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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Hello Again! - Oops! a swift update!!

Okay, I am going to come straight to the point of this blog post, not least because I just heard a roll of thunder and I am wondering whether being on the computer if lightening begins, would be a good thing.

Death on Tyneside is only 99c/99p to download for a short time. So, if you haven't yet read book two of the Agnes Lockwood series of cozy murder mysteries, then get your copy today!

Hopefully the lady in the picture isn't too late to download her copy at that low price, as that would be a shame.

Also, still on the subject of Death on Tyneside, the Author Academy Awards Competition has been extended. Therefore, if you haven't already voted, please follow the link and add your vote today. The book is in the Mystery Section on Page 10

Another piece of news to share with you is that my publisher, known as Creativia, has changed the name to --- loud drum Roll ---Next Chapter. I have added a picture of the new symbol. 

Take a look at their new website Next Chapter  and, if you know a budding author out there, then pass on the link; they might want to submit their manuscript to them.

Apart from that, I'm afraid I have nothing else to tell you. All is very peaceful at the moment, apart from the odd roll of thunder. I hope it doesn't get too close!

Take care all and enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hope the storm doesn't come your way!! AND, don't forget to vote - Please!


Chink Chink