Murder on Tyneside

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Monday, 15 October 2012 Update!!

I have just finished the first edits of and returned them to the publisher. Wow, my eyeballs were on stalks by the time I got through it all.  However it means we are one step nearer to publication.

Another piece of news, we have agreed on the back cover blurb so the first proof of the cover is almost ready. I can't wait to see it. I will display it here once it has all been finalized.

On a different note, we spent the morning changing the spare room around.  My computer is now where Phil's Keyboard use to be, and his Keyboard is going to be in the spot where my computer was.  We still have to get around to sorting that. I have to say we were shattered by the time we got this far. This means that the room is in turmoil at the moment, while the Keyboard is stretched out on our bed!! I hope it isn't getting too used to being there, as there won't be enough room for the three of us in the bed tonight :-)

Once I finish this, I am going to shut the door on the spare room and go into the sitting room to read a book.

Hoping to go on a trip to Carlisle on Wednesday.  So watch this space for more news on the trip.

Have a great day wherever you are



  1. Great news on the book, Eileen! It's certainly coming along nicely. Will it be out for xmas?

    1. Yes, I hope so. I believe that is what they are aiming for.
      Fingers crossed.

    2. That is great news Eileen, I am looking forward to reading the finished product. I hope you enjoy your trip next week. I also hope you get the rooms sorted out.
      Will be waitint patiently for the release of your book.