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Saturday, 30 March 2013


This is just a quick update to tell you that there are now nineteen wonderful reviews for Divorcees.Biz on Amazon UK and twelve on Amazon US.   Can you believe it??  Wow!  I am so delighted, I simply had to let you all know so you could take a look for yourselves..

Therefore is you are still looking for a fun read over the Easter break, then why not order a copy from an Amazon near you.

I also have another little bit of news. I had ordered myself a cotton shopping bag displaying the cover of my novel. However, when my friends saw it, they wanted to buy a one, too. They wanted to advertise my novel in the town. So I have ordered a few more shoppers.  Watch out Sainsburys, the Divorcees.Biz crowd are on their way  :-)   Whoopee!!

Can I also mention that my friend and I had a lovely afternoon together last Wednesday. You'll recall we were due to go to Newcastle for a spot of retail therapy. However, the snow put an end to that. But not wanting to be outdone, we spent a great time sipping our drinks and talking about everything and nothing. My four ladies would have been proud of us!!  We are going to have another try at going this week, but will have to see what the weather has in store for us.

Enjoy your Easter everyone, wherever you have decided to go - as for us, we are staying home.  Simply can't trust the weather at the moment. So I'll be curled up with a good book and a glass of wine by my side.....


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Day That Never Happened!.

To day, my friend and I should have been on the bus hurtling its way to Newcastle. Today was a going to be a fun day out. I was reveling in the success of the freebie offer of Divorcees.Biz and my friend... well my friend is always walking on clouds at the thought of a trip to Newcastle. Actually she is walking on clouds at the thought of a trip to anywhere where there are lots of shops. Nevertheless,  she has come to love Newcastle the way I do.

Yet it didn't happen.. Already I can hear your brains ticking over wondering what on earth could have happened to cause this wondrous adventure to come to an abrupt end before it even got off the ground,  Well let me tell you what happened... snow happened!!!

Yes! Snow was falling this morning and it looked as though snow had fallen in the night as there was a layer of the white stuff all around the village. Can you believe it? We didn't dare risk getting stuck in the bus on Carter Bar, the hill that you have to get over to reach the south. So here we are, stuck up here in the Borders, when we should have been doing some wonderful retail therapy in that Beautiful city, Newcastle.

However, so that the day isn't a complete disaster she is going to come around this afternoon and we are going to split a bottle of wine and drown our sorrows.

I have to admit, missing out on a trip to the shops is a small price to pay after seeing the damage the snow has done to other villages, towns and cities not a million miles from us. So I'll stop moaning now and think of how lucky we are.

Therefore on a lighter note, I was delighted to see the comment on Divorcees.Biz facebook page this morning. Someone said they were reading Divorcees.Biz and she couldn't put it down, despite the fact that she worked a twelve hour shift.  Hearing news like that does help me to get over any other disappointments of the day. Follow the link if you would like to take a look.  (And please add a like before you leave.)

I think that is all for the moment, except a quick reminder that I could do with a few more votes in The People's book Prize  --- and if you would like an electric autograph for Divorcees.Biz follow the link to Authorgraph

Have a great day,


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Freebie was a Success!!

As you know, Divorcees.Biz was free to download last week. Well I would just like to tell you that it was a roaring success.

My publisher tells me that 17,500 copies were downloaded.  But it doesn't stop there. It seems that Divorcees is continuing to be downloaded even though the offer has ended. How about that? So if you want to grab a copy for yourself, then head over to Amazon.UK and right now. You never know, the price might rise.....

Meanwhile, those of you who have read and enjoyed Divorcees.Biz, I would be grateful if you would leave a few nice words on Amazon.

I don't really have anything else to tell you. The weather here as been very cold, though up to now the snow has stayed away - I hope I haven't spoken too soon. I don't want to see snow tomorrow as I am meeting up with a few writing friends for coffee at around 10am and I would hate it to be called off.

Perhaps after the meeting, I'll be able to come back and tell you about the sort of wonderful things going on in the heads of these fine writers.

But for the moment, that's it.

Have a great day,


PS  If you would like an electronic autograph added to your Kindle for Divorcees.Biz then go to Authorgragh and follow the instructions Cheers!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Freebie!! Freebie - Read all About It!!

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Divorcees.Biz will be free on Kindle for a few days this week.  It is available on both and  So why not head over there write now and download your copy while you can.

Not only that, but if you follow this link to Authorgragh You will also be able to request a digital author's signature to your kindle.  I have no idea how this works, but isn't it a great idea? Who would have thought it possible?  Whatever will they think of next??

All this technology has come too late in my life,  Believe you me, I do use it, when I can. Though I don't always understand how it works :-)  But then do I really need to know how it works? I mean, if it looks good then I will learn how to use it, but it doesn't mean to say I have to actually know all the ins and outs of the thing.

There I go again, rambling on about whether I need to know everything about how a computer works. For goodness sake, I switch on the light every night and I marvel that someone had the brains to make this happen.  But I haven't a clue how the thing works.

I haven't a clue! Now there's a thing, that is the title on my new novel. I am 3,500 words in and I actually haven't a clue where I am going with it.  But I guess if it rattles around in my head for a while, I'll come up with something.

All this chatter has led me away from the point of this post, which is Divorcees.Biz is free for a few days. So now that I have reminded you, I'll sign out till next time.  ---- But don't forget to add your vote in The People's Book Prize Gosh! I nearly forgot that!!!!

Have a Great Day!!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spiders and things!

My friend and I went off to Newcastle again yesterday and had a wonderful time.

