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Friday, 26 August 2011

Strange Sounds Coming From My Ka

The Blackberry is working well. I seem to have got to grips with it at the moment. I don't think I am using it to its full potential, but I can work the thing and do the things I want to do, so it can't be all bad,

Not much else to say really, except I went to the hairdresser's yesterday.  On the way there in my little Ka I saw a couple of friends coming towards me in their car. As we both had to slow down to pass each other, I decided to flash my headlights in a sort greeting.  It was then that I heard this awful screeching at the back of my car. I felt awful, I thought I had run over a rabbit or something and I would hate that to happen.

When I rolled down my window to speak to my friends, the screeching sounded louder. I told the chap I could hear a terrible noise coming from the back of my car and asked if he could hear it, too. He listened, as another screeching sound could be heard. Do you mean that noise, he said with a serious look on his face. Yes, that's it, I replied. Do you know what it is? All sorts of things were running through my mind, If I hadn't run over something, what could it be --- probably something expensive!! Yes, he replied. You've got your back windscreen wiper on!

I felt such an idiot. Instead of the headlight lever, I had pulled and pushed the wiper lever. The front ones were wiping, too, but I hadn't even noticed. At that point, we both moved on! I'm sure he was muttering something to his wife, but by then, I was concentrating on not hitting a workman, who was fixing a wall.

Hope you have a good day!!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My New Blackberry!

At last, I have reached out beyond my limitations and have touched the Twenty First Century!!

Yesterday I bought a Blackberry. How about that?  Mind you, I have no idea how the thing works, but I am learning, albeit very slowly. However, this means I am up there with the in-crowd, wherever that might be. So world, watch out, because I can see myself as a female Del-boy, rushing around clutching my Blackberry and a filo-fax and shouting, next year we will be millionaires --- and we all know what happened to Del-boy!

Seriously though, it is amazing what this thing can do, when in the right hands. By that I mean someone who understands this technology and knows how to use it properly. I doubt the poor thing  will ever reach its full potential with me. However, I needed to buy a new mobile, as mine was starting to get the messages in the inbox all mixed up, (and no, that had nothing to do with me) so I thought I might as well go for this new-fangled thing called a Blackberry.  Well it's a new-fangled thing to me!  Didn't I just say that I had only touched the twenty first century yesterday. 

I will let you know how I get on, meanwhile, I have learned how to send a text on it and make a call and with a bit of luck and a fair wind, I might even have sent an email. Though I'm not sure who to at the moment.:-)  I will have to wait and see who replies - that is if they receive the thing in the first place.

I was shattered last night, and a glass of wine was definitely called for!

Okay, I am off to learn some more!

Hope you all learn something new today,


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Quiet Days

Not only was Thursday bits and pieces day, but this time around it was haircut day, too. Haircut day is when my friend comes around to cut my husband's hair and we all have a merry time drinking wine and talking about weird and wonderful things.  Thursday was no exception, though she and her husband couldn't stay too long, as they were preparing for visitors the next day. Nevertheless, it was a good afternoon.

I can't for the life of me remember what I did on Friday, except put a few more words to my novel It can't have been a day to make my hair stand on end, otherwise I would have written about it before now. Saturday, well Saturday came and went the same way as Friday, so I guess I really need a bit of excitement at the moment.

Today, I sent three chapters of my to a friend to read through if she had a minute to spare. She does this sort of thing for an appraisal company, so thought she might tell me if I was wasting my time. I warned her that it was a story about nothing. I mentioned I had reviewed a book, which was all about something and nothing and quite honestly, I enjoyed it immensely.  This set me thinking that I could do that. I could write a book about something and nothing with the best of them, so that was how got started.

Anyway, back to my friend.  As soon as I pressed the send button, I wondered whether I had done the right thing. What if my friend hated it, what if she thought it was rubbish (she could be right) what if...  But I had sent it now, so that was that. As it turned out, she liked it. She made a few suggestions, which I have taken note of and will  do something about it at a later date. Of course, she might be just being kind, but I'm putting that out of my mind and staying positive.

I have just had a short session on the Wii. Little and often is my motto. After all, I don't want to knock myself out, do I? Nevertheless, I worked off some calories, so that can't be a bad thing.

I am in the process of setting up a page on Facebook for The Trojan Project, when it is re-published in the USA later this year. I really need to get it known out there, so if anyone has any ideas on how to go about it, I would love to hear them.

Meanwhile, I might go and check out what has been going on at The West Wing - that lovely series, which was shown on TV a few years back. I am absolutely crazy about it.

Hope you are having a great weekend


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Odds and Ends

I finished reading the manuscript and returned it to the editor. I have since learned that it is now in the hands of a copy editor in the USA for final proofing, so things are moving on. I understand I will receive it back for another read through, then hopefully we are on our way.  So, USA, my novel, The Trojan Project is coming your way, I hope you guys are ready for it.

Another wet morning. Tesco has just delivered the groceries, so there is no need to go out. I guess that is something.  But this is supposed to be summer, for goodness sake. Didn't someone get the memo?? 

However, staying home means I can add a little more to my new novel, It has been a little quiet there for a while. I took a look yesterday, but nothing had changed. There was a time when the ladies did things without me telling them to - they simply took over the whole plot. Yet, now when I really need some help with it, they are sitting around doing nothing - probably reading my blog!  Especially Sadie.  She's the one with some spunk. She says what she thinks and means what she says.  Ah well, I'll have to see if I can pick up the thread.

