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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Quick Catch-up (Twist & Tween)

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. Christmas is such a lovely time of the year, yet it can be quite lonely for some people. I hope none of you had to spend Christmas alone.

Phil and I went out for lunch on Christmas Day with some friends and I have to say it was really very nice. We all enjoyed it immensely. After that we came home home and relaxed in front of the TV. Years ago, we used to throw parties, but now we tend to sit it out.

Now, we must all look towards the New Year and all it has to offer. Will you be celebrating the new year? Will you be out somewhere with friends or will you stay at home and raise a glass - or two?

Murder On Tyneside

Before I sign off, I would like to remind you that the ebook version of Murder on Tyneside will be released on 30th December. Pre-order available

However, I see that the Paperback version is now on sale on Amazon.

I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Keep safe and have a wonderful time.


Chink! Chink!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Happy Christmas - UPDATE!


It is almost Christmas. I have posted all my cards and wrapped all my presents. Therefore I am all ready for the big day!

I can't believe it! But it's true; this year I am all organised. Until. of course, I find I have missed someone out. It always seems to happen to me. Just when I think nothing can possibly go wrong - something goes wrong!  Nevertheless, my fingers are crossed that everything will go according to plan and run smoothly.

Not that we are doing anything special. Our Christmas's are usually very quiet these days. Not like in the past when we had friends around to visit or went to parties etc. This year, we are going out for Christmas lunch with friends and then will probably come home and watch something Christmassy on television. No doubt there will be a few glasses of good cheer to help get into the Christmas spirit.) 🍷🍷🍷🍷

So what are you all up to this year? Are you all ready for the big day? Are you going out or spending Christmas at home?  I would love to hear how you are all spending your Christmas.

Only Twelve Days

If anyone is looking for an ideal Christmas read, I would like to mention that Only Twelve Days, will be only 99c/99p to download from 24th -30th December.

This delightful story tells how Sally and Bill meet quite by chance and fall in love. But will the path to happiness be straight and narrow?

And if that isn't your taste, then you might be interested in my latest novel Murder on Tyneside  due to be released on 30th December. However, it is available for pre-order now.  Some time has passed since my last novel was published, mainly due to domestic issues, so you can imagine how excited I am at the prospect of the impending release of this murder mystery. I have added the Blurb below.
Murder on Tyneside

Recently widowed Agnes Lockwood is spending a few days on Tyneside in Northeast England, keen on catching up with her past. But after only a few days at the hotel, an expensive item of jewelry is stolen.

After more jewelry goes missing, Chief Inspector Alan Johnson is assigned to the case. During the investigation, Alan recognizes Agnes as a friend from schooldays and they rekindle their friendship – with Agnes bombarding him with questions about the case.

After having dinner together one evening, they find a body lying on the roadside. Fearing for her safety, Alan warns Agnes to stay away from the case: theft is one thing, but murder is something else.

But being an inquisitive woman, Agnes can’t resist getting involved... too involved.  

So why not follow the link and order a copy now! Please pass on the information to your friends who enjoy reading.

QUICK UPDATE. I have created a new page on Facebook for Murder on Tyneside. If you are on fb soon, why not stop by and give it a like xx

I think that is all for the moment. Except to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I do hope you all have a wonderful time, but never forget what Christmas is all about,

Chink! Chink!

Friday, 9 December 2016

New Release

Murder on Tyneside, my latest novel, is to be released on 30th December. The ebook will appear first shortly followed by the paperback.

It is already showing on Amazon, as it can be pre-ordered.

If anyone would like to take a look simply follow the link attached to one of the Amazon addresses below.

Amazon UK    or   Amazon US

You might even be tempted to pre-order a copy.

As you can imagine, I am quite excited about this new novel. Especially as it is based in my home town.

Now I must get back to wrapping the Christmas presents. I thought I was so good as I had made a start early. But I am afraid everything has gone by the wayside recently

Will get back to you shortly

Have a great day


Chink! Chink!