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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

 Happy Christmas!

Well Christmas is almost here again. It's hard to believe that another year had flown by.

I hope you have all got everything sorted and are waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. I can't believe that I have everything ready six days before Christmas. I am usually dashing around at the last minute trying to find what I should give to whom. Is that right, or should it have been who? No I think I was right the first time!

But for some reason this year I have everything wrapped and ready to be dished out to friends and family at the appropriate time.

Recently, I thought it had been a while since we'd had sherry in the house, so I decided to buy a bottle ready for Christmas. However, in a weak moment I thought I had better taste it. You must understand that it was just to make sure that it was as good as I remembered it and was fit to give to anyone who called in over the festive season.

Yes, you've guessed it. We drank it all. I couldn't believe how quickly it disappeared. But after checking the bottom of the bottle to make sure there wasn't a hole, I had to admit that all those odd slurps meant that we had used it all up and needed to get another bottle! To be on the safe side, I bought two and then hid one! I only hope I remember where I put it when the time comes!

So how are you all doing with your present wrapping? I expect you are all done and dusted by now. I also think that your presents will all be wrapped much better than mine. While yours will all have been neatly wrapped with neat little ribbons tied into neat little bows, mine are stuck together with cellotape... and not at all neatly.

The ones that came in boxes are okay, it's the gifts with odd shapes that are the problem. The paper doesn't wrap around at all well and bits bulge out here there and everywhere.

I know you can buy boxes to put gifts into, which makes them easier to wrap. But, I never seem to go down that road. I usually take the road with all the twists and turns. My whole life has been one of twists and turns so why should I change now?

We are seeing my niece and her husband on Sunday. And of course our Great Nephew Christopher. He is two and a half now and growing fast. We are looking forward to seeing them all again. I hear that Christopher is really looking forward to Santa making his annual visit. I would love see him opening his presents!

Well I think that's all for the moment except to say I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year/

Chink Chink!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Pit Stop!

Just stopping by to let you know that Cassidy Salem was chosen as the winner Holiday Trailer Block Party.

A copy of The Trojan Project is already on its way to her! I do hope you enjoy it, Cassidy!


I went out this morning to deliver cards to the people living in the village. It was absolutely freeezzzing. I was so happy to get back indoors.

Stay warm everyone and I will be back shortly!

Have a great day!


Chink! Chink!

Monday, 7 December 2015



"GIVEAWAY" ... ends very soon!

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!

Exciting News!!

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For my stop along this tour, which is 8th December
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Good Luck!

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Friday, 4 December 2015

So One Door Closes...

That's exactly what is happening at the moment.

The promotion for Only Twelve Days at 99c/99p
comes to an end on 5th December 

But not to worry because Divorcees.Biz
has already started on a special offer.

Yes you read that right! 

Divorcees.Biz is now on offer for only 99c/99p

It's almost like waiting an hour for a bus 
and then two come along at once. 

Anyway, I do hope you will all follow the link
 and download a copy of this fun romance.

Happy Reading everyone!


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Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Just a quick update to remind you that Only Twelve Days is only 99c/99p to download at the moment.  

However the offer ends on Saturday 5th December.

Therefore if you haven't read this heart warming novel already, then this is the time to reach for your kindle and enjoy this story of how Sally and Bill, two shy lonely people meet and fall in love.

Don't miss this delightful love story set during the 12 days before Christmas. I would be grateful if you would pass on the info. Thank you 

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

What Can I Say - When I Have Nothing to Tell You!

I am afraid I am lost for words today. I have absolutely nothing to tell you!
I haven't been anywhere, done anything or even seen anyone for the last few days. How sad is that?

Does anyone else go through periods where there is nothing going on in their lives?

It is such a far cry from when I was younger and out there in the world actually doing something useful, like - having a job! There were times back then when I would have loved to have had a few minutes to myself, let alone a few days.

But that is the way it works and there is nothing we can do about it.

I did get to Newcastle last Monday with my friend and believe me I think that half of mankind was there as well. Can you believe it - I stood in a queue for over half an hour to buy something in M & S, One of the assistants even came around with some sweets and offered us all to pick one from the box. We aren't even into December yet, I can only imagine what it will be like come the run up to Christmas Day.

There was one good thing, though. As everyone was stuck in the queues we were able to get a seat at the M & S wine bar without any trouble at all. We usually end off our trip with bottle of wine and a sandwich before running to catch the bus for the hour and a half journey home.

I have decided that I am going to start wrapping my Christmas Presents very soon. For some reason, I always seem to leave it until the last minute and then I find it to be a chore rather than the fun it is meant to be.(It is meant to be fun, isn't it?) The same with the Christmas cards. I should start writing them now, too. Then they are already for posting, when I get the stamps!

As I am so stuck for words, I will add the news that my romantic novel, Only Twelve Days will be on offer to download for only 99c/99p from 29th November - 5th December.  

Who am I kidding? You know me better than that! I would have added that piece of information regardless of how long my post was. :-)

But seriously, can you imagine Christmas without a charming heart-warming love story? No! Neither can I. And this is one of the most tender stories you will ever read.

Well I think that is all for the moment. But if I suddenly have a stupendous piece of news that I can't wait to pass on, then I will update this post immediately!  (But don't hold your breath!)

Have a great day!

Chink! Chink!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Newcastle- on-Tyne

Well, my husband and I took a trip to Newcastle-on-Tyne! You might recall that I mentioned it in my last post.

We stayed at the Premier Inn near the Millennium Bridge on the quayside. The trip was a great success. We both enjoyed it immensely. The weather was perfect, especially for the time of the year. We were able to walk along the quayside (when I say walk, I was walking, Phil was on his mobile scooter) and then sit outside The Pitcher & Piano without coats, sipping wine, while watching the people pass to and fro.

