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Thursday, 29 October 2020

* * * New Release * * *

Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 4

I simply couldn't wait to pass on the news that my latest cozy murder mystery has been released. 

I sent my novel, A Mystery on Tyneside to the publisher about ten days ago and expected to wait a while before I heard back. However, that wasn't the case. It seemed they like the story and set about publishing it immediately. 

Therefore, if you are interested in reading the book, then simply follow the links (shown in blue) above. 

I am afraid that is all the news I have for you at the moment. I am still staying home due to covid 19. I really wish it would go away so that we could all get on with our lives. Not that we go far anyway, but I find it awful that even if I had the urge to out for the day - I  can't. My husband's poor health comes first. 

I think that is all for the moment. If you do choose to read the book, I hope you enjoy it and, if that is the case, I would really appreciate a review.


Chink Chink

Thursday, 8 October 2020

"Exciting News"

Hi there everyone, I do hope you are all well and staying safe.

I really never thought this virus would go on so long, but I guess we now realise that we are in for the long haul. We are still in lockdown here. We have been ever since March. Due to my husband's health issues, we haven't dared to step out for anything other than Phil's appointments, or my odd visit to pay for the newspapers and even then, it has been early on a Sunday morning when not many people are about. 

Anyway, I wanted to pass on some 'exciting news' - well, it's exciting for me. My publisher has announced that my books are going to be available in bookshops. Therefore, if you, or anyone you know, prefers to read printed novels, rather than eBooks and are keen to try my books, then please search the shelves of your nearest bookshop. If they don't have it in stock, please ask them to order a copy for you. If enough people do that, then they might add a few to their shelves. At the end of the day, it is all down to the readers. 

Stuck indoors, I can't get out to places like Newcastle-on-Tyne or Gateshead, where some of the big bookshops are located. Otherwise I might have been waiting on their doorstep for someone to open the shop so I could talk to them about it. Nevertheless, I have written to a few, saying that my Agnes Lockwood Mysteries (Tyneside Novels) are set in their area and that some of their local customers might enjoy reading them. Hopefully someone will take note - fingers crossed here 😉😉 But in the end, like I said somewhere above it is all down to readers. like you, going into the shop and asking them to order copies.

My latest novel, A Mystery on Tyneside is being proof-read at this very moment. The next step will be to send it to the publisher. I really would like to see it out there by Christmas. But I need to be patient. I never used to be a patient woman, but since I started writing, I quickly learned that being impatient got me nowhere. So I have changed over the last few years, I now feel that patience is my middle name. Though, on reflection, Eileen Patience Thornton, doesn't hit a cord.

Well, I think that's all for the moment. But, whatever else you do, please stay calm and stay safe. 

Cheerio for now!

Cheers x

Friday, 25 September 2020

And so it Goes On...

I had hoped that by now we would have got over this virus, but it seems that is not the case, which means, as we haven't been anywhere, I still don't have any news for you. 

However, on 10th September, it was our 60th Wedding Anniversary and even though we didn't go out for a slap up meal, we still enjoyed our day. We received two bouquets of flowers and a parcel containing some wonderful biscuits, jars of preserve and a delicious fruit cake. The parcel was delivered from Fortnum and Mason, but was organized by my sister, our niece and her family. 

Then a few days later, we received a Diamond Wedding Anniversary card from The Queen. It was arranged by my niece. 

That's all for the moment.

Have a great day! 


Monday, 24 August 2020

Quite a Weekend!

 Hello again.

I hope you are all staying safe. We haven't been out much - only when it was absolutely necessary. Last Wednesday, we had to take the car to the garage for its annual service. It's a 50 mile round trip. It seemed such a long time since we had been down that route, I'd almost forgotten the way 😆

Then on Thursday, my husband had an appointment at the podiatrist at the local hospital. He has an ulcer on his foot which is causing him a great deal of pain. Then on Friday, he had appointment at surgery for a B12 injection. Once there, we had to wait in the car until the nurse, all masked up, appeared holding the syringe. 

Saturday was relatively quiet, it was only when the electricity went off for a split second (don't know why) that my laptop took 40 minutes to sort itself out. I sat staring at it as a circle of dots kept going around. I took the opportunity to pour myself a glass of wine and then swung around in my office chair until the laptop finally decided what it wanted to do. I think I will have to get a new laptop. For a start the little thing inside that is supposed to save my work, gave up the ghost a while back. I believe you can get replacements, but just haven't got around to it. 

Then on Sunday, I decided to update my phone online. I didn't want anything special. I don't listen to music, play games or anything else like that. I simply use it for emails, texting and phone calls. Therefore, I thought it would be easy.... how wrong was I? 

I found the phone I wanted, then I added a case before proceeding to the checkout. So far, so good. But then, when everything appeared to have gone through, I saw a message saying 'one more thing', before showing me what appeared to be their full collection of phones and plans. Why would they do that? I had chosen the one I wanted and already gone through the process of adding it to the account I already have with them. The top of the page showed what I had done so far. The only thing left was to press confirm order, but I couldn't,because of all the phones on display. Why does everything have to be so complicated? In the end, I came out of the site, but I still didn't know whether my order had been accepted. When I went back to take another look, my item was still in the basket! I finally decided to ring a number shown on the site and wait in line for my turn. When I got through, it appeared that the order hadn't gone through, so the nice man on the other end ordered it all for me. It is being delivered today!

Hopefully this week will run more smoothly.

