Friday, 8 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations

I do hope everyone enjoyed the Jubilee Celebrations last weekend. How wonderful it was to see how many people turned out to celebrate with Her Majesty The Queen. It was such a shame the weather turned so bad on Sunday for the River Thames Pageant. Yet despite the rain soaked streets of London, people stood on the embankment and watched until the very last boat sailed past. The Queen was outstanding. She stood in the cold and wet until the very end.

While all that was going on, we were at a lunch with forty-one friends and neighbours. It was held in our social club and I have to say the committee did a wonderful job serving a three course hot meal without the aid of a cooker. Don't ask how they managed it. But it was brilliant and a big Well Done to them all. We had a brilliant afternoon. The photographs were taken at the Lunch. One shows me and a friend, while the other shows a member of the committee.  You can tell we were all in good spirits.

My niece and her husband were at the concert in the Mall on Monday evening. They were fortunate enough to have tickets. Thankfully the weather stayed dry and I believe they had a wonderful time. I saw the  whole thing on TV. But I think it must have been absolutely fantastic to have been there among the crowds. The atmosphere must have been electric.

Now everything has quietened down and we are back to normal. Well, as normal as we can can be with the world being in the state it is. But that is another story!

However the whole weekend Celebrations were perfect and made me very proud to be British.

I hope you enjoyed it wherever you were,



  1. I enjoyed it too, Eileen! Although we had to watch only on internet TV as we can't get BBC here in Lanzarote! Yay for the british!

  2. It was a great weekend, Pat. I'm pleased you were able to pick it up over there.