On the first day, we spent some time in the city visiting the shops and walking around past Grey's Monument and other various landmarks in the city.

The only thing I will say, and this is a big thing as far as I am concerned - bearing in mind that both Phil and I are from Tyneside and used to know the place inside out - the city is no longer car friendly! We had worked out how to get to the Premier Inn before we set off. However, we found the road we wanted to use was closed! As was another we tried! We did make it in the end, but decided there and then that we would use taxis to and from our trip to the centre of the city.

The taxi drivers were very friendly and exceedingly helpful. When we told them of our problem finding the motel, they agreed the routes were difficult to navigate. One went as far as to say that there were times when the routes changed overnight! One way streets were springing up all over the place,

On the morning of our departure, we worked out a route using Google Maps, only to find we had missed our turning and were forced to follow the flow over the Tyne Bridge and through Gateshead. We ended up at the Team Valley Trading Estate! Many reading this won't know the area at all, so I will just say that we were travelling south when we needed to go north!

Anyway, we managed to get back home in one piece - no thanks to the other drivers, who seemed to want to travel at break neck speed and didn't give a hoot for anyone who was struggling with the idiotic chaos of the route! Nevertheless, as I said earlier, we really did have a wonderful break!

So what's next? Well, for a start, I will have to get back to working on my new novel and then there is the ironing to do. But not today! Today, I am popping around to a friend's house for a drink and a natter.

So with that wonderful thought in your minds I will close now and wait for Sainsburys to deliver my shopping before I go out!

Have a great day!


Chink Chink!

Friday, 16 October 2015

A New Beginning!

Well I have made up my mind - after a gentle prod from a friend! I am going to put the novel I was working on into a drawer and start something new.
It was obvious that I wasn't getting anywhere with the sequel to Divorcees.Biz, so I have changed direction. Not before time! Why on earth didn't I do that some time ago? I could see my novel was going anywhere fast or even slowly, come to that so I should have done this a year ago.
Anyway, I will keep you informed as to how this new idea pans out. I am giving it the working title of A New Beginning because, in a way, that is really what it is. I might even keep the title, as the ideas I have floating around in my head are about someone starting life afresh. But that is all I am going to say about it at the moment, as it might not work out - but I am determined to give it my best shot!
Apart from that, things are very quiet in my life. But that is how things are just now, though tomorrow night I am going to a 'Race Night' at our local club. What I know about horses and racing wouldn't fill a paragraph, so I the other 'punters' have nothing to worry about. However, I just feel it will be a fun evening with friends.
At some point I am going to Newcastle for a few days. Now that will be fun! I love the city. Probably because was brought up on Tyneside. You are probably wondering why I am not living there now, as I like it so much, but that is another story!
Changing the subject entirely, I would just like to say I have read two excellent books lately. You will find my reviews on Amazon.
Captured Lies by Maggie Thom                                       Bravura by Lisa Kiravian


On that note I will close now, but, in the words of Arnie "I'll be back!"
Have a great day wherever you are!
Chink Chink

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stuck in a Rut!

I am stuck in a rut at the moment!I say at the moment, but quite honestly this has been going on for months.
I started writing a new novel about a year ago, but I can’t seem to get on with it. I have absolutely no idea where it is going. To tell you the truth, I am not really sure where it came from… I can’t even say what it is about, because I am still trying to work that out myself. Oh, I had such plans for this novel. It was going to carry on with the same characters as Divorcees.Biz They were going to open a completely new agency, totally different from the dating agency, but that is about as far as I got.
While I was writing Divorcees.Biz the four ladies seemed to take over. The words simply flew out from my fingertips onto the computer. It was almost as though the ladies carried on planning and working even when I had shut down for the night. This time, they are totally silent! Can you believe it! Even Sadie is keeping her mouth closed just when I could do with the help! They have certainly let me down with a large thump.
For some reason all my get-up-and-go has disappeared without trace. My imagination has switched itself off and refuses to turn back on again. What is the matter with me? I need someone to give me a poke, but not too hard  :-)   If anyone has any inspirational words for me, I would be delighted to hear from you.
We have been having some wonderful weather for the last few days, here in the Scottish Borders. I don't know where it has come from, but I do hope they don't want it back too quickly!
Okay, I better go and do some ironing now, which means I will be watching another episode of The West Wing. I haven't mentioned that for a while - I bet you thought I had forgotten about it!
Have a great day wherever you are

Chink Chink

Monday, 14 September 2015

Back to Normal!

Better news this week. The money, I referred to in my last post was released into my PayPal account and has now been transferred to our bank account. So all is right with the world and we are back to normal - until the next little thing crops up and pokes me in the eye or even ruffles my feathers! 

So now I am back to trying to figure out where I am going with the book I am in the process of writing. I seem to be stumped with this one. The other three simply flowed from my fingertips, through the keyboard into the computer and, while it wasn't all plain sailing, it seemed a great deal easier than this one!

It is almost as though my imagination has decided that enough is enough and shut the door on me. Is that possible. I mean, could that kind of thing happen? Or am I just looking for excuses because I am finding it a little more difficult this time around? I am making a resolution to stop messing about and get on with it. Though I'm not sure that me making any kind of resolution is a good idea. I tend to conveniently forget about resolutions. Look at New Year, when I said I was going to lose weight. I seemed to forget that one very quickly! Not only did I not lose weight, despite the drastic efforts of Weight Watchers, but I actually put weight on.

Anyway, at the moment the resolution sounds good, mainly because it is all I have got to work on!

