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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Hello Again! - Oops! a swift update!!

Okay, I am going to come straight to the point of this blog post, not least because I just heard a roll of thunder and I am wondering whether being on the computer if lightening begins, would be a good thing.

Death on Tyneside is only 99c/99p to download for a short time. So, if you haven't yet read book two of the Agnes Lockwood series of cozy murder mysteries, then get your copy today!

Hopefully the lady in the picture isn't too late to download her copy at that low price, as that would be a shame.

Also, still on the subject of Death on Tyneside, the Author Academy Awards Competition has been extended. Therefore, if you haven't already voted, please follow the link and add your vote today. The book is in the Mystery Section on Page 10

Another piece of news to share with you is that my publisher, known as Creativia, has changed the name to --- loud drum Roll ---Next Chapter. I have added a picture of the new symbol. 

Take a look at their new website Next Chapter  and, if you know a budding author out there, then pass on the link; they might want to submit their manuscript to them.

Apart from that, I'm afraid I have nothing else to tell you. All is very peaceful at the moment, apart from the odd roll of thunder. I hope it doesn't get too close!

Take care all and enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hope the storm doesn't come your way!! AND, don't forget to vote - Please!


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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Hectic Week!!!

What started out to be a normal week, turned into quite the opposite.

My husband was diagnosed with an eye infection and needed to go into hospital for intravenous antibiotics. As you will have guessed, he was not best pleased, but it needed to happen. Oral antibiotics just weren't strong enough to clear the infection. He is home again now, but the eye is still giving him some trouble. However, the doctor did say that it would take some time to heal properly. Meanwhile we are keeping a careful eye on it and I bathe it for him every morning. Fingers crossed that it continues to heal. I must say the redness surrounding the whole area around the eye, has gone.

Shortly before that happened, I heard that my novel, Death on Tyneside had been nominated for the Author Academy Awards competition. But I haven't been able to push very hard for votes. Therefore if anyone reading this would like to add their vote, I would be grateful. The voting ends in about ten days time, then I understand that the judges will step in to make the final decision.

If you can spare a minute to add your vote, simply follow the link Author Academy Awards  and go to the Mystery Section on page 10. Thank you in advance for your support.

At the moment I am listening to Queen's Greatest Hits while I am typing this. I have see the film Bohemian Rhapsody twice and will be watching it again very shortly. Great Film and Great Music.

Well that is all for the moment - must go and get the washing off the line before the rain starts splashing down.

Wishing you all a wonderful day wherever you are.

Cheers !!

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Exciting News!

I have some rather exciting news today!

Well, it's exciting for me anyway 😂

Death on Tyneside has been nominated for the Author Academy Awards Competition. Can you even begin to imagine how excited I am!

I am a latecomer to the event; I was nominated only hours before the submission deadline was reached. Therefore, I am going to have to work hard to acquire enough votes to take me through to the last 20 or so, before the judges take over and make the final choice.

That's where you come in.

I need your votes to help me get at least that far.. So I would be grateful if you would spare a few minutes following the link - Author Academy Awards and go to the mystery section on Page 10. Death on Tyneside is somewhere near the bottom of the page.

One thing - you will need to be very careful while scrolling down the list of books, especially if you are using a Kindle or iPad as the page is very sensitive. Press too hard and your vote could go elsewhere. Once you have voted, it cannot be undone. The voting ends 1st August 2019

Thank you very much for taking the time to add your vote. I really do appreciate it.

Cheers everyone!!

Monday, 24 June 2019

This and That!

Recently we went to Christies, a lovely furnishing store in the Scottish Borders, and ended up ordering a new three piece suite. The armchairs were so comfortable, I wonder whether I will drop off to sleep the moment I sit down. But then, they are meant to be comfy, aren't they? No point in having an uncomfortable chair when you are supposed to be relaxing. 😅 Who can possibly enjoy a good television programme or a good book, if they aren't sitting comfortably?
Now, all we have to do is wait patiently until the furniture is made and delivered.

Heard this morning that most of my books on sale at the Borders Book Festival were sold, so that was  a piece of good news. I do hope that bought the novels really enjoy them.
A Surprise for Christine

Today, there is an offer on A Surprise for Christine, a collection of short stories. They are all upbeat and inspiring, and so easy to read. The price is only 99c/99p for the next 4/5 days, so don't miss out - the week could be over before you know it!

