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Monday, 22 April 2013

Head Down Again!

I am at it again. I think I might have mentioned that I have started a new novel called "I haven't a Clue."
Well, if you didn't know, you know now.

Yes I have started a sequel to Divorcees.Biz.  Now I can hear you asking why I would want to start another novel about the four ladies who have given me so much grief over the last few months, and quite honestly, I did wonder that myself.  But you see a few people asked me what happened next??  What did the troublesome foursome decide to do with their lives when they closed the dating agency.

My first answer was, I haven't a clue, what they did. And it was true, I hadn't given it a single thought. But then my ladies started to complain that they wanted more from me, they wanted to come alive again. So for the sake of a little peace and quiet, I decided to dream up another story about them.

Though I tend make up my stories as I go along, I do like to have a title in my mind, something to work with. So I decided to go with my initial thought "I Haven't a Clue" so that's it, That's the title.

So hear I am, around 4,500 words into the tale.  Okay, I have a long way to go. But at least I have made a start and my ladies have stopped nagging at me - well at least they have for the time being.

By the way, if you haven't yet read Divorcees.Biz it is available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon. There are some great reviews up there, too. Well, a tiny few aren't so great, but you know something, we can't win them all

My friend and I haven't been to Newcastle for a few weeks.  And before you ask, there hasn't been any snow to stop us. It's just my husband hasn't been at all well and I wanted to be here.  But you know what? He is looking a great deal better, si hopefully we will be on the bus, trundling down the road very soon.

I think that's all for the moment, but if you would like to vote for Divorcees.Biz in the People's Book Prize there is still time. So why not head over there now.

Take care all and have a good day,


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ups! and.... Ups!!

I have some very good news today - yes, there are still some good things happening in my world, though I agree, not as often as I would like :-) The good news today is that  my husband is feeling ever-so slightly better this morning. He has been quite poorly for the last two months. But this morning I could see an improvement, so I do hope it continues.

I had to cancel a routine appointment at the Edinburgh Infirmary, as I didn't think he could get up there. You will recall the Edinburgh infirmary is the one with the oh-so uncomfortable seats downstairs in the reception area. (Well, that's my opinion anyway.)  Instead our doctor has made some appointments closer to home.

The other 'UP' in my life is that my publisher tells me that nearly 450 paid copies of Divorcees.Biz were downloaded during the month of March. How cool is that??

My four ladies were absolutely delighted. In fact they were so excited, they wouldn't let me get to sleep the night I heard about it. They kept bursting into my mind, as they sipped their champagne.  I do hope all you lovely people who bought the book enjoy it and that it brings a smile to your face. It is meant as a light-hearted, fun read. Something to blow away the long winter blues.

Now if I could just get a few more votes in The People's Book Prize competition, I think it would make my week.  Quite a change from last week, when I told you it was Let's Bash Eileen, week. Thankfully, I am getting over that one. Therefore, if you would like to vote then follow the link - People's Book Prize and register. They will send you a password to use during the voting procedure.

That's all for the moment, but watch this space...  there could be more to come...

Have a great day, I hope you are all having a good day!


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spring is in the Air!! Or is it??

Spring is in the air - or at least I hope it is. The sun has been shining here in Kelso and it has been noticeably warmer today. Even the birds have been chirping away. It seems they are happy, too.

Yes I am happy - well reasonably happy. My husband is a little better today. He has been quite poorly for the last 2 months, so it has been very worrying, and I am getting over the 'Let's Bash Eileen' week. (It seems it was my turn, though I could have done without it at the moment)   So - yes - it's safe to say I am reasonable happy.

I met a few friends at the coffee morning at our social club. It was the AGM, so I though I had better go and pay our subs for the coming year. Everyone was quite cheerful, I think they, too, were delighted to see the sun. Anyway, the morning went well and our club has a committee for the coming year, so at least it will be able to carry on.

I also sold a couple of my promotional shopping bags. I can't remember whether I told you about them. Anyway, I ordered one for myself on a freebie offer and when my friends saw them, they said they wanted a one, too.

So I went ahead and ordered ten. They seem to have taken
 everyone's eye, as the last two went this morning.

I have added a photo, so what do you all think??  I would be interested to know.

It seems that Divorcees.Biz is still continuing to sell, but perhaps these eye-catching shoppers will help even more.  Well, that's the theory.

I think that's it for the time being, however if anyone would like to add their vote for Divorcees.Biz in The People's Book Prize, please follow the link.

I am very grateful for all the support I have received so far. People have been so kind.

Have a great day wherever you are, and enjoy the sunshine,


Sunday Morning and I have an update  I think I spoke too soon yesterday. This morning we have strong winds and rain. I guess spring isn't in the air after all.  :-(

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My New Kindle Fire

I have a new Kindle Fire. Well it actually isn't new any more. I have had it for a few weeks now.  But it just occurred to me that I might not have mentioned it before and I just had to tell you that it is the most wonderful thing. I have absolutely no idea how I have managed all these years without this marvelous device. Not only can I download books to read, but I can also reach out to the internet without having to move off the sofa.

Okay, I know, I am very likely preaching to those who have had such a gadget for some time now and it will be old hat to them, but for me, this is the closest thing to magic that I am likely to see.

I think I might have said that when I got a new all singing and all dancing mobile phone.  To me that was magic and I sung the praise of whoever had the brains to invent such a device, because if it had been left up to me, we would still be using two empty tins and a length of string.

How the world has changed over the last fifty years. It seems that there is no end to the new gadgets that are becoming available, so while I might not be the one who discovers these things, I shall certainly be looking out to buy one, though it might take me a little longer to get my head around how it works  :-)

My new shopping bags arrived. These are the one with a photo of the cover of Divorcees.Biz printed on it. When my friends saw mine, they said they would like one too, so I ordered ten more. I have added a picture below, so what do you think??