We were a little anxious on Monday and Tuesday as the snow was really trying to get in the way and spoil our trip, but it held back and we were able to scramble on the bus and head south to the shopping centre of the world.  Okay, I know that to you, your nearest shopping centre is the one to visit. But I guess we all have our favourites and I have to say, Newcastle is mine.

My only wish is that we had just a little longer to spend in the great city. The bus arrives in Newcastle at around 11am - a few minutes earlier with a fair wind on our tail, but it leaves again at 2pm and with all those wonderful shops to see, there just isn't enough time. Especially if you want to spend a short while at the wonderful Deli-Bar in M&S food hall, where my friend and I have a glass of wine before dashing to catch the bus home. There have been the odd occasions when we have had to run to the bus station and leap aboard the bus before the driver heads away back north.

Anyway, we have a lovely time shopping as to our hearts contents, as far as time will allow :-)  Perhaps it's just as well we are there longer, as I guess we would spend too much money.  Yesterday I bought a skirt and........ wait for it....... a spider catcher....... a one where a long tube sucks in the spider or bug without you having to actually get too near it.

I hate spiders of any shape or size. But over the years I think they have started to get bigger. Do you think so, too?  Some of them are really enormous now. I sometimes wonder whether they are planning to spin webs that would encase us in our homes.  Ugh!! What a thought.  Now my mind is running away with me - at least I hope it is and this isn't for real!!   Let's not go down that road - not in my lifetime, anyway.  So back to the spider catcher. I think that even I will be able to catch the monsters with my new gadget and put them outside, where they can run around till their heart's content.  I think I will end the bit about spiders now, I feel as though they are crawling over me.  Big shiver here.

I am off to the hairdresser's today. I think she is going to get a shock at how much my hair has grown over the last month. You must understand my hair is quite short, but there are times when it grows like mad in between appointments, and this is one of those times.  Therefore, I am going to look quite bald when I leave the hair salon this afternoon.  It also means I am going to feel the draft!

Well I think that is enough excitement for one day so I will leave it there.  Except to give a big Thank You to those who have voted for Divorcees.Biz. If you haven't, then there is still time to head over to the People's Book Prize and add your vote.

Have a good day,


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cold Day

Just when I thought the winter was over, it has turned bitterly cold again today. We have had rain, snow, hail strong gust of wind and sunshine. Can you believe it? When is it going to end?  Well all I can say is that it had better sort itself out by Wednesday because I an planning another trip to Newcastle.

I have started on another new novel. I am making this one a sequel to Divorcees.Biz, so the four ladies are returning. I'm not sure where they are going are what they are going to do this time around, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. Meanwhile I have all four of them sitting in a wine bar mulling over the past three years (It begins three years later after the last one ends)  However, I do have a title - I Haven't a Clue!  How does that sound?  Is it zany enough for Sadie? Or perhaps too zany for Connie?  Well it doesn't really matter what they think, because that is the title!

Meanwhile I am delighted with how Divorcees.Biz is doing. It seems to selling, so that is something. I would hate my four ladies to be sitting alone on the shelves at one of Amazon's vast depots. I would also hate them not to have a few votes in The People's Book Prize competition, so please, if you haven't voted yet, follow the link now. (or at least when you have finished reading this post)

I started a group on Facebook quite recently. It's called Promote Your Book! and the number of members has swollen to 182. The idea is that we authors help each other by simply not posting your latest novel and then flitting off to do the same somewhere else.  What I am hoping is that people will take the time to look at the work of other members.  I have downloaded some really interesting books onto my kindle over the last few weeks. Books I wouldn't normally have read - or even heard of - if it hadn't been for this group.

Since starting it up, I have asked another member to help me with the admin and he kindly agreed. He has also come up with some good ideas, the latest being that it might be nice if we could all meet up somewhere. That would be really nice.

It was my husband's birthday last week so we were invited to a friend's house for a glass of something sparkling. Very nice. She had asked a few other friends around to, so it was a quite a get-together. Good fun!

Well I think that's it for the moment,

As always I hope all is well with you wherever you are,


Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Sun is Shining - again

Yes, we have had the most wonderful weather for the past week up here ing the Scottish Borders. The sun has shone, the birds have been singing and all has been wonderful. I do hope this hasn't been our summer, though.  I recall last year when we had glorious weather in April/May and then it rained for most of the summer months.

Took the opportunity to take a trip to......  Yes, Newcastle!  --  I bet you were mouthing the word Newcastle as you read it. My friends and I spent a lovely few hours meandering around the shops. Brilliant!  The trip down was good, too. The bus trundles over Carter Bar, the top of the hill where Scotland and England meet. The views from the top are breathtaking, especially when the weather is at its best.

Of course I had to spend some money. Who can possibly go to the most wonderful city in England and not spend any money?  Okay, I suppose my husband can and a few other men I could mention, but he wasn't with me, so I shopped merrily for all I was worth, before finishing up in the Deli cafe in M&S with a glass of wine to round off the day.

Something else exciting has happened this week. Divorcees.Biz has been entered into The People's Book Prize competition Spring selection. Well I think it is exciting!!  It's not everyday you novel is entered into such a prestigious competition.  The comp began on Friday 1st March and will run for three months, before the summer selection is introduced..

Therefore, and I am taking a deep breath here, I would be most grateful if you would follow the link and vote for my novel. Please don't let my book be the only one sitting there without a vote :-) Once you are on the competition website, you will need to register, as they send you a password to use before you can vote.

Well I think that's all for the moment, but I'll get back to you if something else pops into my head.  Meanwhile keep reading Divorcees.Biz and vote for the book!!

But most of all have a great day, wherever you are.