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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Better Late Than Never :-)

I'm a little late with my blog this week. Though I had the exciting news that I had lost another 2lb in weight last week, I didn't really have anything else to tell you all. Not that you are all sitting there with baited breath, waiting for me to say something. Nevertheless, it's better if I have something to blog on about than nothing.

Anyway, yes, I lost another 2lbs last week, which brings the total so far to 17lbs lost since Jan 8th, the day I signed up with Weight Watchers. My other piece of news is that I went shopping yesterday and I bought a DRESS.  Okay, I can hear you all saying, 'so what?'  Well for me to buy a dress is a big thing and must mean that the lumps and bumps that appear when I usually wear a dress must be beginning to disappear.  Usually I wear a skirt so that I can pull the top over the skirt to hide the bits that try to push their way out.   So you see, yesterday was certainly a red letter day.

Thursday evening, we are off to a friend's house. Several of the neighbours will be there, so it should be a fun evening. And then on Saturday, we are going to my niece's wedding. So all in all, this is turning out to be a good week. And to top it all, the weather has been beautiful. Only hope it lasts until the weekend.

I do hope you are all having a good week,



  1. Yay - congratulations on getting a dress and all the lost weight! You really are doing well, Eileen!
    The weather is gorgeous isn't it - as long as the sea fog stays out there and doesn't drift in here. Hope it stays good for the wedding x

  2. Thank you, Teresa on all counts. Another glorious day today - only two more to go before my niece's big day.