I am also going to have another stab at losing weight. Yes, I know I have said all this before and I really do start off with good intentions, but somehow I slip back into my old habits.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

I hope there's some better weather where you are,


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rain, Edits, and Things

We have had a lot of rain this past week. Actually, we have had a lot of rain for the past month, but I don't want to go there. As it turns out, I hadn't planned to go anywhere over the last few days, which was rather lucky as I would have been drowned. Instead, as you will recall, I have been working with an editor to get my novel, The Trojan Project, ready for the American market. It is to be republished in November.

I think we are almost there. I have just finished reading the whole thing through, after the alterations and now it is his turn. He is going read it through and return it to me for a final check, before sending it on to the publisher. I tell you, my eyeballs are just about falling out. But I won't give up now.

You will also recall I mentioned my computer in my last post. How it has been shutting down on me when it felt like it. By the way, I am whispering now, as I am sure this thing can hear my thoughts, but I want you to know, that no sooner had I finished my last post, than the whole thing closed down again. And, if that wasn't enough to make my socks roll up and down, it did it again, just as I was editing my novel. Thankfully, I had saved everything, so nothing was lost. But it is still annoying.

We went out to the Cross Keys for lunch today. We quite enjoy going there, as the staff are so friendly and the food is good, too. Plus, and this is a big plus, it saves me having to think about what we are going to eat. Now I am going to put my feet up and watch a couple of episodes of The West Wing.

I haven't heard anything back about my blood tests, so they must have been okay.

Well I think that is all for the moment. However, if anyone wants to check out my website, go to

Have a nice dry day,...... When I say dry, I mean weather-wise not... But you know what I mean!!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nothing Going On!

I'm afraid things have been very quiet here of late. I have been beavering away with an editor of the American publisher, trying to prepare my novel, The Trojan Project for the USA market. However, we are almost there, so I guess I will be back very soon.

I should add that nothing too drastic in my novel has been changed. What we have mainly had to look at, is the difference in spelling. When I first wrote the story, my PC kept wanting to change my spelling into American English and I had to keep telling the thing to ignore it. Now I have had to change everything back and I think my PC is getting some sort of kick out of that, as it keeps doing weird things, like shutting itself down. Fortunately, it doesn't lose the whole story in the process. Or it hasn't up to now!

My Computer (I give it a capital C here to tell it how important it is in my life) has been having these funny turns for a little while now, but not as often as recently. Either it is being smug and getting its own back or the thing is ready for the big PC junk yard in the sky. I suppose I could have it checked out with one of these PC doctors. But some of them cost a fortune to cross the threshold, while others don't really seem to have a clue what to do.

Ah well, I think I will see what happens next. I am definitely one of those people, who like to wait and see. No point in rushing into anything, is there?

Hope your PC is working okay,


Friday, 5 August 2011

Is it really a week since I last posted?

Is it really nearly a week since I last posted something here? Doesn't the time fly? I will need to have a think as to what I have been doing these last few days, as nothing exciting springs to mind.

On Monday I heard that the guy, who has been appointed to edit my novel, The Trojan Project, for the American publisher, had received the manuscript.  (Did I tell you that my novel was going to be republished in the USA??) So I guess you could say that most of the week has been taken up with me going over the novel chapter by chapter with him.  He sends me a few chapters at a time via email, so that I can approve the alterations and so far it is looking good. I rather like what he is doing with it. So here's hoping that the Americans will love it.

On Wednesday I went to Newcastle to meet up with my sister and cousin. Needless to say, we chattered for ages over coffee. It was good to see them both again. When we finally split up, I went to look around the shops. I think I have mentioned before how much I love going to Newcastle. I just wish it was a little closer to where we live. Or perhaps not, as I would be there every day!!

I tried on a couple of dresses, but I didn't didn't like myself in them. The dresses were lovely and they did actually fit, which is something really worth adding here.  But I think I felt there was is a little too much of me, to do them justice. In the end, I bought myself some tights and hair conditioner. However, I also bought two shirts and a pair of trousers for my husband. Then I trotted off to enjoy a glass of wine in Marks & Spencer's cafe in the food hall, before going home.  Now that is something. If you haven't tried doing that, you have missed a treat. You can sit there with wine, coffee or tea, whatever you fancy and watch the world go by, while relaxing after looking around the shops. Such Bliss!

This morning I went to have a blood test. I had received a letter from the surgery saying it was time I had a test to check that the tablets I take for my Thyroid were still working okay. Needles and I don't get on. By that I mean any kind of needles, sewing needles included, but I have to say those vampire-like things they use to take blood or to inject something are the worst. When will they come up with those injection gadgets they use on Star Trek. No one on that ship felt a thing when they had to have an injection for anything.  I guess we are a long way off that at the moment.

Later, I am going to have a go on the Wii.

And that is my week in a nutshell. Nothing there to make your socks roll up and down, but if anything crops up later today, I'll be back with all the info.

Just a quick PS
This afternoon, after I had done 30 mins on the Wii, I decided to tackle the ironing. I have finished now and it went over like a dream. A glass of wine and an episode of the West Wing certainly helps me get through the most dreary jobs.

Have a good day, I just did!!