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Thursday, 1 November 2012


This is simply a postscript to my last post.

My life doesn't usually change in a drastic measure. Therefore you will understand why I don't post very often.  However, today is different. Today I have sent back the edits of Divorcees.Biz to the publisher and I gather the Kindle version will appear very soon.  How cool is that??  The paperback will appear in around four weeks

For goodness sake, surely there should be a big cheer here?? This is news worthy of a shout from the rooftops!!

But, for a mere mortal such as I, who can longer leap around rooftops as they did in Mary Poppins, this post will have to do!!

However, if anyone out there would like to shout out loud about my novel, then don't let me stop you.  You go there!


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