and I wake up with a start. It happened last night and this time the images changed to sepia.

My husband usually awakens when I gasp out loud. But last night I just told him it was the stupid dream again.

Nevertheless, I must say, I am beginning to get a little alarmed at how often this same dream is recurring and wondered whether anyone out there had any ideas. However, if you are going to tell me that I am about to die or anything like that, then don't bother. That was my first thought. But then, I told myself not to be so stupid. Besides, I'm not ready to go yet. There are still a few things I want to see before I depart.

For a start I want to be around to see Divorcees.Biz in paperback. Okay, I know it is already on Kindle, but you see I want to hold the book in my hands and tell my four lovely ladies that, together, we did it!  I know they will be as excited as me.

I also want have a couple of more summer breaks - nothing fancy, just a visit to Nidd Hall and Littlecote House.  I bet you were all thinking I wanted to jet off to the USA or to some Holiday hotspot. No I am not so ambitious, something quiet and relaxing is all I want.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas about these dreams, then let me know.

Have a good day,


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day - and Memories

Well it's all over! Christmas Day has been and gone.

All that frantic searching for the right present, all that rushing around posting last minute cards and presents has come to an end for another year. Now we can sit back a wonder whether it was worth all the effort.

Let me tell you it was was! It was worth everything you put into celebrating Christmas - and more!
This is the time of the year when we should be happy to remember our friends from years past.

I sent and receive cards from people I went to school with. I haven't seen them for years, but it is good to think that at this time of the year we can think about each other, even if it is only for one brief moment in time. Last night I received an email from a school friend who now lives in Canada. I doubt I have seen him since the day I left school, yet we still send each other the occasional message.

It is good to have happy memories and I must admit, I do have some really happy memories of growing up. I had the most wonderful parents and still have a lovely sister. But I also had some really good friends, both at school and at work and I like to reflect on these friends even if it it is only for one moment in time.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


PS Okay, I wasn't going to mention my novel Divorcees.Biz today, I had planned on giving you all a rest. But what the heck, I can't resist it! Besides, someone has to let you know it is out there. :-)

Divorcees.Biz available on Kindle from Amazon, so if you have received a brand new kindle for Christmas and are looking for a lighthearted fun read, then head over to Amazon right now.  (Paperback is due out in the New Year.)

Then stop off at Turning the Pages Book of the Year Competition and give Divorcees.Biz your vote!

Bye for Now!!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Only Two Days to Go!

Well, this is it! As I type, I can see Christmas peaking through the door whether I am ready or not.

However, I am happy to say - I am organised!!  All cards are written and posted - even the two or three that I originally forgot. That always happens, doesn't it. At the last minute you receive a card from someone you forgot, then it is a mad dash to get it posted before the postman hangs up his socks for Santa.

Do postmen hang up their socks for Santa? I think their socks might be too well worn after all that trudging around people's houses during the weeks leading to Christmas. Anything Santa dropped into them could simply fall straight through. No I think the postmen deserve something a little bigger and stronger to leave for Santa to fill.

Santa came early for me this year. I had to install a new Microsoft word, or something like that. (I tend to get lost with all this technology.) For some reason the one I was using decided enough was enough and refused to open my files. I have no idea why that happened. One minute it was working fine and the next it just sat in there and stared at me. And then of course it started to blame me for for the problem. A little sign came up saying "You don't have the right program to open the file."   What on earth was it talking about? That very program had been opening the files since I got the PC.  Anyway, I knew I was beaten, so I bought a new one, which seems to be working okay at the moment.

I some exciting news regarding the Turning the Pages Book of the Year competition. It seems that Divorcees.Biz is among the top ten at the moment. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the announcement. But this doesn't mean I can relax. The competition goes on until well into January, so I still need your support. Therefore if you haven't already voted, then please do so now. There is no need to register, simply follow the link and scroll down to the Start button. Once you have placed your vote, scroll down to next and that's it. Nothing complicated at all.  The link is

I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Monday, 17 December 2012

Almost Christmas

It is almost Christmas.....  But not quite. There are still a few days left for me to go rushing around the shops for those last minute presents I forgot to buy.

I thought I was organised this year. I had written out all my cards by the end of November and posted them early in December. Presents were bought and wrapped so I really thought everything was done and dusted. Yet for some reason, I am still rushing around posting off cards and thinking of something to buy for the one or two people I forgot.

Why am I so surprised? It happens every year. I suppose I am too old to change now. I should have learned the lesson of organisation several years ago. But on the other hand, do I really want to be that totally organised?

Thinking about it now, no I do not. I believe it must be so boring to have everything under control and not have even a little bit of chaos in your life. I don't want to be so organised that I miss all the fun of Christmas. I like being the way I am. I enjoy the last minute dash out to the shops. Everyone looks happy as they joggle their way through the crowds. Okay, perhaps not everyone, there are a few Bah Humbugs out there, but I can put up with those.

At the weekend we went down to my sister's in Newcastle to exchange presents. My niece and her husband were there, too, so it was a lovely afternoon. It had been a while since I had seen my niece, so we had lots to talk about. She and her husband were both looking so well and happy.....  Ah what it is to be young!

Yesterday we went to our village club as a local brass band where there to play festive music. Afterwards there was mince pies and mulled wine. The place was packed and we all enjoyed the afternoon.

I think that is all for the moment, except to say, a big thank you to all those who have downloaded my novel, Divorcees.Biz. I do hope you enjoyed it and please follow the link, scroll down and vote.  People waiting for the paperback will have to hang on until after Christmas. But it is worth waiting for :-)

 In case I don't get back to my blog I, and my four ladies in the novel, would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all Best Wishes for 2013.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Divorcees.Biz! My Ladies are Causing a Stir!

It seems that some of the people who have read Divorcees.Biz, have left positive reviews on Amazon. Even 5 stars are appearing, how good is that! WOW!  Thank you, everyone!

You seem to have taken my four friends, Connie, Sadie, Jenny and Lucy, to your hearts.

The paperback is due to be released very soon. But in the meantime it is available on Kindle.

Both will be available from Amazon

Meanwhile, don't forget to vote for Divorcees.Biz at Turning the Pages Book of the Year 2012
Scroll down to 'Start' and press the button. 

Thank you so very much for your support,


Monday, 3 December 2012

Divorcees.Biz Available in Paperback Soon.

Well as you all know, Divorcees.Biz has been available on Kindle for the past week. Now it is to appear in paperback format sometime this week.

So all you folks who prefer to have the feel of an actual book in your hands, then keep a look out on Amazon. It will be popping up there during the next few days. Also, if you have been looking for the perfect Christmas Present for someone who enjoys a light-hearted, fun romance, then this is it and it won't cost the earth, either. Having said that, I have no idea what the price will be, but it will be a bargain, whatever the cost!!