Last Thursday, Phil and I celebrated our 55th Wedding Anniversary. I still can't believe where all the years have gone. It certainly doesn't feel that 55 years have passed since we walked down the aisle at St Paul's Church in Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear.  

Though I still have to admit times have certainly changed. Far too many to mention, but one that sticks in my mind is that when we were married Whitley Bay was in Northumberland. For some reason it was moved into Tyne & Wear. Can they really do that? Can someone just suddenly come up with the idea to moved towns from one area to another with out actually uprooting the whole place? And if so, for goodness say - why? I think most people were quite happy with the address in Northumberland before some hot shot decided he had nothing better to do than mess around with a map of the UK and a marker pen!

Well, I think that is all I have at the moment, except to say that I hope you are all having a great day wherever you are

Chink Chink

Saturday, 5 September 2015

That Was the Week that Was!

Actually, to be honest, it should read "They Were the Two weeks that Were."

It all began when I decided to sell my husband's mobility scooter. (He had just purchased a smaller one, due to the fact that I wanted a smaller car, but best we don't go down that road) Anyway, a friend suggested I trying selling it on eBay. I had never used eBay before, but decided to give it a go.

So I went through the stages of setting up an account, which were daunting enough for someone who isn't used to this procedure. Nevertheless, I finally got the scooter onto the appropriate lists, even adding a few photos in the process. But then I started to read some of the comments in the eBay community. I shouldn't have done that. There are some awful tails of scams/tricks whatever you want to call them, at work during the sales. At that point I began to lay an egg! Had I done the right thing? I decided not to read any more of these posts.

It didn't seem long before eBay got in touch to tell me that the scooter had sold! Great news!

I had stated that any potential buyers would need to collect the item.  Therefore it wasn't long before the buyer got in touch to tell me when he would be calling to collect. And he was as good as his word. He arrived, set the whole thing up in his father's car and set off back home.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, despite the fact that I was still almost laying an egg about the whole thing. My husband and I don't usually sell things on. We tend to give them away, or pass on to a charity. But in this case there was so much money involved, we thought we would get a little back this time.

And there it stands! The guy has the scooter, but the cash is pending in my PayPal account. Why? Because, as I am new to eBay, I have to wait 21 days before the money can be released. I have sent emails to PayPal explaining that the item has been collected. But because I didn't get a courier to deliver it and don't have a tracking number so they can verify my honesty, I have to wait. So I am still waiting!

What really surprises me is that PayPal go to great lengths to tell their customers they and eBay are no longer one company - they are now two separate companies. So why are they following this eBay ruling so stringently?

Anyway I am not going to concern myself any further. Life is too short to battle with companies, when you know you can't win. I shall sit back and wait until the 21 days are up and see what happens. I will let you know.


On a lighter note - anyone who hasn't read my novel 'Divorcees.Biz' can download it for only 99c/99p at the moment.

It's a fun romance about four divorced ladies, who suddenly decide to set up an online dating agency for divorcees. The story is set in London

That's all for the moment!

Have a great day wherever you are!


Chink Chink!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Another Special offer!!

I am in turmoil this week!

I was spending a great deal of time trying to promote The Trojan Project as it was on offer for 99c/99p. (Incidentally the offer ends midnight 18th Aug.)

But then I suddenly noticed that Only Twelve Days a rather sweet love story set before mobile phones and computers took over our lives, was selling well. It was only then that I realised it had suddenly started a new promotion!!

Only Twelve Days

I say suddenly, but I had been put in the loop and then completely forgotten about it.   How could I have forgotten something as important as that?  Okay, I realise that it isn't really as important to others as it is to me, but it means I lost the first two days of the campaign. I doubt I will get it onto any of the sites that send out names of books on offer to their masses of readers.

Though, thinking about it now, it did seem to be doing quite well without me - is that good or is it bad??  I hope my publisher doesn't read this! :-(

Anyway, good or bad I am here to tell you about it now. So if you haven't read Only Twelve Days, might I suggest that you pop along to your nearest Amazon and download a copy before the offer runs out on Saturday 22nd August.

Well that's all for the moment. Best I go and tweet my socks off  about my book promotion to my followers.

Have a great day!


Chink Chink!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

I Have Been Away! --- QUICK UPDATE!!

Yes, you read that right, I have been away!

But not to some foreign shore with sun-kissed beaches. No we have been somewhere much close to home - Nidd Hall, near Harrogate, Yorkshire,, here in the UK.
We had a really relaxing week, Not having to think about what to have for the next meal is bonus enough for me!

We had the most gorgeous room overlooking the delightful grounds at the hotel. I have to say the gardens are well kept and look wonderful, whatever the weather. The hotel also has a Beauty Salon and swimming pool, for those who want to use them. While outside the activities include rifle shooting, archery, croquet, tennis and a bowling green. You name it, they have got it.

What did we choose to do? You've guessed it - We lazed around, sipped wine and enjoyed watching everyone else try their hand at all manner of things.  We have been going there for several years now and have tried and tested everything, so now we leave it all to the newcomers.

There is also entertainment every evening. One evening while we were there Martin Daniels was the guest act. Comedian Magician. He was very good. You may recall his father Paul Daniels, who, incidentally, bought my novel The Trojan Project when I did a book signing, some years ago.
The following evening it was the urn of String Fever, a very talented group of three brothers and a cousin, playing violins and a cello.

The week came to an end far too quickly for me. I could have done with another week... or two, even. But all good things have to come to an end at some point.

There was a time when we enjoyed jetting off to foreign parts. But quite honestly, we have left all that behind now. We are more suited to the quiet life.

