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Friday, 21 February 2014


When I sat down to write this post, I thought of a few things that had happened to me over the last few days that might you smile.  However, now that I have opened up the blog, I can't think of a single thing. Everything I wanted to say has just disappeared from my mind.

I have to say this is not the first time this has happened; and there are times when I wonder whether I should be worried about this sudden affliction. But then I snap out of such thoughts and go off to do something else.

Perhaps that's what I should do now before I bore you all to pieces.  But you see, I'm hoping that if I sit here long enough, I'll suddenly remember what it was I wanted to tell you in the first place. Though by that time, you will all have drifted off to another site or fallen asleep  :-)

Something I did do on Wednesday, was to go to Newcastle with my friend. As usual, we had a good few hours looking around the shops before meeting up for lunch and a glass of wine.  As you are all dying to know what I bought, I'll tell you. I ended up with two pairs of tights, a pair of shoes and.......  a bread bin!
Yes, you read that right, a bread bin. I travelled 70 miles each way on the bus to buy a bread bin. However, it looks rather nice standing on my worktop in the kitchen so it was well worth it.

I was at the Dr's on Tuesday. I was having a strange mole thing, removed from my chest. (I call it a mole, the Dr gave it another name, which I have totally forgotten)  Anyway, what ever it is, isn't cancerous, so that's good news. I ended up having two stitches, which have to remain in place until next Tuesday. Thankfully it all went very smoothly and I didn't faint or anything. :-)

Well think I will have to close now, as I really can't remember what on earth it was I wanted to talk about.  If it comes back to me I'll add a PS

Have a great day,


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Website Problems!!

I am in the middle of trying to get my website sorted/brought up to date!!  If you recall, I couldn't get a photo of my latest novel to appear permanently on the right hand side of my blog (and still can't) so you can imagine the problems I am having to get my website into some sort of order.

When I say, I, I really mean my husband, who set the whole thing up for me many moons ago. But now, everything seems to have changed without anyone notifying us, so we are in a fix!

Anyway in the meantime, I thought I would post my three novels here until I can get something else to work.

So here we go, I'm sure there must be something for everyone, so why not take a look? Especially as you are here now  :-)

The first novel I had published was The Trojan Project. a spine-chilling action adventure thriller, set in the Cheviot Hills in North East England

Next came Divorcees.Biz, a novel of fun and romance. Set in London, it tells the story of how four, thirty-something divorced ladies decide to set up an online dating agency for divorcees.

Finally there is Only Twelve Days, a heart-warming, feel-good romance set in 1979. A time before mobile phones and computers had taken over the business world. (Oh yes, these gadgets haven't been here since time began, even if you think they have.) :-)

Thank you for your time, everyone. Let me know your thoughts!!

As I am off to Newcastle tomorrow, I hope to get back to you with a little more news.

Have a great day,


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Only Twelve Days --- Problems!!


  A Heart-warming romance

 Available from Amazon

For the last two days I have tried to add a picture of Only Twelve Days to the left hand side of the page. The idea was that it would stay there permanently together with a blurb about the story- or at least until I wrote another novel, which could be in 2017 at the rate I am going.

However, nothing I did seemed to work, so I have added the photo here in the hope that someone will see it.  I had to do it this way or sit here fuming.  I can't stand it when something suddenly doesn't work. I have never had any problems before. I have simply pressed a few buttons and hey presto! the image has been exactly where I want it to be,  But not this time. Of course I blame Windows. It seems to be since I got this new laptop with the brand new all singing and all dancing Windows 8 that this trouble loomed up from nowhere just to get me down. 

Why on earth can't they leave things alone. Windows XP was brilliant. It worked great and I had no problems at all. In fact everyone I spoke to was absolutely delighted with it. So why change it? But no! They had to bring out Widows 7 and now Windows 8. 

Perhaps that was the problem. Everyone found they could work their PCs perfectly, so the powers that be decided that it must be time to change the whole system.

So like I said, the book cover is shown above. The back cover blurb can be found on the left hand side of the page..... Oh yes! That went up there like a dream, it's only the picture that I am having the problem with.

Anyway, enough of my rant.  I only hope that now I have finally got Only Twelve Days up here you will at least check it out.  The links are in the title, cute eh?  :-)

Take care everyone and have a great day,


Monday, 10 February 2014

A Great Deal of This and That

It has been a while since I lasted posted here. How the time flies . Where does it go? And, more to the point, does it have to go so quickly?  I have even had a birthday since I was last here and that was at least two weeks ago!

We didn't do anything special on my actual birthday day, as my husband had a hospital appointment. Though I have to say the Borders General Hospital has become a home from home these past months   :-)  We did have a coffee and a Kit Kat from the cafe on the ground floor as a sort of celebration, so I suppose all was not lost. The cafe is run by the WRVS and everyone is so friendly.

However the following day our friends treated us both to afternoon tea at the Roxburgh Hotel, which I have to say was very scrumptious!! There were finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and the most delicious cakes, all very nicely presented to us around an open fire in the drawing room. I have made a note that we must go back there again.

Apart from that, I haven't done anything at all. The weather hasn't been too good for getting out and about, though I have to say it hasn't been as bad here as it has in the Somerset area. It must be really dreadful for the people who have lost their homes. I only hope the water levels drop soon and they can get back to some resemblance of order. However I doubt anything will ever be the same again for them.

A little more help from the Government wouldn't come amiss. Though now that the River Thames is beginning to rise, I guess they start to do something!

Meanwhile Kelso town centre is still in turmoil due to the 'improvements'. Can you believe it? This has been going on for about a year now and I understand that it won't be finished until the summer. True, some lovely paving stones have been laid and I agree that they look good - very neat and clean --- but did it really have to take so long?? Next on the list is a face lift for the shop fronts, so now I suppose we have have scaffolding all over the place; very probably making a mess of all the brand new pavement. So will it all begin again? Will we have men sloshing water all over the place to clean up the mess made from the shop face lifts only to have to clean the shop fronts again.  Oh my goodness it could go on and on. I could still be writing about all this in two years time!!

You know, I think that if a woman had been in charge of Kelso's face lift, it would have been done and dusted months ago! Did I hear a groan from some of my male readers??

On Sunday, we are going to a meeting in the Tait Hall. It seems the Conservatives have changed the way they select a candidate for Westminster. We are all being given the chance to hear what each person has to say and then we can vote for the person we think would be best for the job. How about that then?? At least we will get a chance to voice our opinion and not have someone thrown at us from above.

And now a couple of snippets about my novels.

1)  My book, Divorcees.Biz is being featured on Wednesday February 12th 2014 at eBookSoda, a new readers' site where they'll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your taste. You might want to take a peek, Well I hope you do.....

2)  Only Twelve Days is being displayed on Fat Fairy Fantastic at the moment. I would be grateful if tou would stop by and add a LIKE by pressing the button on the left hand side of the page. The In-depth review  shown is written by Fran Lewis in the USA and can also be found on Amazon

And now I think I have run out of bits and pieces to tell you and am in need of a glass of wine.  Writing is very dry work :-)

Have a great day,