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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

In a Nutshell

Added a little more to my novel today.  Things are starting to come to a head. Lucy, one of the characters, has decided she needs to assert herself, while Connie is spending the day with her ex-husband.  I am a little annoyed at Connie.  I didn't want her to do that, well yes I did, but not yet.  I wanted her to hang on for a bit, leave him dangling for a while longer, but no, she has gone ahead and done it anyway.  Sadie is running around with a new man, and as for Jenny, I have absolutely no idea what to do with her. These characters don't realise who is boss here!

I heard from a publisher today, they are going to let me know by Friday whether they are interested in reading any more of my romantic novel.  I hope they are, however, my luck being what it is at the moment, the chances are they will say, thanks, but no thanks.  I will keep you posted on that one.

So that is my day in a nutshell.  Nothing exciting at all.

What about your day?  Has the world changed its axis for you?



  1. Give your lucky orange clover a rub Eileen, it is sure to bring you good luck x

  2. Good Idea! I shall do that right now.