Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Odds and Ends

We are having a busy week - so far, anyway.

Yesterday we met up with some cousins for  lunch and a natter. It was really very nice catching up with all the news, as we don't see them very often. However, we agreed would try to not leave it so long the next time. Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to send them away clutching a few promotional cards for my forthcoming novel  :-) I told them to pass them to any of their friends who liked to read.

Today we went to the hospital as my husband had an appointment with the MS nurse. Thankfully, it is the hospital with the comfortable seats, but oh my goodness, the parking situation is terrible!! You could very easily miss an appointment trying to find a space.

The car-park is quite large, unfortunately it is not large enough! My poor little car was parked at a most alarming angle. Not only was it straddled across a rather high kerb, but the two wheels on one side were sunk into the mud.

I heard two ladies talking about the parking situation. One of them said "of course you can see at a glance the parking area was designed by a man. A woman would have built a multi-story car park!" She could be right.

Tomorrow I am going to Newcastle. Okay, I can hear you groaning - not Newcastle again. But yes, I am going again. You must all know by now that I love going down to Tyneside for some retail therapy. I love the shops, I love the city and I just love being there among it all. I'm not sure how much longer my friend and I will be able to go before Christmas, as the bus that trundles us down there is likely to be full. Still, I'm sure we'll be going for as long as we can. Perhaps they will find a larger bus espcially for us during the weeks leading up the Christmas.  Wishful thinking!!  Anyway, tomorrow will be great and we will round off the day with a glass of wine in M&S Deli bar in the food hall.  Absolutely brilliant.

I think that is all the news I have at the moment. However, if I have any news on the release of Divorcees.Biz make no mistake - I'll be back like a rocket.

Meanwhile, have a great day


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