Before I go, you might be interested to know that Vengeance on Tyneside is only 99p/99c to download at the moment. 

Vengeance on Tyneside

That's all for the moment except to say - stay safe.


Thursday, 30 July 2020

Interview with Robert Crawford

Hello again

Great News - I have recently been interviewed by Robert Crawford. 

If you would like to take a look, and I do hope you will, you can find the interview by following the link. Interview with Eileen Thornton  

Perhaps you might even like to leave a comment once you've read it. There is a place at the bottom for comments. Or you could leave a comment here. 

It isn't often I give interviews, but Robert Crawford can be persuasive and I know that his posts are read my lots of people, so I thought, why not. 

All else is much the same here. This virus has put a stop to things we would all like to be doing now that the summer is here. Though we can go out now, it's not quiet the same having to wear a mask. But they are important, so we have bought some to have ready just in case we need to go somewhere. 

I am still working on my fourth Agnes Lockwood mystery. It does seem to be dragging on a bit. It seems I added too many problems for Agnes to solve; even I have lost count. But hopefully it will be finished soon. The working title is A Mystery on Tyneside, but I'm still not sure that's what I'll go with. 

Meanwhile the other three books in the series are selling well and have have been translated into several languages, as have my other books.. Audible versions are also available. I am not into audio books myself, but I understand that a large number of people prefer them. 

Well, I think that's all for the moment, but don't forget to check out my interview 😉

Wishing you a great day,


Chink! Chink!

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Stopping By... UPDATED!

Where has this year gone? It seems to be passing very quickly. It's difficult to believe that we are into July already

I do hope you have all been keeping safe during this difficult time. My husband and I are still in lock-down due to Phil's health issues. I'm told that this will go on until 31st July, but who knows - it could continue for longer. Thankfully I have been able to order groceries online from our local supermarket. 

Due to being stuck indoors, I really don't have any exciting news to pass on. Yet I felt that I should add a new post to my blog otherwise you will all think that I have swanned off abroad... as if. 😂 

Anyway, as I an here, I will pass on the news that audio versions of my books are now available. Though, I think you are already aware of that. However, my publisher has informed me that most of them are now available in Large print, Extra Large print and even pocket size - I have no idea what that looks like. I guess I will have to get myself a copy to check it out. 

For those of you who have stuck with this post until now, I am adding  Free Codes to download an audio copy for a couple of my books. The codes will only work one. Therefore, if you are told that the code has already been used, then it means someone has beaten you to it. That's the way it goes, I'm afraid. 

If you are in the USA, then copy this link for both books
The Trojan Project Code: 6ZYUFHRATKGEU
Only Twelve Days  Code: D6AGL8MHZ7GFZ

UK link for both books:
The Trojan Project Code: 54PC6UQUSZPPC
Only Twelve Days Code: 7E6SESACW5ERT

I hope you enjoy the books, if so, I would appreciate a review.

UPDATE:  Just a thought, if you missed out getting an audio book and would really like a code, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. 
This is not a scam. The codes above are genuine. But they only work once. 

Chink! Chink!.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

It's Been Quite a While... **Updated **

Hello again,

It's been quite a while since I last posted a blog. But quite honestly I haven't had anything to pass on as we have been in lock down. We still are actually as my husband has so many health issues, we have been advised to stay at home until July 31st. So here we will stay - unless the advice is updated. But even then, I think we will take care.

At the moment I am sitting in what I call - the junk room. That's where my laptop is. I suspect most people have a wonderful tidy desk in a room that is also tidy. But not me! My desk is full of odd and ends, scraps of paper with the odd thing written on it in an attempt to remind me to do something. There are also a few small stuffed animals sitting next to the in-tray, also full of stuff I never look at. At the moment there is a mug of tea, but in a short while it will be replaced with a glass of something more exciting 🍷

I do hope that all is well with you and your families. How has this lock down affected you? I know some people have to work, depending on the job you do.

I think that's all for the moment, as I said earlier, I haven't been anywhere since March - Thank goodness for Sainsburys delivery service 😃

Don't forget, if you are looking for something to read this weekend, take a look at my Cozy Murder Mysteries. They all have audio versions now.
You can check them out by following this link: Agnes Lockwood Mysteries  

Leave me a message if you would like a free code to download an audio copy of one of the books. 
But I only have a few left. 

Stay safe.


Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Staying Safe!

I do hope you are all obeying the rules by staying in lock-down. I know how boring it can be, but it is the safe thing to do.

We haven't been anywhere for weeks - apart from the garden - which is why I haven't anything to tell you. Nevertheless, I felt I should keep in touch with all you lovely people who take the time to read my blog.

I am still plodding along with my latest Agnes Lockwood Mystery. This one will be called A Mystery on Tyneside. Agnes has so many mysteries to work out, she is lost as to what is going on. The problem is, I am lost, too. Having added numerous mysteries, I can't seem to work out how Agnes is going to puzzle them out. 😢 But I guess I'll get there in the end....

In the meantime, there are three Agnes Lockwood Mysteries out there. Recently, I said I would gift an copy of Murder on Tyneside to the first person in the UK to message me. Today, I am willing to gift an ebook of Death on Tyneside to the first person to contact me via Facebook or Twitter messages. You can of course message or leave a comment here and I will get back to you.

Unfortunately, I can only do this for people in the UK. Not sure why, but it could have something to do with the currency differences.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you all, but only one will receive the gift 😉

Bye for now and stay safe


Death on Tyneside