In the meantime, perhaps you might like to pop over to the Turning the Page Book of the Year Competition. Divorcees.Biz is on the list and is crying out for a few more votes..... well a lot more votes, actually!

Last week I went to Newcastle. It was great! all the shops looked so Christmassy and everyone seemed to be spending money, despite the economic climate. Giving Newcastle a miss this week, though. Very sad, I know, but it has been snowing here, and I really don't want to risk being stuck on the road somewhere.

I think that is all for the moment, so head over to the Turning the Pages competition and Vote!!!


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Divorcees.Biz Now Available

Wonderful News!!  Divorcees.Biz is now available on Kindle.
The paperback version will follow shortly.

You have no idea how delighted I am. All that writing, editing, worry and nail biting is over. Now I can sit back and relax....  But, on second thoughts, can I? Now I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat worrying anyone will read it and if they do, will they like it.

But first things first, I need to sell a few copies before anything happens. Actually, I need to sell a lot of copies before anything happens!!!

So all you folks who have been waiting patiently to learn of the release, head over to Amazon right now :-)

Meanwhile, I'm going to have a large drink!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Check it Out

I have set up a Website for Divorcees.Biz, so would you all please go and check it out? The address is

I admit there isn't much to see once you get there, but there is a little method in my madness for sending you all there. You see, as more people log onto the site, the quicker Google will pick it up and put it onto the first page of searches for 'Divorcees/Divorces'.

Okay, before you all rush to tell me the site does a sort of wiggle when it first comes up, let me tell you I already know about it. It seems I haven't configured the thing correctly. (Whatever that means)  I think the problem is something to do with the photograph of the book cover. Perhaps it is too big? However, when I upload a smaller one the picture doesn't look so good. The stems of the glasses become crooked. And who wants to drink out of a glass with a crooked stem :-)

Therefore I have decided to leave it as it is - wiggle and all. It is unique - a one off - not everyone has a Website that does a wiggle as it introduces itself to the world. Let's face it, not everyone wants a Website that does a wiggle as an introduction, but I think it is quirky and fun just like the novel itself

However, there is a more logical explanation why I am allowing the wiggle to continue on the Website: I haven't a clue how to fix it :-)

You will be surprised to learn I didn't go to Newcastle this week. I decided to give my charge card a rest. However, weather permitting, I shall been back down there again next Wednesday. But more on that later.

Meanwhile, get your fingers tapping across to

Have a good day,


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Odds and Ends

We are having a busy week - so far, anyway.

Yesterday we met up with some cousins for  lunch and a natter. It was really very nice catching up with all the news, as we don't see them very often. However, we agreed would try to not leave it so long the next time. Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to send them away clutching a few promotional cards for my forthcoming novel  :-) I told them to pass them to any of their friends who liked to read.

Today we went to the hospital as my husband had an appointment with the MS nurse. Thankfully, it is the hospital with the comfortable seats, but oh my goodness, the parking situation is terrible!! You could very easily miss an appointment trying to find a space.

The car-park is quite large, unfortunately it is not large enough! My poor little car was parked at a most alarming angle. Not only was it straddled across a rather high kerb, but the two wheels on one side were sunk into the mud.

I heard two ladies talking about the parking situation. One of them said "of course you can see at a glance the parking area was designed by a man. A woman would have built a multi-story car park!" She could be right.

Tomorrow I am going to Newcastle. Okay, I can hear you groaning - not Newcastle again. But yes, I am going again. You must all know by now that I love going down to Tyneside for some retail therapy. I love the shops, I love the city and I just love being there among it all. I'm not sure how much longer my friend and I will be able to go before Christmas, as the bus that trundles us down there is likely to be full. Still, I'm sure we'll be going for as long as we can. Perhaps they will find a larger bus espcially for us during the weeks leading up the Christmas.  Wishful thinking!!  Anyway, tomorrow will be great and we will round off the day with a glass of wine in M&S Deli bar in the food hall.  Absolutely brilliant.

I think that is all the news I have at the moment. However, if I have any news on the release of Divorcees.Biz make no mistake - I'll be back like a rocket.

Meanwhile, have a great day


Thursday, 1 November 2012


This is simply a postscript to my last post.

My life doesn't usually change in a drastic measure. Therefore you will understand why I don't post very often.  However, today is different. Today I have sent back the edits of Divorcees.Biz to the publisher and I gather the Kindle version will appear very soon.  How cool is that??  The paperback will appear in around four weeks

For goodness sake, surely there should be a big cheer here?? This is news worthy of a shout from the rooftops!!

But, for a mere mortal such as I, who can longer leap around rooftops as they did in Mary Poppins, this post will have to do!!

However, if anyone out there would like to shout out loud about my novel, then don't let me stop you.  You go there!


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Divorcees.Biz - Book Cover

Here is the cover of my latest novel, Divorcees.Biz. I love it!!

It says everything about the story - fun, quirky and frothy.

I hope you all like it, too.

I don't have the date of publication at the moment, but we are getting close.

I hope all is well in your world.


Monday, 15 October 2012 Update!!

I have just finished the first edits of and returned them to the publisher. Wow, my eyeballs were on stalks by the time I got through it all.  However it means we are one step nearer to publication.

Another piece of news, we have agreed on the back cover blurb so the first proof of the cover is almost ready. I can't wait to see it. I will display it here once it has all been finalized.

On a different note, we spent the morning changing the spare room around.  My computer is now where Phil's Keyboard use to be, and his Keyboard is going to be in the spot where my computer was.  We still have to get around to sorting that. I have to say we were shattered by the time we got this far. This means that the room is in turmoil at the moment, while the Keyboard is stretched out on our bed!! I hope it isn't getting too used to being there, as there won't be enough room for the three of us in the bed tonight :-)

Once I finish this, I am going to shut the door on the spare room and go into the sitting room to read a book.

Hoping to go on a trip to Carlisle on Wednesday.  So watch this space for more news on the trip.

Have a great day wherever you are


Friday, 5 October 2012

More Excitement! Or is it Anticipation?

More excitement!  Is that possible? After my last piece of news about the acceptance of my novel, for publication, I would have thought that was enough excitement it for the next year. But then I was forgetting the excitement of discussing a cover for the book and the anticipation of waiting for the edits to come through.

I have seen a sketch of the cover and I am really very pleased with it. So now I am looking forward to seeing the completed drawings. As for the edits... well they are something else. Will I recognize my story when the editors have checked it over and made all the necessary corrections? Will it still sound as frothy and as quirky as it once did? Will Sadie still be the down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, scatty woman she was when I first created her? Will Connie....?  Stop!!