Now I am back to the nitty gritty. Washing and ironing spring to mind, as there seems to be plenty of that. I look at the clothes and wonder - "Did we actually use all these things." One of the worst things about coming home is unpacking and washing. I suppose that is two things, but you get my drift.

Now I wonder what life has in store as we settle back down into our routine. Like for instance, getting back to the novel I started to write ages ago. I did manage to get going with it again while on holiday, I think the different surroundings helped. Hopefully I will be able to carry on where I left off.

I think that is all for the moment, except to say that The Trojan Project, mention further up this post, will be on special offer:  12th - 18th Aug. Only 99c/99p to download.  But don't worry, I will remind you nearer the time!
You knew I was going to say that, didn't you!

QUICK UPDATE - The Trojan Project is now on special offer. 99c/99p until 18th August. 

Any tweets, shares or anything else you can think of would be much appreciated. Thank You x

Have a great day wherever you are


Saturday, 18 July 2015

It's Been a While!

It has been such a long while since I last posted here, I guess you are all thinking that I will have lots of things to talk about.

Well I am sorry to say, that is not the case. How sad is that?

Things seem to moving very slowly in this part of the world. Nothing seems to be happening. On the other hand, perhaps that's a good thing. It would be awful if I had to tell you some really bad news.

There are two houses up for sale across the road. There were three, but one has been sold and the new people will be moving in very shortly. The lady who is leaving is really very nice and I am sure we are all going to miss seeing her smiling face. But life moves on and I know she is looking forward to living nearer to her family - especially her lovely granddaughter.

I don't think it will be long before the other two houses are sold, as there have been several people to view.

The other week I decided to clean my carpet. My that I didn't mean I was going to get down on my hands and knees and scrub like a maniac possessed. Nor did mean I had one of those super carpet cleaning gadgets tucked away in the cupboard. No none of that - what I used was, Vanish. A bag of white powder, which you sprinkle around your carpet and then brush in. You leave it for twenty mins or longer to dry before vacuuming it up.

I have to say it worked quite well considering how old the carpet is. Obviously it isn't going to be as good as having it cleaned more professionally, but it will do until another time.  As I said the carpet is old, and it is one of those foam backed things. Therefore I am not really sure how it would fare with something that used water??  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

My friend and I went to Newcastle earlier this week. We had a good day and ended up as usual in the M&S Deli bar for a glass of white wine and a light lunch.

Last Sunday Phil and I went to our social club for Strawberry Tea. It really was very nice and we quite enjoyed it. The committee had laid on a very nice afternoon tea and a large bowl of strawberries to finish off. They even provided Pimms - extremely nice!

Nothing else to tell you at the moment, but before I sign off, could I just mention my website again... A few more visitors would be good - Eileen Thornton

Also I have just added myself to another book promotion site so perhaps you could stop off there sometime.  It's called - Quotes Rain  the link will take you to my page on the site, but from there you can look at other books and famous quotes.

I think that is all for the moment. I hope to be back very soon.

Chink Chink!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Weighty Problems!

Six months ago I made a New Year's resolution that I was going to lose some weight! For one reason or another I'm afraid the diet never got off the ground. However I am delighted to say that at last things are beginning to move!

Over the last three or four weeks I have lost 9lbs! I seem to have managed to get a grip on the diet thing and thankfully the pounds are slowly dropping. Now all I need to do is to hang on in there and carry on with the good work. Those of you who have even the smallest weight problem will understand how difficult that can be. There are so many lovely things to eat nowadays. One of them is ice cream - I adore ice cream. I know ice cream has been on the go from way back yonder. But it seems to be more delicious, more creamy and... more fattening than it used to be.

Anyway, I thought that if I wrote it down here and told you all how well I was getting on - albeit six months late - I might manage to stay with it and lose another 7lbs or so.

Another piece of good news is that all nine copies of my novels placed in the Borders Book Festival shop were sold. I was absolutely delighted when the lady sent me an email telling me about it. There were some big names at the Festival, all giving talks or workshops and selling their books. I would have been pleased if I had sold one copy, but all nine - that was brilliant.

The Festival which ran for four days, was held about two weeks ago and all local independent authors were allowed to place a restricted number of books in the shop. I took 3 copies of each of my three novels.

This afternoon I am popping around to a neighbour's house for a chat. We live so close, yet I haven't seen her to talk to for ages. I wonder whether we should have made it an all day thing. Will there be enough time to say everything we have to say in one short afternoon?

Well, I think that's all for the moment.

Have a great day wherever you are - enjoy the sunshine - if you have any. Still pretty dull here.


Sunday, 21 June 2015


On Friday evening, we were watching Graham Norton's chat show, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was introduced. He was quite fun and game for a laugh with the other guests. But suddenly I found the years flying back to when Phil and I were on a whirlwind tour of California.

The tour was great and we saw everything it was possible to see in the two weeks we were there. We even flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter - a wonderful experience, especially as I was sitting up front with the pilot. There was glass on the floor of the helicopter and I was able to look out down to the Colorado River below.

But I digress, what I wanted to say was that when we went to Los Angeles, we saw the Chinese Theatre where Hollywood stars have imprinted their hands/feet and signatures into the stones on the ground. In the photo, I am looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger's contribution.

Of course since seeing the show, I have been thinking back to that wonderful time in California. Though I have to say it was very hectic. We lived out of our suit cases for the entire trip, but it was worth it. It was Brilliant!!

Isn't it amazing how one little thing can trigger off a whole load of memories? I feel as though I have been back to California since Friday evening...

 But I suppose I will have to come down to earth again. For one thing I will have to organise a plumber next week as the tap needs changing in the kitchen. Well it certainly needs something doing to it. You very nearly break your hand when trying to turn it off!

