Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weight Lost

I am happy to report that I am still losing weight. Last week I lost 2lb and this morning I discovered I lost another 1lb. Soooo I have lost 10lb in 5 weeks. A few more weeks like this and I will be looking heaps better. I have to say that I am certainly feeling better already. My lovely niece is getting married in 6 weeks time, so I do hope to have at least lost 1 stone before the event.

I have also been doing some aerobics on our Wii. Mostly the one where you step on and off the thing on the floor. I found playing a CD helps to stop the boredom from settling in. A friend called recently and she brought another program for me to try out. It is a dancing thing. I gather you have to copy what the little people are doing. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will have to close the curtains when I do, otherwise the neighbours will wonder what is going on!! I'm not usually so active.

Yesterday we went to visit my niece as she was holding a pre-wedding drop in. It was very nice and we got to meet the bridegroom's mother and sister before the actual day. Everyone was in good spirits.

Apart from that, I haven't anything else to mention. It seems to be a rather quiet time of the year. Hopefully when the spring comes and I have lost more weight, I will be raring to go,go,go, Got to smile here, I think my go,go, go days are over, but I can still dream about it, can't I?

I am still waiting for news of the launch of The Trojan Project in the USA. In the meantime, don't go away, sit tight and I'll paste the info here as soon as it comes.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,



  1. Congratulations, Eileen, you're going great guns aren't you x

  2. 2lb a week after anything between 7-10lb is a good, steady rate to lose weight. Believe me, I once did it and also used to run a slimming club! Keep it up at a nice, steady rate like that and you won't get all those nasty folds of loose skin.

  3. Thank you all for your support.

    Jacula: Thanks for the advice. 2lb a week sounds good to me.

  4. You have done so well! Congratulations! I am filling in a diet sheet for a week and you have to put down every snack. So it's bye-bye cracked pepper cashews and Co-op coffee cake.

  5. Oh dear, I know how difficult it is to give up the things you enjoy. But look on the bright side - there will be a whole new you very soon. (At least that's what I keep telling myself.)