I have got to stop thinking like this. I have got to get a grip. Of course everything will be as it was. Except my errors will have been corrected and the whole thing will flow much better.

Changing the subject completely before my nails are chewed down to the quick, my friend and I took another trip to Newcastle on Wednesday. It seems to have become a bit of a habit.  What am I talking about?  Bit of a habit, it has definitely become very much a habit - full stop. But what a wonderful habit. Just to wander around the shops and hear the familiar Geordie accent is beyond words. If you haven't been to Newcastle-on-Tyne, then you have really got to try it sometime. And once you are there, you must try the M&S Deli cafe - bar on the ground floor of the food hall.  It is wonderful. The seating is set out in a sort of horse shoe shaped arrangement near the back entrance so you can't miss it. The staff are brilliant, even though they are often rushed off their feet, they always make time to chat to the customers as they dash around.

Of course I had to treat myself to something. Having travelled the seventy miles down to Newcastle, how could I not treat myself to something?  Anyway on this visit it was a new skirt, which I am rather pleased with. Perhaps next time I will get a top to go with it.  :-)

Well I think I have rambled on enough for the moment. Once I have more news about the cover and the edits, I will be back....  So watch this space!!

Have a great day,


Monday, 24 September 2012

Exciting News!!

I have just had the most wonderful news. My novel,, has been accepted for publication and I have signed a contract with Salgad Publishing  If that is not exciting news, then I don't know what is!!

I am still pinching myself as it all happened very quickly'. After reading the opening chapters, the publishers were back to me within three days  asking for the full manuscript, which must mean enjoyed it. Now they are keen to publish on Kindle in time for Christmas. Hopefully printed copies will follow, as I have already had people, who I know don't have readers, asking me for details.

How refreshing it is for a publisher to get back to the author so quickly. Usually it is a long drawn out affair and by the time they respond, if they do at all, the author has begun to lose the will to live. So well done, Salgad Publishing.

Briefly, the novel is about four divorced women, who decide to set up an online dating agency for divorcees. Set in London, the story is more about the four women rather than the agency itself and I have tried to keep the whole thing light, fun and quirky, a complete contrast to my last novel, The Trojan Project, which was a thriller.

Now I am waiting for the editors to sort it out and for the art dept to come up with a lovely cover to match the story. I guess that is all I can say about that at the moment, but I will keep you up to date with events as and when.

Meanwhile, we are home from a ten day break in Herefordshire, where we stayed at Holme Lacy House Hotel. We were so lucky with the weather, beautiful blue skies every day. Therefore we were able to take advantages of the lovely gardens surround the hotel. The hotel also had some wonderful lounges, where you could relax and read a book while sipping a glass of wine or a tea or even coffee. I guess you already know which I chose. :-)

I think that is all for the moment

I hope your day is going as well as mine.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Title for my Divorcees Novel!!

I have not only finished writing my novel, but I have also changed the name. that was, is now

A friend pointed out that, as is already a registered name for a Website, I might have a few problems if my book was ever published and became an overnight success (overnight success, wow - got to smile here).  Anyway, I sought the advice of The Society of Authors and they agreed, there could be a problem.

That being the case, I decided the wisest course of action was to change the name. I have also bought the domain name for two years, so this can't happen again. Once I get the Website going, I will use it to promote my novel

Meanwhile I have been through the whole manuscript twice doing some much needed edits and will probably start going through it again. Then the next big thing will be to try to find a lovely publisher, who will be delighted to read the novel and decide to publish.  If a publisher just happens to stumble on this blog post and would like to take up the challenge, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Is it only me, who feels a little sad when they reach the end of a novel? Strange how I feel as though I am losing old friends.

In my last blog, I told you all about my new phone. (The old one stopped working) Well since all that happened, we had to buy a new fridge freezer as the old one suddenly decided it had had enough. Or perhaps it was simply playing up because I was paying too much attention to my new phone. Whatever the reason, we now have a brand new one, which meant more money being spent. I am holding my breath in anticipation of what is going to go wrong next.

It's amazing how all these things happen together. Do they simply have a little conference in the night and decide they want to play havoc with our lives and then pull straws to see which one is going to play up first.  That might sound crazy, but how do we know what goes on in the other rooms while we are sleeping? Anyone who read my short stories in The Lady magazine will recall I wrote one called "The last Pea on the Plate" and another named "The Number 57 Bus", where I told stories how both a bus and the peas on a plate had feelings.

Okay best I leave it there, after all I do write fiction.  :)  However, if you want to read the two stories mentioned, they are now on my website Eileen Thornton  under the heading Short Stories. All the stories there have been previously published in magazines.

I think that is all for the moment. I have given Newcastle a miss this week, but will be there next week to meet my sister and cousin. I think there is also going to be another lady from my past. So, as you can imagine, there will be lots of catching up to do.

Have a great day all, (I just heard a roll of thunder here)


Friday, 17 August 2012

My New Mobile Phone!

Two weeks ago my Blackberry broke down. I wasn't sure why, but I simply couldn't get any signal on it. Not wanting to mess around, I decided to buy a new phone, but chose not to have a Blackberry this time. I found one I liked and thought all I had to do was go into the Orange shop and buy a phone. I assumed everything would be set up and ready to go before I left the shop.  However, it wasn't as simple as that.

I had been on pay-as-you-go using the plan where I could have so many free texts and internet providing I added £10 every month.  I was quite happy with this plan and I would have carried on with plan, no problem at all.   But as I had £75 in credit, the lady in the shop was horrified I was letting this  money accumulate every month and suggested I should change to the pay monthly plan. That way, I wouldn't have to pay anything until the credit was used up.

After a great deal of persuasion, I changed my plan, but it seems because I wanted to keep my old number a spanner was thrown into the works. No, that's not strictly true. Actually a great number of spanners were hurled into the works. I did indeed have my old number changed while in the shop, but all mail I received from Orange about my new phone quoted the number on the sym card, which was in the new phone before it was changed. I telephoned Orange and got that sorted out..

Next I found after two weeks, my 'free' internet was finished, which meant I had to contact Orange on Wednesday evening to sort it out. What 'free internet' I asked. I thought the internet came with the package. However, it seemed the whole thing hadn't been explained properly in the shop, because the email button I was told to use came with an extra £5 per month after a two week trial.

After talking for one and a half hours to two different people, it was established that by using a different button, the emails would be included in the plan without paying another £5 per month.  The second man explained it all very carefully and together we changed it. He said would ring me the next day, to make sure it was okay because it took a few hours to reset itself.

When he rang me on Thursday, it still wasn't allowing emails in or out. So we spent another hour going through it again. But later that Thursday afternoon, it was receiving emails, but not sending them. So I emailed the guy and he rang me back. After another 30 mins, where he talked me through saving contacts etc so we could reset the phone to factory status and start all over again, we finally cracked it. By this time, I was almost having a nervous breakdown and heading for the gin bottle.

