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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hard Chairs!

The seats at the Royal infirmary, were as hard as they were last Thursday.  Despite not telling my poorly hips what was store for them, they seemed to guess the moment I stepped out of the car.  I have to say, it was with great reluctance that they followed me into the hospital.  I suppose I could go upstairs with my husband; he tells me the seating is more comfortable up there.  However, as well as reading a book, I like to people watch, so, I opted to stay downstairs, much to the disappoint of my poorly hips.  Perhaps I should also mention that my sit-upon wasn't too happy either.

This evening we are going to a friend's house.  There will be a group of us there, and yes, you are probably way ahead of me, there will be wine involved during the chat.  Fortunately, we all live close by, so no driving is involved. Apart from that, the day promises to be quiet.  Though an hour or so will be spent in deciding what to wear or should I rephrase that by saying what I can get into.  The weight problem is still with me.   I have got to do something about that!

So now, I am going to have another go at and see what the girls have been up to since I last checked.

Whatever you do today, make it good.


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