Hopefully my friend and I are going to try to get to Newcastle this week. I also hope to meet up with my sister, who I only seem to see once in a blue moon.

Our gorgeous nephew was two years old on 20th June. I can hardly believe that he is two already. The years are flying past far too quickly.

I don't seem to have anything else to talk about at the moment, so I suppose I should go and do some ironing - not a pleasant thought, but it needs to be done.

If you are interested in reading the Prologue to The Trojan Project I have included it on the appropriate page on my website.
I just thought I would whet your appetite - who knows, you might even want to read more of this suspense thriller.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and enjoy the longest day of the year...

Chink! Chink!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

This Week, So Far!

Another slow week!  Can they get any slower? Yes, I suppose they can. It depends on what you call slow!

This week we have had a couple of appointments. But don't you go thinking that this has been an upbeat week, because you would be so wrong. By a couple of appointments, I mean that on Tuesday we had a guy here servicing our boiler. Yes it was that time of year again!

Fortunately all is well on that front and we don't have to rush out and spend money on a brand new boiler. But then we have it serviced every year and parts are still available if it should break down. Perhaps I should have whispered that last remark, because if the boiler people picked it up they might decide to throw all spare parts out of the window in the hope of selling a new boiler!

Well, perhaps not out of the window. There are fines for that sort of thing now. On the other hand, aren't there fines for all sorts of things these days. You almost have to call in a member of the council before you decide which bin something needs to go in! Woe betide you if you should put something in the wrong bin or if your bin is too full. What is seen as too full? I gather nothing is to peek out from under the lid. So what if it does? What are we paying our council tax/rates for?

Anyway best I get off my soapbox about that!

Back to the two appointments this week. Wednesday's appointment was to take the car to be serviced. Thankfully there weren't any problems and after about a couple of hours we were able to drive away safe in the knowledge that all is well for another year. Fingers crossed on that one! The mechanic even gave the car a quick hose down, which was good because it needed it.

On Friday, all being well I am going to pop around to a friend's house for a chat. I suppose that means I have three appointments this week, not two. But as things crop up unexpectedly, Friday's chat is classed as being in the distant future!

Our gorgeous nephew, will be two years old on 20th June. I still can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Our niece and her husband took him on a week's holiday to Whitby recently and I gather they all enjoyed their stay. I asked them to try to find Dracula's grave, which is said to be at the top of the cliff overlooking the harbour. Phil & I have been there two or three times and although we have looked, we have never found it. Okay, I know it is a myth that Dracula was buried there. Dracula was a figment of Bram Stoker's imagination, but I can't help thinking I might find something one day - and then I will yell YES! before taking a photo and passing it on to everyone who is interested in learning the secret. Who knows, Bram Stoker might just have hidden something for his followers to find in the years to come. Have I stirred your imagination? I hope so! Mine is running at fever pitch at the moment!

Well that is my week in a nutshell. However, if anyone reading this has any further news regarding the Dracula thing I would love to hear from you. Replies have been rather sparse of late.

In the meantime, have a great day wherever you are!


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Special Offer!

I have nothing to tell you, except that my novel ONLY TWELVE DAYS is only 99c/99p to download. The offer lasts until midnight Friday 12th June. So if you have not read this sweet, old-fashioned love story, then now is the time to download your copy!

The story is set in 1979, before computers and mobile phones had taken over the world and tells how Bill, a widower and Sally, a rather shy 21 yr old meet quite unexpectedly and fall in love. But their fate lies in the hands of two people - Sally's over-protective father and Bill's young son, Joey. Will it work out for them...?  Read the book to find out. And Please pass on this info.

Also, who do you think would be good in the part of Bill, if it were ever made into a movie?  No prizes, I'm just curious!

My niece and her husband have taken my great-nephew on holiday to Whitby this week. I asked them to try to find Dracula's grave. He is said to buried in the churchyard high on the cliff in Whitby. I have looked on the two or three occasions I have been there, but haven't found it. Has anyone else heard this story and if so have you ever seen the grave?

Well I think that is all for the moment!

Happy reading!!


Monday, 1 June 2015

Highlights & Lowlights!

The highlight of my day is.... Drum roll... Sainsburys are going to deliver my shopping!

How sad is that, when you have to admit the highlight of your day is a delivery from Sainsburys? On reflection, I suppose there are worse things I could be sad about, but at the moment that is the only thing I am thinking about!

On a brighter note, my young nephew will be two later this month. How those two years have flown. It doesn't seem that long since he was born, yet already he is two years old. At this rate, it will only seem a short while before I hear about his first day at school.

Can you remember your first day at school? I can! I remember mine because I cried as my mother watched me being left in the hands of a complete stranger. Don't get alarmed here, the stranger was my new teacher and was really quite nice as she led me across the classroom to a pile of toys. But I wanted my mum.

Do kids still cry on their first day at school? Or are they more outgoing these days? Are they able to cope with leaving their parents at the school gate and blend in with the other youngsters without a backward glance?

I suppose all children are different. Which is just as well, because we can't all be the same. What I mean is, if we all were exactly the same and we all wanted to go to the theatre on Wednesday, then we wouldn't all get in, would we?

One of my neighbours has just been to collect the money I promised her for running in the Edinburgh marathon. Good for her. I gather that there weren't any records broken because of the strong winds the runners had to contend with as they ran along the route. But she finished the course so a big well done to her! She said she was floating on air at the moment and I have to say I would be, too if I had just run 26+ miles. But I'm afraid I am not up for that any more. Actually come to think of it, I don't think I have ever been up for running 26 miles in one go. So another big well done to her!

