Friday, 29 June 2012

Long Time - No Write

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted on here. Where are all the weeks going? And more importantly, why are they going so fast? There are things I want to do, things I want to see, but at this rate, the year is going to be over and I will be still thinking I am still in the month of June!

Last week we went away for a few days to Nidd Hall, near Harrogate. We love going there, as it is place where you can do as much or as little as you want. This suits me perfectly. I can spend the day, watching the more energetic as they stride out to the golf course, the shooting range or even the archery targets, while I quietly sit back and sip an extremely large wine. And then at the end of the afternoon, I enjoy a dinner, which I have not even had to think about preparing, before going to watch the entertainers in the Pavilion. It is a blissful way to spend a few days,

But then, I came home!

Don't get me wrong, I like my home. It gets a little untidy at times - okay, it gets a lot untidy most of the time, but it's lived in and it's ours and that's what counts. No the untidiness wasn't the problem. The problem was the company who I use to host my Website, have, what they call, upgraded and now I find I haven't got a Website at all. Yes, the domain is there and it says it is mine, but I am not there at all. Instead, what you see is where to look for comparisons for insurance.

From the emails I received before they embarked on their mission, I was under the impression that after about a week, all would be as before.  However this is not the case. My husband, who set up the site for me in the first place, filled in one of their online forms, asking what was going on. But except for an online acknowledgement, he hasn't heard from them again. 

So yesterday, I took the helm and wrote again and this time, I got a reply within a few hours asking for certain information for security purposes. I have now sent that on; therefore I am waiting with bated breath to see what transpires. So anyone logging onto my Website will need to be patient for a while longer. Watch this space!

On Wednesday, I went to Newcastle to meet my sister and cousin. We tend to meet up once a month, just for a coffee and a chat. The weather wasn't too bad, so I quite enjoyed the day. However, yesterday it rained and it rained and forgot to stop. How thankful I was I hadn't chosen that day to go to Newcastle, as I gather roads had to closed and trains were forced to stop running. The drains in the road where my sister lives, couldn't cope and the water lapped mere inches from her front door. She and her husband must have been worried it would pour into their house.

I think that is all the excitement for the moment,

I hope it is dry wherever you are,



  1. It'sjust a really bad pain when that happens, isn't it? So sorry you have such hassle! It's hard enough keeping up when things are ok let alone when you lose everything! Hope all gets back to normal soon.

  2. I hope so, too, Pat. However, so far I haven't heard another word from them. Not a good sign!

  3. My site is up and running again! How about that? However, the first page has somehow got stuck in the past, so it will need updating. But not today. No one is going to touch it today!!