Saturday, 14 April 2012


It is almost two weeks since I last posted anything here. I was hanging on in the hope that something wonderful would happen, thus giving me lots of news to write about. Unfortunately, I waited in vain; nothing happened at all.

I did find I had lost one pound in weight when I jumped on the scales on Easter Sunday and we did go to the Cross Keys for lunch that same day, which was lovely. But apart from that it has been very quiet indeed. I'm not sure what I expected to occur over the Easter Break. But whatever it was, it didn't happen. Not to us, anyway. Then I lost a filling out of one of my teeth. This is nothing new. The dentist does a repair job and them a few months later it falls out again. It has become a sort of ritual now.  A battle of wills between me and the tooth!!

Since Easter I have made an attempt to get back to my ladies in They have all gone very quiet on me, too. I guess things haven't been too exciting for them either :)

The only good piece of news so far, is that when we had our boiler serviced, it passed with flying colours. The poor old boiler is getting on a bit now, (a bit like me, I suppose) however, it is still bravely waving the flag. (again, a little like me)

Ah well, that's all for the moment. Hopefully, I will have lost some weight again when I jump on the scales on Sunday, but I am not going to put any money on it.

I really hope your week has gone better,



  1. My week has been most horrible, but I hope you find you've lost some weight! Do let us know!

  2. So sorry to learn your week hasn't been good. As formy weight; I didn't lose anything last week. Very disappointing :(