Well I think that is all for the time being. Hopefully I will have something really exciting to tell you the next time, but best not hold your breath.

Have a great day!


Chink! Chink!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Bank Holiday!

It's Bank Holiday here in the UK!  A time when people take advantage of the long weekend break and do something special to mark the holiday. Some families take themselves off for a short holiday, while others use the extra time off work to finish some jobs around the house. So, what have you done this weekend?

Well we haven't done anything! Nothing at all. We haven't been anywhere or done anything worth talking about. But do you want to know the worst thing about that?  I don't actually feel like doing anything. There is absolutely nothing that I am itching to do!

Above, I used the words  the 'worst' thing, but on reflection perhaps I should have used the words 'the best thing'. The fact that I I don't really want to change anything could mean that I am very content with my life and can't think of anything that could make it any better. Well, let's just say, not something that a Bank Holiday weekend could bring about!

So you will have guessed by now that I haven't got anything much to tell you. I am still trying to put together my latest novel. The four ladies, who have now turned themselves into private investigators, have landed themselves a case, but I am still working on how it is all going to follow through. I think my imagination has deserted me at the moment, but I shall keep working on it and perhaps it will suddenly return with all sorts of wild ideas.

We have had the paving slabs around the house cleaned! But that was before the Bank Holiday weekend - just in case you think I have been holding back on you.  I have to say they are all looking very nice now. I even went out and sprayed all the weeds in the garden as they seemed to be more noticeable since the paving was cleaned. So now I am waiting for them all to die off!

Everything in life seems to be a waiting game. I'm waiting to win the lottery, waiting for my imagination to return and now I am waiting for the weeds to die off! by the time I get back to you, I will have found something else to wait for!

I am still watching the West Wing. I finished watching the series again recently and then started all over again from the beginning. It's a brilliant series. They certainly should have carried on with Matt Santos as President. There were a few things left unfinished, things I would have liked to have closure on. But I suppose they left it on a high, so what do I know!

Well, I think that is all for the moment. I do hope you are having a great weekend whatever you are doing.


Chink! Chink!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

This Week!

Going by the title of this week's blog post, I imagine you are all going to think I have done some wonderful things over the last seven days, which I am bursting to tell you about!

Well you are in for a disappointment as this is not the case. On the contrary, I haven't been anywhere or done anything at all - except on Thursday when I went around to my friend's house and we both commiserated over a glass of bubbly at how our lives are becoming very dull.

It seems we both led rather active lives in the past. Okay! by that I don't mean that either of us were part of the SAS or MI5. But at least we were both working and had rather busy jobs, Actually having mentioned MI5 it reminded me of when I went for an interview with the Ministry of Defence in London. I can't for the life of me remember where the interview was held, but I do recall it was in one of the most dreary offices I had ever seen.

I actually passed the interview and the test which followed and was told that I would be offered a job as soon as one became vacant. It seems at that time, they liked to have a list of names so they could fill the positions the moment they became vacant. They liked continuity! However, I decided to take another job while I was waiting. The problem was, that when I finally got word that the MOD needed me, I found that I didn't want to leave the job I was in. I had settled down, made new friends and enjoyed the job I was doing. So I declined the offer.

Looking back, I now wonder whether I should have taken the job. Would it have changed my life in any way? Or would I still be the same old me? I guess I will never know. Perhaps it's best I don't!

Nevertheless, I had good fun while I was working, though I doubt that is what the managers expected. But the staff were great and I look back with a happy heart at my past working life.

I have been trying to get back to my writing this week. I say trying because it is coming along very slowly. At one time I just sat down and my characters would take over. I really didn't have to do very much at all except type what they told me. Perhaps that's not how it should be done, but it seemed to work okay for me. However, they all seem to be stuck in the rut with me and I think it is going to take a bulldozer to get us out!


Talking of writing leads me to another point, though I suppose you will pick up my countless tweets over the coming week. Anyway in case you don't tweet dare I mention that Divorcees.Biz is Only 99c/99p until 22nd May.

Divorcees.Biz is a rather zany, light and frothy read about four divorced ladies who suddenly decide to set up their own online dating agency with their office in Mayfair London.   Does it all go smoothly and according to plan - well that is for you to read and find out for yourselves!

Well I think that is all for the moment!

I do hope you are all having a great day wherever you are.

Chink! Chink!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Switch Off!

No, I don't mean switch off this post. What I mean is, I am switching off from this election until the day I go to cast my vote.

I have never known an election like it! Can you ever remember a run up to a Government election like this one. Our wonderful country is being torn apart at the seams as the various battle buses tour the UK promising the impossible.

So I am not going to listen to any debates or read anything more about it. I have made my decision and that's that!

On a much lighter note, The Trojan Project is on special offer until Tuesday 5th May. Only 99c/99p to download. So if you haven't read this all-action thriller yet, now is the time to grab a copy. The thing about this book is, although it is all fiction, it could happen. We live in a very uncertain world.

You might be wondering what happened to my diet. If you recall I was going to start dieting at the New Year. It was my one and only resolution and I was determined to make a go of it. Well it all fell flat!

I started well, but then things started to fall apart. So I am no better off. To be fair to myself, I am no worse off either. But that is not the point. I was so determined to stick with it- perhaps that's the problem! Might it be that I was too determined? Could I have tried too hard from the outset and my willpower decided it was having none of it. Who knows? The workings of my body are a mystery to me!

Well I think that is all for the moment. Time for a glass of wine!

Have a great day wherever you are.


Chink! Chink!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

So, How are Things with You!

What is going on in your world? Anything you would like to share/pass on?

I only ask because I tell you about what is happening here, even though there are times when I have absolutely nothing to talk about. So I just wondered what was happening away from the tiny piece of the world I exist in.

