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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Having a Moan

Disappointingly, I only lost 1lb in weight last week. I know it is best not to lose too much weight at once, but come on, 1single lb is a poor show after another week of restraint. (Even the wine is being measured out, so you can see how serious the situation is) I suppose I should have had this moan yesterday, but I seemed to be all over the place!!

Now don't you all go misunderstanding me here. By all over the place I don't mean I was doing all manner of wonderful things. No! that wasn't the case at all. During the morning I made a pan of nil points soup for my lunch, which involved chopping and boiling vegetables. And if that wasn't enough, I then went on to make some low points Hungarian Goulash for my dinner, which, again, had me standing in the kitchen cutting meat and chopping onions. Somewhere in between, I spent 30 minutes stepping on and off the Wii in a desperate effort to burn off some points.  Anyway, you know now and that's the main thing.

I'm afraid I haven't anything else to tell you, except I have signed a couple of petitions against animal cruelty and written to my MP about what they are doing to our NHS. Not that it will do any good. These politicians seem to do what they like and not what the people want. Best I don't say any more here, once I get on my soap box I could be here all day. But I will say that I have the utmost admiration for the lady who confronted the Health Secretary yesterday. Good for her!

On that note, I will leave you as my washing machine has just finished its cycle.

I hope all is right in your world and that you have a wonderful day.


PS Any animal lovers reading this blog might like to check out this petition and sign. I have already done so. Thank you.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Latest Report - Absolutely Nothing To Report!

I am sitting here trying so hard to find something to blog about, but I can't think of a single thing to tell you. Apart from today being bits and pieces day and you have all heard about bits and pieces day before - many times.

Life has been very quiet here - too quiet. During this quiet time I should have taken the opportunity to do whole manner of things. The house could have done with a whole clean, my novel is sitting there waiting for me to get the show back on the road and yet I haven't done anything at all. What is going on? Is it the time of the year? Can it be the diet? ( hope not, as I have still some way to go) or is it just a phase I am going through? Will my life heave itself back together again next week?

On the other hand, could I just be lacking a little retail therapy? It does seem a while since I was last in Newcastle, one of my most favourite places. Perhaps a trip down there might be the answer I am looking for. You know what, I am feeling better already. Sooo, unless there is a snowstorm, a hurricane or a tidal wave, I will be going there within the next few days.

Meanwhile, I will think about all the things I am going to look at when I get there.

You know something? Talking to you guys has cheered me up know end. Thanks for your help!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weight Lost

I am happy to report that I am still losing weight. Last week I lost 2lb and this morning I discovered I lost another 1lb. Soooo I have lost 10lb in 5 weeks. A few more weeks like this and I will be looking heaps better. I have to say that I am certainly feeling better already. My lovely niece is getting married in 6 weeks time, so I do hope to have at least lost 1 stone before the event.

I have also been doing some aerobics on our Wii. Mostly the one where you step on and off the thing on the floor. I found playing a CD helps to stop the boredom from settling in. A friend called recently and she brought another program for me to try out. It is a dancing thing. I gather you have to copy what the little people are doing. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will have to close the curtains when I do, otherwise the neighbours will wonder what is going on!! I'm not usually so active.

Yesterday we went to visit my niece as she was holding a pre-wedding drop in. It was very nice and we got to meet the bridegroom's mother and sister before the actual day. Everyone was in good spirits.

Apart from that, I haven't anything else to mention. It seems to be a rather quiet time of the year. Hopefully when the spring comes and I have lost more weight, I will be raring to go,go,go, Got to smile here, I think my go,go, go days are over, but I can still dream about it, can't I?

I am still waiting for news of the launch of The Trojan Project in the USA. In the meantime, don't go away, sit tight and I'll paste the info here as soon as it comes.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Birthday!

My birthday was on Monday Jan 30th and WOW it was some birthday to remember!!!!!

I had been very apprehensive at reaching this new phase of my life, but I shouldn't have worried at all. Most of Springwood Village turned out to celebrate the occasion. I was well and truly gob smacked at the support I had. From those who set up the tables, hung banners, and blew up balloons to those who helped clear away the debris at the end I would like to pass on my warmest thanks, they were all stars. I certainly hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

I was given a lovely cake and a M&S gift voucher, which I gather everyone had contributed to, so once I lose a little more weight ---- watch out Marks & Spencer, because here I come!!!

Tuesday, I was shattered. I hadn't slept well on Monday night, as my mind was whirring over the day's events.  However, now that I am back on form, I'm thinking of having the whole thing again next month!!

Hope your day was as good as mine!!