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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Just posting a quick message!

Just after my post telling you about my visit to Tyneside, I am back to let you know that my latest novel, Murder on Tyneside is on special offer this week.

You can download a copy for only 99c/99p. But the offer ends on Monday 29th May, so don't hang around. Follow the links in the title.

Murder on Tyneside


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Friday, 19 May 2017

A Visit to Tyneside!

I have just been on a four day visit to Tyneside. We stayed in the Premier Inn (Millennium Bridge), which is really handy for the quayside and also the shops in the city.

I think you will all have guessed by now that I love going to visit the area where I was born.. I was born in Gateshead, Low Fell, to be exact, however we didn't get as far as that on this visit as we spent a great deal of time on the quayside dreaming up my next novel.

Of course Agnes Lockwood will be one of the main characters again. She seems to have been a hit with the readers of my last novel, Murder on Tyneside - well most of them anyway. I think some thought she was too pushy, but it is fiction, after all. The lady is merely a figment of my imagination and what would have been the point of the story if she had taken a back seat?

Anyway, like I said Agnes will have a starring role once again - as will DCI Alan Johnson.

One thing on the quayside, which I hadn't seen before, was a beach!

Yes there was an area made up of sand with beach huts and deckchairs thrown in for good measure. There is also a small cafe close by where I am sure people can buy tea coffee and ice cream to eat and drink on the beach. There were several people taking advantage of the sunshine as we walked past.

The whole thing is set almost in front of the Law Courts.

The Pitcher and Piano was in full swing and my husband and I enjoyed a glass of wine sitting outside on two of the days we were there.

We also went to the Hancock Museum. Neither of us had been there for many years, so it was interesting to wander around looking at the various changes which had been made over the years.
There is an exhibition of of some interesting artifacts from Hadrian's Wall at the moment, which is why we decided to go there in the first place.

Naturally, I enjoyed a wander through some of the shops in the city centre, where I couldn't resist the urge to by some new shoes and a handbag!  I also managed to see my cousin, who I don't see very often. She was one of my bridesmaids all those years ago... won't say how many 😉

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I am just sorry it is over, but hopefully we will do it all over again very soon.

I think that is all for the moment. Except to say check out my Website when you have a moment to spare

I hope you all have a wonderful day


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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Anyone up for a FREEBIE?


The first thing on the agenda today is the news that Divorcees.Biz, a novel of fun and romance is Free from today until Sunday 7th May.

If you haven't already read this novel, then now is the time to follow the link and download a copy. The four ladies, will certainly put a spring in your step.

Follow Connie, Sadie, Jenny and Lucy as as they set up their own online dating agency.

I wonder which one of the four women you will like the most? I would be most interested to know. 😀

It seems that spring has sprung here in the Scottish Borders. The sun is shining, the blossom is blooming around the local gardens and parks and.... wait for it.... I have started a new diet!

Already I can see you cringing at the very thought of it.  How many times have she said that? you are saying to yourselves, as you roll your eyes. Well this time I am going to give it real go.So watch this space and I will let you know how I get on.

This morning we set up our garden swing for the summer months. I love sitting out there listening to the birds chirping to each other. Therefore, I can only hope that the sunshine is here to stay.

On Sunday, our niece, her husband, and our Great Nephew came to visit. It was lovely seeing them again. I can't believe how much young Christopher has grown over the last few months. He is growing so fast, I can't keep up with him. Hopefully we will see them all again before too long.

We are going to spend a few days in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. That is the plan and I am really looking forward to it. I only hope the weather is good and we can get out on the quayside and enjoy a glass or two of wine outside our favourite cafe right next to the Millennium Bridge.  I also want to go up to the shopping centre and see what is new. It is over a year since my friend and I were there and I have really missed our trips to the Eldon Square... most especially the wine bar in M&S. We used to end up there before taking the bus back up to the Borders.

Well, I think that is all I have to tell you at the moment. However, if I find I have forgotten something, then I will come back and update the post.

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