I have to say this lovely guy has the patience of a saint. I had to tell him he was dealing with a complete idiot at this end, as I had absolutely no idea how to set up the thing. I tell you I was all fingers and thumbs, I also had to keep reading out what it said on the phone so he could slowly talk me through each stage.

Perhaps I should now set myself up as a mobile phone expert!!

Apart from that, all is well here,



Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Back Home

Last week we went to Chelmsford, Essex for a few days to visit some old friends. We all first met when we lived down there forty years ago. Forty Years! Where have all the years gone? We have moved to several other places since then, but they have stayed put.

Staying put has never been my thing. Moving house was a hobby of mine. I loved looking at different houses, packing up and then moving on. Of course back then it was easy to buy and sell houses. Nowadays, once you get into a chain, you get stuck and no one can do anything,

But I digress. I was going to blog about our visit to Chelmsford last week. We had a lovely time. Our friends took us all over the place. One day we went to Aldeburgh in Suffolk. It's a lovely little seaside town. I gather fishermen go out to catch the fish and then sell it in small huts on the sea shore. Another day we went to Clacton, to see some people we had met a few years back. They have a small zoo of kid goats, alpacas, rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, chickens etc, which run around freely at the base of the Watch Tower on the see front. Visiting children adored it and I understand local kids come back regularly to see how the animals are getting on. There is also a cafe, where you can have something to eat while the children look at the animals.
We also went to hear an excellent Jazz Band, a quiz night, and, somewhere in between, we saw the movie, Salmon Fishing on the Yemen, which I really enjoyed.

Considering we ate and drank like there was no tomorrow, I was surprised to find I hadn't put any weight on. Anyway, we are home again now and enjoying the rest. Now back to editing my novel and hoping it will get published.

Tomorrow I am off to Newcastle. Hopefully the sun will shine, but if not, then what the heck, I'll enjoy the trip anyway.

Have a good day wherever you are,


Monday, 9 July 2012

The End of the Beginning

The end of the beginning! I think I have got that right. 

Last night I finished writing my novel - But this not the end, is it? Surely this is only the beginning. Now I have to go back and edit the whole thing, before trying to find a publisher willing to take it on. So, yes,  I have only reached the end of the beginning. 

Of course when I reach the stage of finding a publisher, then I can say I am at the beginning of the end, which really means I still have some way to go. But in the meantime, the end of the beginning will have to do. Best I leave it there before I confuse myself.

Anyway, the story is about four divorced, thirty something women, who decide to set up an online dating agency for divorcees. I have tried to make the tale light and quirky - a total contrast to The Trojan Project. So if any of you out there have any ideas of finding a publisher for this type of book, then please let me know.

The rest of my news is like the weather, dull and wet. The only highlight is that I have bought a netbook, which is how I was able to finish my novel a little earlier that I thought I would. I have been sitting beavering away, while watching repeats on TV.

I suppose that's the one good thing about repeats on TV. When you have seen a programme so many times, you kind of know what's coming. Which means you don't need to have all your wits about you to be able to follow the plot. By the way, if you are wondering why I am watching repeats on TV it's because there is absolutely nothing else to watch.  I am sick of Food Shows. If another cookery show starts up I will go bonkers. The way the chef prepares and cooks meals puts me right off. Does anyone really feel like eating the food when it's cooked? I certainly don't. For a start, I wonder whether it has been cooked long enough. Another show I have never watched is Big Brother - ugh! Or I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of Here. And the list goes on.

Enough about the TV. In fact I think that is enough about everything for the being.

I hope you are all having a great day, wherever you are.


Friday, 29 June 2012

Long Time - No Write

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted on here. Where are all the weeks going? And more importantly, why are they going so fast? There are things I want to do, things I want to see, but at this rate, the year is going to be over and I will be still thinking I am still in the month of June!

Last week we went away for a few days to Nidd Hall, near Harrogate. We love going there, as it is place where you can do as much or as little as you want. This suits me perfectly. I can spend the day, watching the more energetic as they stride out to the golf course, the shooting range or even the archery targets, while I quietly sit back and sip an extremely large wine. And then at the end of the afternoon, I enjoy a dinner, which I have not even had to think about preparing, before going to watch the entertainers in the Pavilion. It is a blissful way to spend a few days,

But then, I came home!

Don't get me wrong, I like my home. It gets a little untidy at times - okay, it gets a lot untidy most of the time, but it's lived in and it's ours and that's what counts. No the untidiness wasn't the problem. The problem was the company who I use to host my Website, have, what they call, upgraded and now I find I haven't got a Website at all. Yes, the domain is there and it says it is mine, but I am not there at all. Instead, what you see is where to look for comparisons for insurance.

From the emails I received before they embarked on their mission, I was under the impression that after about a week, all would be as before.  However this is not the case. My husband, who set up the site for me in the first place, filled in one of their online forms, asking what was going on. But except for an online acknowledgement, he hasn't heard from them again. 

So yesterday, I took the helm and wrote again and this time, I got a reply within a few hours asking for certain information for security purposes. I have now sent that on; therefore I am waiting with bated breath to see what transpires. So anyone logging onto my Website will need to be patient for a while longer. Watch this space!

On Wednesday, I went to Newcastle to meet my sister and cousin. We tend to meet up once a month, just for a coffee and a chat. The weather wasn't too bad, so I quite enjoyed the day. However, yesterday it rained and it rained and forgot to stop. How thankful I was I hadn't chosen that day to go to Newcastle, as I gather roads had to closed and trains were forced to stop running. The drains in the road where my sister lives, couldn't cope and the water lapped mere inches from her front door. She and her husband must have been worried it would pour into their house.

I think that is all the excitement for the moment,

I hope it is dry wherever you are,


Friday, 8 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations

I do hope everyone enjoyed the Jubilee Celebrations last weekend. How wonderful it was to see how many people turned out to celebrate with Her Majesty The Queen. It was such a shame the weather turned so bad on Sunday for the River Thames Pageant. Yet despite the rain soaked streets of London, people stood on the embankment and watched until the very last boat sailed past. The Queen was outstanding. She stood in the cold and wet until the very end.

While all that was going on, we were at a lunch with forty-one friends and neighbours. It was held in our social club and I have to say the committee did a wonderful job serving a three course hot meal without the aid of a cooker. Don't ask how they managed it. But it was brilliant and a big Well Done to them all. We had a brilliant afternoon. The photographs were taken at the Lunch. One shows me and a friend, while the other shows a member of the committee.  You can tell we were all in good spirits.

