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Monday, 18 April 2011


Today I went to the dentist!  This is something I used to hate and still do to a certain extent, but I suppose it is necessary.  If nothing else, it keeps someone in work.  Nevertheless, it's amazing to think that I actually pay money to have someone rattle a drill around in my mouth.  Now there's a thought.  A little man running around like a maniac inside my mouth with a drill in his hand.  Would it be necessary for him to wear goggles and ear muffs like the sort the men use when digging up the road?  If health and safety were involved, I guess he would, as bits of teeth could be flying at him from all directions.  Perish the thought!

This afternoon I added a little more to my novel and sent an email to a friend in the USA.  We have never met, it is only through networking that we got to know each other.  However, it is nice to keep in touch and learn what they have been up to across the pond. 

Someone came to put some weedkiller on our garden this morning,  I say garden, but it isn't really.  We have mostly gravel, as we don't want to have to look after it all the time.  However, try telling that to the weeds. For some reason they shoot up all over the place.  One of these days, I will have to explain that they aren't really welcome.

Hope the flowers in your garden are growing well.


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