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Sunday, 29 April 2012


WOW! I found I had lost 2lbs when I stepped on my scales this morning. I have been stuck for the last three weeks, but today I had moved two whole pounds down. I should think so, too. Enough is enough. I have been really, and I mean really carefull over the last week, so I think I would have tossed the wretched scales out of the window if they hadn't shown at least a glimmer of weight loss! Perhaps that's why they relented this morning. They probably got the message that I really meant it this time!

I think I would like to lose another two punds and then I will call a halt - I don't want end up with a scrawny face and a neck like a turkey :)

On Wednesday I met my sister and my cousin for a natter in Newcastle. It is always good to see them both and of course it is doubly good because I get to go to Newcastle. Again, after our chat, I took a quick look around the shops. It wasn't quite so busy this week. So it was much easier to get around. I guess the M&S sale on Per Una clothes has finished :D

Apart from that it has been a quiet week. This means I was able to get back to my novel, I have been doing a re-edit, before deciding where I am going to take my ladies next. I sent the opening chapters to a networking friend in the USA to read through and she seemed to think it was fun to read, which is exactly what I am aiming for, so I appear to be doing something right.

Tomorrow, I am meeting some writing friends at a hotel in Kelso for coffee. We usually have a natter about everything and nothing and, sometimes, we even talk about writing. But is it good to hear about what other writers get up to, while they are struggling to find new ideas for their stories.

Well, I think that is me done for the moment,

Whatever you are upto, I hope you enjoy it.



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