My niece and her husband were at the concert in the Mall on Monday evening. They were fortunate enough to have tickets. Thankfully the weather stayed dry and I believe they had a wonderful time. I saw the  whole thing on TV. But I think it must have been absolutely fantastic to have been there among the crowds. The atmosphere must have been electric.

Now everything has quietened down and we are back to normal. Well, as normal as we can can be with the world being in the state it is. But that is another story!

However the whole weekend Celebrations were perfect and made me very proud to be British.

I hope you enjoyed it wherever you were,


Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Nostalgic Trip!

Low Fell - Gateshead

We spent a few days in Newcastle earlier in the week. I wanted to go back to visit the place of my birth and then go on to another town where I spent my teens.

The photo shows me standing next to my sister  (in the pram) I must have started school as I am wearing a gym slip. My hair is in ringlets and note the large bow of ribbon - how could you miss it?

It was good to go back, but the street wasn't at all how I remembered it. It was longer and wider back then, at least that is how it seemed at the time.

We had a large back garden complete with a hill, where we played Cowboys and Indians or whatever else we had seen at the Saturday morning matinee. It was fun running around on make believe horses or jetting off with Flash Gordon to stop Ming the Merciless taking over some planet or another. Do children ever do that anymore?

When we moved to Whitley Bay on the North East coast in 1953, we only had a back yard. But that didn't stop us. We had the beach to play on, though as I was reaching my teens, cowboys and Flash Gordon were a thing of the past.

Whitley Bay

This was the street I lived in until I was married. I took this photo on Monday, when we stopped off to take a look at what they had done to the place. The street hadn't changed at all. However, it's a pity I can't say the same for the rest of the town.

In its heyday, Whitley Bay was a lovely seaside resort. The golden sands stretched for miles until they reached the lighthouse. People came from Scotland and Yorkshire to spend their summer holidays there. The beaches were always packed. Cafes selling food or ice cream, were dotted along the Promenade, while the Fun-fair was a great attraction to the youngsters.

Today all that has gone, A school now stands in the grounds where the fun fair was. It replaced the one I went to, as they pulled it down - I'm not sure why as they haven't built anything else on that piece of land. And the shops that are left look as though they could do with a good coat of paint. The whole place needs brightening up.  It's all so very sad. Best I leave it at that.


The Quayside - Newcastle-on-Tyne

On the other hand, the changes they have made to the Quayside have been for the better. At one time it was like almost any other shipbuilding area - dirty and dismal. However, today, the place has a Continental feel about it.

People were sitting outside in the sun enjoying a glass of wine or beer, while others were wandering around the market, something which has been held on a Sunday morning forever!

Opposite is the New Sage building and the Baltic Art Gallery - once a Flour Mill.

Isn't it amazing how something so ugly could be given a new lease of life, while Whitley Bay, which was such a lovely, thriving town, could be allowed become so... tawdry and lifeless.

I think that is my rant for the day 

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weight, Hair and all that Jazz!

I found I had lost another pound in weight when I jumped on the scales this morning. After losing 4 lbs over the last two weeks, I thought I might have stood still this week. But no, thankfully my weight is still on the downward track.

We went out for lunch with the MS group today. This time the venue was the Tankerville Arms in Wooler. (The town where my novel, The Trojan Project is set)  Not only do they serve the most wonderful roast beef, but they cut it in thick slices. You actually know you have some meat on the plate. The whole meal was delicious. We should go there more often.

I saw my hairdresser on Friday, so I was able to have a chat about my hair. It had been doing the most weird things. I simply couldn't do a thing with it, no matter how hard I tried. Coaxing it into some sort of style was out of the question, as it had made up its mind to be awkward and believe me it was! I suppose it gets that from me.  The hairdresser told me that it had grown so much since I was last there, it was little wonder I couldn't manage it.

So you see I was right when I said my hair had decided I was paying too much attention to my weight loss. In a fit of rage, it had grown out of all proportion. Anyway, I had it cut into a nice neat style, so now it is happy - and if my hair is happy, then so am I.

At the lunch today, I wore one of the two new dresses I had bought since I began the diet. So, what with that and my beautiful new hair-do, which behaved itself wonderfully, despite a gale blowing, I felt like a million dollars. Well, perhaps not a million dollars, but certainly a few hundred!

Have a lovely day, whatever you're doing!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hair and Other Things!

Last Sunday morning you could have heard Whoops of joy at the end of the road when I stepped onto the scales - I had lost another 2lbs. I had thought I might manage to lose 1lb - if that. But there it was, as clear as day, 2lb less than the week before. I jumped off quickly for fear the scales would change their mind. So now that I have lost 22lbs in weight, I haven't really got much further to go.

And if that wasn't pleasing enough, I went out on Tuesday and bought myself a new dress! How about that?  Also, just to make sure I was celebrating in style, I bought a new pair of sandals to go with it. How could I resist. All that hard work deserves some reward, otherwise what is it all for? Now all I need is some sunny weather so that I can go out and enjoy the new me!

The next thing is to find out what is going on with my hair! It has suddenly become extremely fine and doesn't know what to do with itself. I keep trying to coax it into place, but it doesn't want to know. So, while have a nice new figure, my hair has gone to pot. Is there a connection, I wonder. Can it be that my hair has become jealous because I have been concentrating on my weight?  Is that possible? And if so, what can I do about it?  I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

The time when I could do seven or eight different things at once and do them well, has long gone. When I was at work, I could hold two conversions at once. One with the person standing next to me and the other with an irate administrator on the other end of the phone, while doing a calculation in my head. But things aren't the same any more. Nowadays I tend to keep my mind on one thing at a time.

When I try to do a few things at once, I end up doing nothing right. Or things are left half finished. There have been times when I have wandered around the house only to find things I have started and then left, because I have gone on to do something else.

But enough of that kind of talk. I'm not ready for the scrap heap yet. I have things I still want to do and one of them is to walk down the street, one sunny day in my new outfit :D

Well I think I have rattled on enough for the moment and it's only Wednesday. I will get back to you later in the week and let you know what else has been being going on in my world.

Meanwhile, enjoy your day,


Sunday, 29 April 2012


WOW! I found I had lost 2lbs when I stepped on my scales this morning. I have been stuck for the last three weeks, but today I had moved two whole pounds down. I should think so, too. Enough is enough. I have been really, and I mean really carefull over the last week, so I think I would have tossed the wretched scales out of the window if they hadn't shown at least a glimmer of weight loss! Perhaps that's why they relented this morning. They probably got the message that I really meant it this time!

