Sunday, 23 December 2012

Only Two Days to Go!

Well, this is it! As I type, I can see Christmas peaking through the door whether I am ready or not.

However, I am happy to say - I am organised!!  All cards are written and posted - even the two or three that I originally forgot. That always happens, doesn't it. At the last minute you receive a card from someone you forgot, then it is a mad dash to get it posted before the postman hangs up his socks for Santa.

Do postmen hang up their socks for Santa? I think their socks might be too well worn after all that trudging around people's houses during the weeks leading to Christmas. Anything Santa dropped into them could simply fall straight through. No I think the postmen deserve something a little bigger and stronger to leave for Santa to fill.

Santa came early for me this year. I had to install a new Microsoft word, or something like that. (I tend to get lost with all this technology.) For some reason the one I was using decided enough was enough and refused to open my files. I have no idea why that happened. One minute it was working fine and the next it just sat in there and stared at me. And then of course it started to blame me for for the problem. A little sign came up saying "You don't have the right program to open the file."   What on earth was it talking about? That very program had been opening the files since I got the PC.  Anyway, I knew I was beaten, so I bought a new one, which seems to be working okay at the moment.

I some exciting news regarding the Turning the Pages Book of the Year competition. It seems that Divorcees.Biz is among the top ten at the moment. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the announcement. But this doesn't mean I can relax. The competition goes on until well into January, so I still need your support. Therefore if you haven't already voted, then please do so now. There is no need to register, simply follow the link and scroll down to the Start button. Once you have placed your vote, scroll down to next and that's it. Nothing complicated at all.  The link is

I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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