I have stopped watching the news, as I am fed up with hearing about the election. Everyone posing and promising things they know they are never going to do. I think David Cameron had the right idea: do one or two debates and then get out!

My only hope is that there is not another hung Parliament. Please don't let there be another coalition!

We were back at the hospital again on Wednesday as my husband had to have a bone marrow test. I gather some previous blood test came back inconclusive, hence this latest visit to the hospital. We were back again yesterday, as they also wanted a full skeletal x-ray. As it turns out they found he had fractured his shoulder when he fell on Easter Sunday. However as it is healing, they aren't going to do anything.

Gosh my blog is full of doom and gloom this morning. I really need to lighten up!

I am still struggling to get my latest novel going. I don't know why, but I seem to have come to a full stop. I have tried sitting here looking at the manuscript on the PC hoping to get some inspiration, but it just stares back at me. I could almost swear the PC smirks at me when I look away for a second. But I will not be beaten, I will finish this book - just not sure when!

Now I am going to tell you something I have been doing, which is totally out of character... I have been doing some spring cleaning!  Yes, you read that right. I have been doing the unthinkable. I believe I mentioned I was getting the urge to do some housework  in a previous blog post, but I was resisting it by sitting down until it went away.  Well it seems I am losing the battle, because I have been dusting, polishing and vacuuming like mad. And it's not over. I have got my eye on a few other things that need doing.  I am beginning to think there is something wrong with me. Perhaps I need to see a therapist!

I don't suppose for one minute this extraordinary change in me is going to last, so I will carry on with the housework until it wears off.

Well on that note I think I will call it a day. Hopefully I will have some more upbeat news for you next time. But in the meantime, if you would like to do me a favour, please follow the link to my website and take the time to have a look around.  Eileen Thornton  A few more visitors would be good.

Have a great day everyone!


Chink! Chink!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Funny Old Week!

I thought with the sunshine being around all this week I would be inspired to get on with my novel - I Haven't a Clue.  But that hasn't been the case. I seem to have my head stuck in the sand with this one and quite honestly, I haven't a clue where I am going with it!!

Once I get started with a story, I usually get to grips with it and my brain works in overtime, even if my fingers don't. (I never did have those all important typing lessons.)  However this time my brain is either going slow or has stopped to admire the weather and the daffodils, which have sprung up over the last week or so. Therefore I'm afraid my world is at a standstill at the moment.

We went out to lunch at the Cross Keys last Sunday. It was very nice and we really enjoyed it. It was the first time we had been there for ages. In fact it was the first time we had been anywhere for ages. However, our lovely day was spoiled in the evening, as my husband had a dizzy spell and crashed to the floor, bruising his shoulder in the process. Fortunately nothing is broken, but he is still in a great deal of pain when he tries to move his left arm.

Our polling cards landed on the mat this morning. Another reminder of the forthcoming election. I shall be glad when it is over and a decision has been reached - my only hope is that we do not have another coalition!  I don't think I could stand it...

Well I suppose I had better get started on the ironing. It certainly won't do itself.

Sorry this has been short and sweet, but as nothing is going on in my world (you can't count ironing) I don't have anything to tell you.

Have a great day


Chink! Chink!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter Sunshine

We have had glorious Easter sunshine this year and it is still going on. Dare we say that spring is well and truly on the way? I hope so. I really get fed up with the dull, cloudy weather.

But when the clocks sprung forward at the end of March, it seemed to change the mechanism of the weather because since then things have been on the up!

Okay! I know I shouldn't have said that. I am probably tempting fate. But when I am feeling spring-like, I am on a roll! I want to do all sorts of things that I usually hate doing - for instance, housework!  Did I actually say that? Was that me saying I felt like doing housework? This weather mechanism thing must be spreading. I think I should go and lie down somewhere until this feeling goes away. I could start an epidemic!

Is anyone else fed up with all these election debates? I don't know why I should be fed up with them as I haven't watched any of them yet and quite honestly I have no intention of doing so. Why on earth would I want to sit and listen to people I am never going to meet rant on about what they are going to do or should I say not going to do when they get into Downing Street?

When the time comes, I will go along to the Polling Station and place my vote the way I want to and that is that, as far as I am concerned. Quite honestly when I turn on the TV in the evening I want to relax and be entertained. I certainly don't want my blood pressure to be raised.

Before I sign off I would like to mention the latest review for The Trojan Project. It was written by MikiHope on Amazon US and I gather from the review that they really enjoyed the read. Hence the title of their review:   "What a roller coaster ride! I was shivering long past the last page!"

Well I think that is all for the moment. 

Enjoy your day!

Chink Chink!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Sun is Shining! UPDATE!

What a beautiful day it is today. The sun is shining, the wind has dropped and all is right with the world - well as right as it can be!

There is so much going on outside in the big wide world, I try to shut myself off from it. But it isn't easy because even here, in this quiet corner of Scotland, the tension is mounting due to the forthcoming election. I am certainly not going to get myself all hot and bothered about it, though. Yes I shall vote and I shall desperately hope the election does not end up with another hung Parliament! But I am smiling and I don't want to go down that road!

And that is all I am going to say about that!

Yesterday for the first time since before Christmas, I went to Newcastle with my friend. And before you ask, it was absolutely brilliant! You will recall my friend and I used to go every week, but lately life and it's varying problems seem to have put a spoke in the wheel. So now, the wheels are back on the bus and we are up and running again. Naturally we ended up in M&S Deli Bar, where we had a glass (or two) of our usual wine and a chat with the wonderful staff. I have to add I didn't actually buy anything, but it was just so nice to get back to the city and have a good browse around the shops!