I think I would like to lose another two punds and then I will call a halt - I don't want end up with a scrawny face and a neck like a turkey :)

On Wednesday I met my sister and my cousin for a natter in Newcastle. It is always good to see them both and of course it is doubly good because I get to go to Newcastle. Again, after our chat, I took a quick look around the shops. It wasn't quite so busy this week. So it was much easier to get around. I guess the M&S sale on Per Una clothes has finished :D

Apart from that it has been a quiet week. This means I was able to get back to my novel, I have been doing a re-edit, before deciding where I am going to take my ladies next. I sent the opening chapters to a networking friend in the USA to read through and she seemed to think it was fun to read, which is exactly what I am aiming for, so I appear to be doing something right.

Tomorrow, I am meeting some writing friends at a hotel in Kelso for coffee. We usually have a natter about everything and nothing and, sometimes, we even talk about writing. But is it good to hear about what other writers get up to, while they are struggling to find new ideas for their stories.

Well, I think that is me done for the moment,

Whatever you are upto, I hope you enjoy it.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Trip to the City!

I spent a lovely few hours in Newcastle yesterday. I travelled down there on the bus and I think everyone had the same thought, as it was packed. However, no one had to stand, so that was a plus.

After meeting my sister for coffee I checked out as many stores as time allowed, though I didn't buy very much. However, I did treat myself to a bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume. If you haven't tried it yet, then do so when you are next in one of the larger stores.  There, you can even sample it before buying.

I also bought a shirt for my husband, as I didn't want him to feel left out.  Then I had a lovely glass of white wine at M&S food hall cafe before rushing to catch the bus home.  It sort of gives you a rosy glow for the journey home.

All in all a rather nice day, which cheered me up a great deal, as I have been feeling rather low lately.

Take care,


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wretched Scales

I didn't lose any weight last week :(

I really thought that things were looking up when I lost a pound in weight Easter Sunday after a spell  of not losing anything at all.  But that wasn't the case. I went onto the scales full of hope, yet they displayed the same weight I was the previous Sunday. I stared down at them in dismay. Yet they looked up and me - and grinned.  Okay, they didn't really grin. But they might just as well have done, because they weren't helping me. I almost felt like taking the battery out to show them who is boss!!

Ah well, I guess I will have to plod on with the diet for another week.

Nothing else to tell you at the moment, so I'll simply sign off and say,


Saturday, 14 April 2012


It is almost two weeks since I last posted anything here. I was hanging on in the hope that something wonderful would happen, thus giving me lots of news to write about. Unfortunately, I waited in vain; nothing happened at all.

I did find I had lost one pound in weight when I jumped on the scales on Easter Sunday and we did go to the Cross Keys for lunch that same day, which was lovely. But apart from that it has been very quiet indeed. I'm not sure what I expected to occur over the Easter Break. But whatever it was, it didn't happen. Not to us, anyway. Then I lost a filling out of one of my teeth. This is nothing new. The dentist does a repair job and them a few months later it falls out again. It has become a sort of ritual now.  A battle of wills between me and the tooth!!

Since Easter I have made an attempt to get back to my ladies in They have all gone very quiet on me, too. I guess things haven't been too exciting for them either :)

The only good piece of news so far, is that when we had our boiler serviced, it passed with flying colours. The poor old boiler is getting on a bit now, (a bit like me, I suppose) however, it is still bravely waving the flag. (again, a little like me)

Ah well, that's all for the moment. Hopefully, I will have lost some weight again when I jump on the scales on Sunday, but I am not going to put any money on it.

I really hope your week has gone better,


Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Large Cloud Over Our House

A large cloud descended over our house this morning. No, I don't mean the lovely weather we have been enjoying has come to an end. What I mean is, this week I haven't lost any weight!! The lovely pound I lost last week hasn't been matched this time around.  Therefore, the big sunny smile that usually finds its way to my face on a Sunday morning, has deserted me this week.
So it means that I will have to get back onto the Wii and do a few more exercises. I was forced to give up a couple of weeks ago when I tore a calf muscle. I could barely walk two steps, let alone leap on and off the platform like a maniac possessed. But obviously it was helping me to lose weight, so back to the aerobics this coming week - poorly leg or not!  It has been warned!!

Last Tuesday we went to the Barn at Beal for lunch. It was a beautiful day and the views across to Holy Island from the restaurant are really stunning.   If you have never tried The Barn at Beal and find yourself in the area, you should give it a whirl.

Tomorrow evening I am going to the Cross Keys to listen to a talk given by Sally Magnussan. I gather a few others from the village are going, so it should be a fun evening. I'm sure a few glasses of wine will be involved in the proceedings.

Apart from that, I think it is going to be another quiet week. However, you never know what is likely to turn up. I could win the lottery, or the premium bonds. My turn must be coming up very soon, so why not next week??

I hope the sun is shining down on you,


Monday, 26 March 2012

A Beautiful Wedding

The Bride and Groom
On Saturday we went to Newcastle to see our niece being married. She was a stunning bride. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress; it brought tears to my eyes as I watched her walk down the aisle with her father.  You see, I still think of her as the little girl who came to spend all one summer with us when we lived in the south of England.  I guess I always will.

I should add here that the groom was handsome and looked very smart in his black suit. The sun shone down on them making it a really perfect day.  They both looked so happy.

The wedding cake - all four tiers - was heart-shaped. It looked so lovely, it seemed such a shame to cut into it. After a delicious meal, we all danced the night away to a great band. Yes, I was up there on the floor with the rest of them.  Thankfully my poorly leg had healed.

I had a wonderful time, but I was shattered on Sunday morning. We spent the night at the hotel, therefore we didn't need to take the long drive back to Kelso, but I would love to have lain in bed just a little longer. We also lost an hour, as the clocks sprung forward on Saturday night.

However, I am fully recovered now and raring to go! I wonder if she would like to have the same thing all over again next week!!

It only remains for to wish the Bride and Groom all very best wishes for their life together.

I hope you had a good weekend


Thursday, 22 March 2012


All this weight loss is making my chin sag. Anybody got any good suggestions of how to get rid of my sagging chin. There is no way I want to look like a turkey!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Better Late Than Never :-)

I'm a little late with my blog this week. Though I had the exciting news that I had lost another 2lb in weight last week, I didn't really have anything else to tell you all. Not that you are all sitting there with baited breath, waiting for me to say something. Nevertheless, it's better if I have something to blog on about than nothing.

Anyway, yes, I lost another 2lbs last week, which brings the total so far to 17lbs lost since Jan 8th, the day I signed up with Weight Watchers. My other piece of news is that I went shopping yesterday and I bought a DRESS.  Okay, I can hear you all saying, 'so what?'  Well for me to buy a dress is a big thing and must mean that the lumps and bumps that appear when I usually wear a dress must be beginning to disappear.  Usually I wear a skirt so that I can pull the top over the skirt to hide the bits that try to push their way out.   So you see, yesterday was certainly a red letter day.

