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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Cover

Is there anyone out there who doesn't know Only Twelve Days has a new cover? If so, the first part of this blog is just for you.  However, I would be most surprised if you hadn't already picked up on this exciting news, as I have tweeted the news all over the place.

Exciting news? Yes of course it is exciting news. Well - it is for me anyway. It heralds a whole new front to Only Twelve Days, a delightful love story about two lonely people in a world moving too fast for them. But I won't go on about it any more, suffice to say I hope you like the new cover, with the young lady looking upwards to reflect the bright new future she so desperately hopes will be hers?

I have just booked up somewhere for our Christmas Lunch! Can you believe it? We are not into October yet and I have booked up our Christmas Lunch. We will only be gone for a couple of hours, but I have to say that when there are only two of you at this happy time of the year, it is rather nice to feel you are in a throng of people rather than just alone.  I have no problem being just the two of us. We know what each other want, thinks etc. (believe me, we should do after ** years) and we are quite happy to come home and chill out with a glass or two. But for just those two hours, it is good to see other folks enjoying themselves.  Of course there is the other thing. I won't be cooking and clearing up that day. Not that I have a big thing about cooking and clearing. Its just I am not over keen! You need to be really up for it to mess around on Christmas Day.  I have been there and done that and I look for something different now.

Years ago, when we lived in and around London, we had lots of parties. Parties for this, parties for that, we didn't have to have a reason, just throwing a party was good and I cooked a variety of meals for up to 24 people at a time - and I loved it.  By the way, when I say in and around London I mean we moved a lot. Moving house was a hobby of mine. I loved to up sticks and move on. Meet new people etc. But the housing market was more buoyant then and I certainly wouldn't recommend it now.

Okay, what else can I add to this post? I have already mentioned the state of Kelso in previous posts and you must be fed up with hearing about it. I am certainly fed up with all the mess in the beautiful town. Diversions here - diversions there. Road up here, road up there. When will it end?  Enough said about that.

I am ending on a positive note. I hope you all like the new cover as mentioned above.  if so let me know vocally... if not.... let me know quietly - very quietly... :-)

Have a great day and a good honest life. You only get one crack at it. Be proud of it!!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sale Over!

Just a quick  note to thank all those who downloaded a copy of The Trojan Project. The sale is now over, but I gather it went well.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for Kelso town centre. I had to run my husband to the Dr as he had an appt. There were holds ups everywhere. I'm telling you, you need nerves of steel to even think about visiting the town. My nerves were so bad by the time we got back home, I thought I was going to need major surgery.

When is it all going to end? Can anybody see a light at the end of the tunnel?

I have to go back into town today, but am putting it off as long as I can. I need to work myself up to the challenge!


Friday, 12 September 2014

Odds and Ends! - Update

I have called this post 'Odds and Ends', which is really very appropriate as my life seems to be filled with odds and ends at the moment.

Take the town of Kelso for example. I have ranted on about the upheaval due to the fact that the paving stones are being replaced. Yes they look good, but when are they going to finished?  This has gone on for about two years now. One piece of the town gets finished and then for some reason the whole thing is ripped up again. Why? Did they forget to do something when they did it the first time? Or has it just come to light that one of the workmen is missing and they need to find him? I think I have said that before, but I really do wonder?

On Wednesday it was our Wedding Anniversary so we decided to go out for lunch. It was meant to be a relaxing trip out, just the two of us, after all the problems my husband has had with his health over the last eighteen months.  Unfortunately Phil didn't feel well half way through the meal and we had to drop everything and come home rather quickly. He got over it later in the dayu, but it was rather a shame it happened.

I am also trying to promote my novel, The Trojan Project.
It is an all action conspiracy thriller and is only 99c/99p until Tuesday 16th Sept.  I have to say the promotion/special offer seems to be going well and I think my publisher is rather pleased at the response. Perhaps the word is getting out that this is a rather good fast-paced read. (Even if I say so myself.  I have to say I was left breathless when writing it, as I tried to put everything into the story which begins in The Cheviot Hills in Northumberland UK, when something terrible happens....

It's my sister's birthday today and I gather her daughter is going around to visit with her young sone, Christopher. Valerie will be delighted as she is over the moon with her first grandchild. And so she should be, he is absolutely gorgeous.

Well I think that is all the odds & ends I have for you at the moment, Except to ask you all to stop by my website sometime, I could do with a few visitors.  Eileen Thornton   :-)

Have a good day!!


Only a few hours left for special offer. Thank you all for your support.

Regarding the situation in Kelso, things have got worse. Today, the traffic was at a standstill when I was driving my husband to the doctor's. We got there in time for his appt, but it was hit and miss.
But we are still smiling - just! Cheers all.