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Saturday, 30 April 2011

One Royal Wedding & One Splendid Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday I watched as Prince William and Catherine Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey.  Fortunately the weather stayed dry for the day.  I say I watched the Royal Wedding, however I wasn't actually there in the Abbey, I saw the whole thing on TV.  It seems my invitation was lost in transit.  Never mind, these things happen, so I won't dwell on it.  Catherine's dress was beautiful.  It was simple, yet looked stunning. 

In the afternoon we went to our friend's house.  As it turns out, it was their wedding anniversary, so we toasted them and the newly-weds with a glass of champagne, before we started playing ten pin bowling on the new wii she got for her birthday.  It is very addictive, though I wasn't very good.  However, I did manage to get two strikes.  How about that!  If only I could manage to do that when playing darts or indoor bowls at our social club, then I would make a better team member.  But I'm won't talk about my humpty dumpty bowls or my darts that go everywhere except the dart board - not today.  Anyway, getting back to our friends, we all had a wonderful afternoon and evening.  The wine flowed and the time simply flew by.

We aren't doing anything today.  Simply having a quiet, sober day.

Hope your day turns out well.