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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yippee!! More Weight Lost!!!

Exciting news this morning! When I crept onto the scales I found I had lost 2lb last week. Yes, two whole pounds. This means I have now lost 1stone.  I would have liked this to have happened, say, a couple of weeks ago, but it hung on until today.  Nevertheless, I am delighted as it means I am on the downward slope, so lookout you slim guys down there, because here I come!!

The rest of the week has been quiet, in a busy sort of way. If that is possible! I went to Newcastle on Wednesday and had a wonderful, if not tiring, day. Thursday, my husband had an appointment at the hospital, not the one with the hard seats, no this one was our local General Hospital, where they have a few sofas dotted around the ground floor. Very comfy.  I also had to have a chest x-ray, though it wasn't for anything serious - at least I hope not. Big gulp, here and fingers crossed.  Friday turned out to be bits and pieces day, because the computers were out of action at the post office on Thursday and, finally, Saturday was coffee morning at our social club. So you see, there was something going on every day, though nothing to make your socks roll up and down or my tights, for that matter.

Today, Sunday, is proving to be a quiet day. Though it shouldn't have been. We should have been going to the coast for lunch. However, as it was snowing when I pulled the curtains this morning, the whole thing was cancelled until the sun shines again. Hopefully that won't be too long in happening. So I think I will curl up with the book I am reading at the moment - Heartstone by CJ Sansom.

Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.



  1. How nice to hear your local hospital has comfy seating! Considering the amount of time people spend sitting around in hospitals, it's an excellent idea.
    Very well done on losing all that weight :-) x

  2. Yeh, fantastic re the weight loss, well done Eileen!

    1. Teresa & Vee - Thank you both for your comments.I only hope I can keep up the momentum.