That's all for the moment, I do hope you all have a wonderful week.


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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

* * * Borders Book Festival 2019 - UPDATE * * *

The Borders Book Festival starts tomorrow - 13th June and runs until Sunday 16th June.

Just a reminder that the Festival will be up and running tomorrow. There will be quite a number of celebrities appearing up until Sunday. I hope you manage to get tickets to see your favourite.

I won't be speaking at the festival. However, signed copies of my latest three novels, Agnes Lockwood Mysteries, will be in the bookshop, so please take a few minutes to check them out.

If you are going to the festival, I do hope you have a wonderful day! 

All versions of the three books shown in the picture above can be found on Amazon


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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Borders Book Festival 2019

The Borders Book Festival is almost upon us. 13th - 16th June.

The Festival is held in Melrose, a lovely town in the Scottish Borders. During the summer months, the town is usually very busy with tourists, wishing to visit the historic buildings surrounding the town. Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott and Dryburgh Abbey to name two, while in the town itself are the ruins of Melrose Abbey, a 14th-century monastery.

Nevertheless, people are not put off from visiting the Festival, which is held in the gardens of Harmony House, a short walk from the abbey. The reason is that so many famous names come to the Festival to give talks, sign copies of their books and mingle with the visitors. Follow the link to find out who will be there this year - BORDERS BOOK FESTIVAL 

While I won't be appearing at the festival in person, signed copies of my latest novels, Agnes Lockwood Mysteries will be Available in the Festival Shop. Therefore, perhaps you might be interested in taking a peek - you never know, one of them might catch your eye.

Murder on Tyneside, Death on Tyneside and Vengeance on Tyneside  - Agnes Lockwood is the new female sleuth on Tyneside.
Agnes Lockwood Mysteries

Well I think that is all for the moment. I wish you all w wonderful day at the Book Festival.


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Friday, 3 May 2019

Special Offer!

The first thing on the agenda today, is to mention that Death on Tyneside is only 99c/99p for a short time.
Death on Tyneside

This is the second book in the Agnes Lockwood Mystery Series. Agnes is back up to her old tricks again; helping the police with a murder investigation.

If you haven't already read this cozy murder mystery, then now is the time to download a copy.

The novel was awarded 5 stars by Readers Favorite when it was first released.

We had the most wonderful weather here in the Scottish Borders over the Easter Holiday. We didn't actually go anywhere, however, we were able to make full use of our garden swing. Sadly, I don't think this weekend looks so promising, but fingers are crossed that the weather men/women have got it wrong.

Vengeance on Tyneside
Next month, will see the Borders Book Festival again. I don't know how long it has been going now, but it seems to get bigger and better every year. Once again, my novels will be the Festival Book Shop. I can only hope that they will do as well as they did last year, when every copy was sold.

This year, I will be including my latest release - Vengeance on Tyneside (Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 3). It was only released a short time ago, but seems to be doing very well.

I think that is all for the moment.
Enjoy the weekend.

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Saturday, 30 March 2019


Vengeance on Tyneside

My latest novel, Vengeance on Tyneside, (Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 3) has been published by Creativia and is available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback editions.

One woman is found stabbed, followed shortly by another. What’s the connection?

After a trip to the coast, Agnes Lockwood is shocked when she finds a young woman lying in the Central Station. She had been stabbed in the chest and had lost a great deal of blood.

DCI Alan Johnson and Sergeant Andrews quickly begin to investigate the crime. However, they are soon to learn that this is only the first case of its kind when, shortly afterwards, another stabbing takes place on the quayside.

Agnes is keen to help with the investigation, but DCI Johnson wants her to stay away from the case. However, as he is already aware, she is not a woman to be put off so easily… 

The Trojan Project

The Trojan Project is free to download for the next few days, so don't miss out on this spine-chilling thriller. 

A peaceful night turns into a nightmare when a green mist descends across the valley, its swirling tendrils seeming to bear a life of their own.
When Sarah's husband doesn't return from work, she sets out to search for him. A terrifying discovery awaits her, and before long, she finds herself caught in a desperate search not only for her husband, but also for the meaning of the green light.
Thrust in a nightmare world and pursued by enemies from all sides, Sarah soon realizes that she is in mortal danger...and that trust has become a word with little meaning.
Can they survive the secret in the hills?

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Happy Reading !!  


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