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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Having a Moan

Disappointingly, I only lost 1lb in weight last week. I know it is best not to lose too much weight at once, but come on, 1single lb is a poor show after another week of restraint. (Even the wine is being measured out, so you can see how serious the situation is) I suppose I should have had this moan yesterday, but I seemed to be all over the place!!

Now don't you all go misunderstanding me here. By all over the place I don't mean I was doing all manner of wonderful things. No! that wasn't the case at all. During the morning I made a pan of nil points soup for my lunch, which involved chopping and boiling vegetables. And if that wasn't enough, I then went on to make some low points Hungarian Goulash for my dinner, which, again, had me standing in the kitchen cutting meat and chopping onions. Somewhere in between, I spent 30 minutes stepping on and off the Wii in a desperate effort to burn off some points.  Anyway, you know now and that's the main thing.

I'm afraid I haven't anything else to tell you, except I have signed a couple of petitions against animal cruelty and written to my MP about what they are doing to our NHS. Not that it will do any good. These politicians seem to do what they like and not what the people want. Best I don't say any more here, once I get on my soap box I could be here all day. But I will say that I have the utmost admiration for the lady who confronted the Health Secretary yesterday. Good for her!

On that note, I will leave you as my washing machine has just finished its cycle.

I hope all is right in your world and that you have a wonderful day.


PS Any animal lovers reading this blog might like to check out this petition and sign. I have already done so. Thank you.


  1. Don't be disappointed, Eileen - a pound is still something to be proud of. Well done.
    If you'd like to move over a bit, I'll get on your soap box with you. I quite agree with you!
    I've signed the petition x

    1. Teresa. Thank you for your support on both counts.

  2. I find that you remain at more or less the same weight for days, then just as you are getting disheartened, several lbs disappear like magic! Hope the same thing happens to you, Eileen.

  3. A pound is one less for you still to lose! Keep the faith - I'm sure you'll get there... I have been dieting for 7 months now and am I pound away from my target. I've lost 61 pounds altogether - But I have to say, it's been hard work at times. I've been doing the DUKAN diet. I so agree about the NHS - what a shame!

  4. Plateau time Eileen... it's normal. The plateau can take a while, the main thing is to keep going. Remind yourself every day why you're doing this. It's not a punishment!

  5. Again, thank you all for your support.

    Hydra - Yes I have had that happen before and have stuck with it and I'll do the same this time.

    Pat - Well done on your weight loss. I did consider the DUKAN diet, but decided to stick with weight watchers in the end, as Phil is doing this diet, too and I don't think the DUKAN diet would have been his thing. :)

    Vee - I have been doing everything we discussed and I have to say that it does help. You have no idea how long I can make one glass of wine last. I would never have thought it possible. Yes, I realise I have reached a plateau. In other words, fat that has been there for some time and has no intention of moving without a fight :)

  6. A pound is great. At least it was minus and not plus like I've been putting on. I decided to give up sweets for Lent to help with my weight. It's annoying and tough as I get older. A never ending struggle.

    Have another good health day.