Well, I think that is all for the moment, except to say that if you would like to vote for Divorcees.Biz  then please follow the link.  The People's Book Prize,  I really could do with your help.

Have a great day everyone,


Monday, 8 April 2013

Blog Interview

Just to let you know that my blog interview with Susan Whitfield is now up and running!!

Why not head over to the Susan Whitfield Blogspot and check it out. You might even like to leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

All else here is quiet today, but it has been for some while now.  However, I have seen a few people out tending their gardens or mowing their lawns, so I guess spring is on the way after all.  Fingers crossed for that!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Author Interview.

On Monday 8th April at 8am EST, Susan Whitfield will be posting my interview on her blog. I would hate you to miss it, so be sure to check it out.  Simply follow the link Susan Whitfield blogspot and enjoy the chat.

I think we are around 5 hours ahead of EST. Therefore it will be around 1pm before it shows here in the UK.

I would also be very grateful if you would meander over to The People's Book Prize and add your vote for Divorcees.Biz. I believe there is another month to roll before this session closes, however, why wait until the last minute, check it out while you have it fresh in your mind.

I am enjoying a very lazy weekend. Well, I say lazy, but yesterday I decided to brush away the leaves which had gathered at the bottom of the steps. It's strange isn't it? Leaves seem to gather in some little nook and cranny and refuse to be blown out again. of course it might be because having been blown around the street for a few hours once they find a cosy spot they want to stay there. And who can blame them?   Anyway, I made up my mind that enough was enough, it was time to move them along, so I brought out the broom.

Unfortunately, because they had been there so long, I found that when I removed the leaves, there was a large patch of sludge lying underneath where they had been.  So the simple task of brushing up of the leaves, became a larger one. I had to go and get bucketfuls of water and bleach and wash the steps.  I have to say it looks a great deal better now. Nevertheless, I got more than I bargained for.

Well that's it for the moment,

Have a great day, but don't forget to check out Susan's blog on Monday.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Yes!!  That was the cry my friend and I made when we stepped on the bus yesterday. We couldn't believe that were going to make it after all.  We had been prevented from making the trip for a couple of weeks or so because of snow. Or should I say, road/traffic problems caused by snow.

But Yesterday we made it. We were almost singing on the bus, but resisited the urge for fear of making the driver nervous. There was no way we were going to put him off. The journey down was great, There was still snow on the hills at Carter Bar, the hill at the Border of Scotland & England, but some wonderful man had been out with his trusty brush and cleared the road leading up the hill and down the other side. I guess he must have been reading my blog over the last few weeks and taken pity on us. So a huge thank you to him.

The strange thing is, I had been looking forward to trip for so long that when we arrived in Newcastle, I didn't know where to go first. How stupid is that??  Therefore I tried to go everywhere in the three hours before having to catch the bus back. (Not forgetting we tend to spend an hour in the M&S Deli Bar over a bottle of wine and a light lunch)

Anyway, I saw everything I wanted to see, despite my aging hips and dodgy knees complaining as I stormed around the Eldon Square shopping Centre. I simply told them they would get a rest on the bus back.

Can I just say they have had the last laugh, as I was as stiff as a board when I woke up this morning. However, I've promised them that once they've managed to get over the shock, I'll take them off on another trip next week!

One thing I did do as I strode around Eldon Square, I dropped off a few of my promotional cards for Divorcees.Biz on one of the stands advertising various things going on in the city. I do hope it isn't a thumbscrew offence, But you know, I have to get the word about my book out there somehow. Come to think of it, if I did get my thumbs rammed into a thumb screw, it would drum up so much publicity in the newspapers, it might well be worth it......  Ouch!! Perhaps not.

I have just heard of a Cafe in Station Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear that is now running meetings for those who might like to take up writing.  It sounds like a real fun idea, so if you live in the area, why not pop in and have a coffee and chat about your aspirations. Oh, I nearly forgot, The name of the Cafe is 'Made'

I think that is all for the moment, except to add, be sure to have a nice day wherever you are.


PS   Oh I almost forgot, Susan Whitfield will be posting an interview with me on her blog on Monday April 8th.  Why not check it out at: 

How on earth could I forget something like that???

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

With Fingers Crossed & Baited Breath. Sshhh!!

I an sitting here with fingers crossed and baited breath that the weather will stay dry so my friend and I will get to Newcastle tomorrow.  (by the way, I am whispering this. I would hate some distant cloud, filled to the brim with snow to get wind of what I am saying and drift across to spoil the day.)

You will recall that last week a snow cloud heard me talking about a trip, to you know where,  and flurried across during the night and shed its load. However, with a bit of luck we will make it this week.

We had a very quiet Easter here in Kelso. Well, when I say here in Kelso, I don't expect the whole town was quiet. I'm sure some folks were out and about, rolling eggs, partying, and anything else people do at Easter.  No, what I mean is, we, the two of us, had a quiet time over the holiday. Frankly it was too cold to go anywhere. We didn't even book into the Cross Keys in the Square for lunch on Easter Day, something we have done for a few years now. Instead we stayed home, read books and watched TV. How boring is that.  So, as you can imagine, I am raring to go to Newcastle tomorrow.

I am still waiting for my cotton shopping bags to arrive. At least my friends and neighbours are. I already have one and it will be going with me on the bus with me tomorrow.

Because I had such a quiet weekend, I haven't really got anything else to blog about. I simply thought I would keep you up to date with what is or perhaps I should say, what isn't, going on in my world.

Hopefully I will have more to say the next time.

Meanwhile, enjoy your day.