I understand that Rutherford's Micropub are trying to open a branch in The Square in Kelso. I believe they are just waiting for the go ahead from the council. However, if it is anything like the time it took the council to allow the town to have a Sainsburys Supermarket, I won't hold my breath! If they are allowed to go ahead, I gather it will be the first one in Scotland. So now it is wait and see time! A quick update here. It seems that the micropub has been given the go ahead. How about that!  I'll let you know when it opens :-)

When I was walking around the town the other day, I was surprised to see that part of the pavement was marked in red. Does this mean that they need to redo that spot? If so why? The whole new pavements have only just been laid. They only finished at the end of the last year. I can't believe there is a problem already! I will keep you posted on that one.

I think that is all I have for you at the moment. I haven't any book promotions to tell you about, so I think I will just leave you with the link to my website (I could do with a few more visitors) Also, there is a link on there to Amazon, should you suddenly remember you need to purchase something from them.  Eileen Thornton

Take care, all and have a great day!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Very Slow! - UPDATE!!

Just a quick update to tell you that offer on my collection of short stories mentioned below is now under way! It will carry on until Thursday 26th March - don't miss out!

I have to say that things are very slow here at the moment. Having said that I don't really know what to expect as it is only the middle of March. But I do think I should be out and about doing something!

One piece of good news is that the diet has taken off! Yes I thought that might surprise you. It did me, actually. But I was beginning to look rather like a small dumpling, so I thought that if I didn't do something soon I was going to end up like a large dumpling!  Anyway, the diet is under way, so I will let you know how it is going as I go along.

If anyone is interested and I do hope you are, My collection of short stories will ne 99p/99c to download on Friday 20th March. The special offer will last for only one week, so I do hope you will download a copy and pass the news on to anyone who enjoys reading a short story during their coffee break.

The stories are quite short, but are fun and positive, if you know what I mean. Perhaps inspirational would be a better word - or perhaps not! That word sounds far beyond my realms.
Anyway, the collection comes under the title, A Surprise for Christine.

I was due to go to Newcastle last Monday with a friend and her daughter. I was so looking forward to it as I haven't been shopping in Newcastle for ages, However, as it turns out, I wasn't too well on Monday, so I thought it best not to risk the 70 journey on the bus. I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment.

It is Budget Day today here in the UK. It came with the usual fanfare.  But at the end of the day I doubt anything will change. Though as it is election year there might be a little given away to a few!

Well on that note I think I had better close.

I do hope you all have a great day


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I Simply had to Tell You!

You will recall I bought a new Dyson Cordless Vacuum for my husband's birthday. Okay, I know it wasn't really appropriate, but, what the heck I did it anyway. Now I just want to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with it. It's brilliant!!

No lead to trip over, nothing to pull along behind. In fact you simply unclip it from the docking station and you are off. And, it is so light to handle, you can whiz around the house in no time at all.

Before you ask, no I am not on Dyson's payroll. I just thought you might like to know.

But enough of all that, I have never been one to dwell on housework! Oh my goodness, there are far more interesting things to do than housework.

There are holidays to think of, new clothes to buy and new stories to write... Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that last thought. You see I am having a bit of an issue with my latest novel. The problem is, I don't know where it is going at the moment. It is meant to be a follow-up to Divorcees.Biz. By that I don't mean another dating agency, what I intended to do this time, was to get the four ladies back together with a new venture - a detective agency!

Can you imagine it, the four ladies, always at loggerheads with each other, trying to sort out someone else's problems. I thought it would be fun and it probably would be, if I could only get my head around it.

If you have read, Divorcees.Biz, you will remember the four ladies who set up their new online dating agency in London. (If you haven't read it - why not?) They had their ups and downs, but they were good friends, well they were good friends most of the time. Which was why I set about using them all again, but for some reason, they seem to be messing me about.

Ah well, back to the drawing board, as they say. But on the other hand I never use a drawing board, so could that be the problem? I think I might have explained in a previous post how I like to make my stories up as I go along

I shall have to wait and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, have a great day everyone,  


Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Feelings of Things!

I suppose you all realise by now that I am a little zany in how I think and act!
Therefore you won't be surprised to learn that a little of this shows up in two of my stories in my anthology - A Surprise for Christine 

You see, I have this thing in my head that all things on this earth have feelings. For instance, peas in a pod, beans in a can. even a bus trying its best to overcome the daily chore of doing the same route day in and day out! Wouldn't you get sick of that? Don't you ever get sick of doing the same job at the same time every day? Therefore why shouldn't the bus? Or anything else for that matter? Nothing in this world likes to be left out and unloved. Even your own arms or legs. Do you treat them both exactly the same? Or do you give one a good wash, while the other merely gets a quick rub? Do you stop to think that one is going to be jealous of the other? It might be, you never know.

To learn more about the feelings of buses and peas, as I see them, you need to read my two short stories in the above mentioned anthology, "The Last Pea on the Plate" & "The Number 57 Bus". Perhaps you will come around to my way of thinking - or not! It might simply confirm your opinion that I am even more crazy than you first thought!

Whatever you decide, I have certainly given you something to think about. And look at it this way, I did set you thinking about something your would never otherwise have thought of - so who is crazy now?

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. I had no idea what to buy him. What do you buy for people who have most things they want or need. In the end I bought him a new vacuum cleaner.  The old one was driving me mad, it didn't seem to pick up any more and had to press the head on the floor so hard I was having back trouble. The new vacuum is being delivered today, so hopefully my troubles are over! I knew I would think of something to buy for him in the end.

Well, all I will leave you on that positive note

Have a great day, wherever you are.