Thursday evening, we are off to a friend's house. Several of the neighbours will be there, so it should be a fun evening. And then on Saturday, we are going to my niece's wedding. So all in all, this is turning out to be a good week. And to top it all, the weather has been beautiful. Only hope it lasts until the weekend.

I do hope you are all having a good week,


Monday, 12 March 2012

Weight and Other Things

Everything seemed to be rolling along quietly last week. Nothing special happened. My husband had a few hospital appointments, bits and pieces day came and went and I spent forty minutes a day on the Wii in an effort to help by body shed some weight. So, like I said, everything was rolling along smoothly - at least is was until Friday afternoon. It was when I set up the Wii for my free step routine that the trouble began.

I decided that I would try to put a little more effort into the steps. Therefore when I had to take a step backwards, I extended my leg further back than normal. Okay, usually that is no big deal, surely a longer stride should simply have meant more exercise. However, on Friday it was a very big deal! As I my foot went on the floor and I straightened my leg, I felt (and heard) a pop, this was followed by a rush of pain down the leg. Oh my goodness how it did hurt. I could hardly walk and had to flop down into a chair. I have spent most of the weekend sitting around. Thankfully I had a pair of slippers with a small wedge on the heel, which meant I could get around the house when necessary. The same applied to my shoes, so I did manage to get out for lunch with some friends yesterday.

Today it is a little better and after corresponding with my doctor, we have come to the conclusion I might have torn a calf muscle. So be warned out there, do not try to over-reach yourself.

As far as my weight is concerned, I lost another pound last week, so I have now lost 15lbs. A bit disappointing after losing two pounds the previous week, but it could have been worse - I could have put a pound on.

Changing the subject entirely, my novel, The Trojan Project, is still awaiting publication in the USA. However, the good news is that it should happen in June of this year. So please everyone, keep looking out for it. It is already on the Website as coming soon, so hang in there.

Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing, (but don't overdo it)


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yippee!! More Weight Lost!!!

Exciting news this morning! When I crept onto the scales I found I had lost 2lb last week. Yes, two whole pounds. This means I have now lost 1stone.  I would have liked this to have happened, say, a couple of weeks ago, but it hung on until today.  Nevertheless, I am delighted as it means I am on the downward slope, so lookout you slim guys down there, because here I come!!

The rest of the week has been quiet, in a busy sort of way. If that is possible! I went to Newcastle on Wednesday and had a wonderful, if not tiring, day. Thursday, my husband had an appointment at the hospital, not the one with the hard seats, no this one was our local General Hospital, where they have a few sofas dotted around the ground floor. Very comfy.  I also had to have a chest x-ray, though it wasn't for anything serious - at least I hope not. Big gulp, here and fingers crossed.  Friday turned out to be bits and pieces day, because the computers were out of action at the post office on Thursday and, finally, Saturday was coffee morning at our social club. So you see, there was something going on every day, though nothing to make your socks roll up and down or my tights, for that matter.

Today, Sunday, is proving to be a quiet day. Though it shouldn't have been. We should have been going to the coast for lunch. However, as it was snowing when I pulled the curtains this morning, the whole thing was cancelled until the sun shines again. Hopefully that won't be too long in happening. So I think I will curl up with the book I am reading at the moment - Heartstone by CJ Sansom.

Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Having a Moan

Disappointingly, I only lost 1lb in weight last week. I know it is best not to lose too much weight at once, but come on, 1single lb is a poor show after another week of restraint. (Even the wine is being measured out, so you can see how serious the situation is) I suppose I should have had this moan yesterday, but I seemed to be all over the place!!

Now don't you all go misunderstanding me here. By all over the place I don't mean I was doing all manner of wonderful things. No! that wasn't the case at all. During the morning I made a pan of nil points soup for my lunch, which involved chopping and boiling vegetables. And if that wasn't enough, I then went on to make some low points Hungarian Goulash for my dinner, which, again, had me standing in the kitchen cutting meat and chopping onions. Somewhere in between, I spent 30 minutes stepping on and off the Wii in a desperate effort to burn off some points.  Anyway, you know now and that's the main thing.

I'm afraid I haven't anything else to tell you, except I have signed a couple of petitions against animal cruelty and written to my MP about what they are doing to our NHS. Not that it will do any good. These politicians seem to do what they like and not what the people want. Best I don't say any more here, once I get on my soap box I could be here all day. But I will say that I have the utmost admiration for the lady who confronted the Health Secretary yesterday. Good for her!

On that note, I will leave you as my washing machine has just finished its cycle.

I hope all is right in your world and that you have a wonderful day.


PS Any animal lovers reading this blog might like to check out this petition and sign. I have already done so. Thank you.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Latest Report - Absolutely Nothing To Report!

I am sitting here trying so hard to find something to blog about, but I can't think of a single thing to tell you. Apart from today being bits and pieces day and you have all heard about bits and pieces day before - many times.

Life has been very quiet here - too quiet. During this quiet time I should have taken the opportunity to do whole manner of things. The house could have done with a whole clean, my novel is sitting there waiting for me to get the show back on the road and yet I haven't done anything at all. What is going on? Is it the time of the year? Can it be the diet? ( hope not, as I have still some way to go) or is it just a phase I am going through? Will my life heave itself back together again next week?

On the other hand, could I just be lacking a little retail therapy? It does seem a while since I was last in Newcastle, one of my most favourite places. Perhaps a trip down there might be the answer I am looking for. You know what, I am feeling better already. Sooo, unless there is a snowstorm, a hurricane or a tidal wave, I will be going there within the next few days.

Meanwhile, I will think about all the things I am going to look at when I get there.

You know something? Talking to you guys has cheered me up know end. Thanks for your help!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weight Lost

I am happy to report that I am still losing weight. Last week I lost 2lb and this morning I discovered I lost another 1lb. Soooo I have lost 10lb in 5 weeks. A few more weeks like this and I will be looking heaps better. I have to say that I am certainly feeling better already. My lovely niece is getting married in 6 weeks time, so I do hope to have at least lost 1 stone before the event.

I have also been doing some aerobics on our Wii. Mostly the one where you step on and off the thing on the floor. I found playing a CD helps to stop the boredom from settling in. A friend called recently and she brought another program for me to try out. It is a dancing thing. I gather you have to copy what the little people are doing. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will have to close the curtains when I do, otherwise the neighbours will wonder what is going on!! I'm not usually so active.

Yesterday we went to visit my niece as she was holding a pre-wedding drop in. It was very nice and we got to meet the bridegroom's mother and sister before the actual day. Everyone was in good spirits.

Apart from that, I haven't anything else to mention. It seems to be a rather quiet time of the year. Hopefully when the spring comes and I have lost more weight, I will be raring to go,go,go, Got to smile here, I think my go,go, go days are over, but I can still dream about it, can't I?

I am still waiting for news of the launch of The Trojan Project in the USA. In the meantime, don't go away, sit tight and I'll paste the info here as soon as it comes.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Birthday!

My birthday was on Monday Jan 30th and WOW it was some birthday to remember!!!!!

I had been very apprehensive at reaching this new phase of my life, but I shouldn't have worried at all. Most of Springwood Village turned out to celebrate the occasion. I was well and truly gob smacked at the support I had. From those who set up the tables, hung banners, and blew up balloons to those who helped clear away the debris at the end I would like to pass on my warmest thanks, they were all stars. I certainly hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

I was given a lovely cake and a M&S gift voucher, which I gather everyone had contributed to, so once I lose a little more weight ---- watch out Marks & Spencer, because here I come!!!

Tuesday, I was shattered. I hadn't slept well on Monday night, as my mind was whirring over the day's events.  However, now that I am back on form, I'm thinking of having the whole thing again next month!!

Hope your day was as good as mine!!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday 29th Jan 2012

I will have to make the most of today, as tomorrow will mark the dawning of a whole new chapter of my life. I know I have told you this before, but this is a serious business and is definitely worthy of another mention, before it leaps onto me like a ton of bricks.

One good thing has happened already this morning, I lost another 2lb in weight, which means I have lost.... (drum roll here).......7lb in the last three weeks! So onward and upward with the Weight Watchers diet. They even gave me a star when I logged onto their site this morning. How cool is that?? Now I need to sit back and wait for all the other wonderful things that are going to happen today. (Big smile here)

I went to Newcastle on Wednesday and met up with my sister and cousin. They showered me with presents for my birthday, while we had coffee and brought each other up to date with what was going on in  our lives. I think I was able to sum up my last month very quickly, which gave the other two plenty of time to fill me in with their news, both good and bad.

When we had finished chatting I wandered around the town looking for something to wear at my niece's forthcoming wedding. However, I didn't see anything even worth trying on, as all the shops seemed to be selling off their winter stock and truthfully, I wasn't impressed. Therefore I will have to make another trip, which isn't so bad as I might have lost a bit more weight. - hopefully!! Actually I didn't buy very much at all. I didn't even spend the £25 worth of M&S vouchers I had collected. And that brings me to another thing, M&S have been moving things around in their Newcastle store and not for the better. Since when do you find  make up etc located in the men's department on the ground floor. when all the women's stuff is on the first floor? The children's gear has now been placed upstairs where all the women's classic wear was. I could ramble on for ages here about what they had moved and where they had put it, but I won't. Suffice to say I am not very happy with what they have done. I might even send them an email. (At least they haven't moved the cafe in the food hall where they serve a delicious chilled white wine.)

The rest of the week went much the same, except bits and pieces day was Friday instead of Thursday. I was too shattered after my trip to Newcastle to even think about rushing out Thursday morning!! Crikey, is that the first sign of my age!!

Soooo next week begins with a bang tomorrow. By the time I write my next blog, I will be a decade older and if that doesn't call for a glass or two of wine, I don't know what does.

Have a lovely day,


Monday, 23 January 2012

Another Week!

It's Monday again! Having just got through last week, you know what? I have to start all over again! These Mondays are starting to come around very quickly - too quickly.  By the time next Monday comes around, it will almost be the end of January. Not only that, but I will be entering a whole new chapter of my life and the frightening part is - I can't do a damn thing about it!!

Where do I go from here? I'm told life will go on exactly the same, but will it? Will people start to look at me differently??  I damn well hope not, because I am the same person and there is plenty of fight in me yet!! Besides, I still have things I want to do and one of them is get a story in Take a Break Fiction Feast.  Any brilliant ideas on how I might manage that would be good.

Anyway enough of that! I just wanted to get it out of my system!

On Friday evening I was at friends' house for drinks. There were around ten of us, so it was really very nice. It's good to be able to have a chat with friends. However, I didn't drink too much because, as you know, I'm on a diet!! Yes I am really sticking with it this time.  I lost another pound this week making in 5lb in two weeks, so I must keep it up.

Someone in Texas has sent me their manuscript to read, as they want my advice. I'm not sure yet how they came hear about me or why they think my advice is worth anything. However, I'm in the middle of reading the story now and it's quite good actually. But it seems this person can't find a publisher to take it on and wants my opinion.

Another person in New York has also asked me to check out the alterations she has made to her novel, so it seems I'm going to be busy this week.

That's all for the moment,

I hope the sun is shining in your world.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Diet

So far the diet is going well. I have joined Weight Watchers online and am trying hard to follow all their instructions. (Though I had to figure out their website first)   I also had a few tips from a friend and quite honestly, I found her suggestions to be very helpful. So with a bit of luck, I shall start to see some rewards for my efforts.

Apart from that, all is much the same. I haven't done anything or been anywhere exciting. I think I am saving it all up for my birthday at the end of the month when I will be waving good bye to my 60s and entering a whole new chapter of my life. A new dawn, so to speak. Put like that, it doesn't sound quite so bad!!

On that note, I think I will close,

Have a lovely day,


Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year

First of all I would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year! All the best for 2012.

I should have said all that a week ago, but I don't seem to have got my head around it being a brand New Year already. It's not as though I have been swamped with invitations to parties or been rushing here there and everywhere to make sure I haven't missed anyone out. Quite the opposite. In fact, we had both a quiet Christmas and New Year. So I have no excuses at all.

Anyway, I am here now, though unfortunately, I still don't have anything to tell you. Life this week has been the same as ever. Quiet, quiet and more quiet. Apart from the gales! They were dreadful. There were times when I felt that our roof was going to sail off somewhere into the great beyond. But we are still intact, so that is a blessing.

We have booked up a couple of holiday breaks. Both are in this country, as we are not really keen on jetting off anymore. We are going to a couple of tried and trusted hotels, where we can laze around, be fed, watered and entertained. We have been several times before, so we know exactly what to expect.

Something else I must do this year is to lose some weight!  I have shouted this from the rooftops in the past and nothing has happened, so this time I am whispering it. Ssh - I am going on a diet. Don't repeat it in case someone hears and blows the whole thing. This morning there was a recipe booklet in the newspaper. The meals are for dieters, so I am going to check it out. I'm still whispering, as I haven't yet told the rest of my body what is going to happen. This needs to be done gradually, otherwise my whole system will go into defiant mode and drag me around cakes, biscuits, and that wonderful stuff called chocolate.

I think that is all for the moment, best quit while I'm ahead.

Have a great day!