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Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Better Day

Today is a better day! 

Or perhaps I should say, it's another day.  No matter how gloomy one day is, we know that it is only twenty-four hours of our lives.  Tomorrow is another day altogether and we should see it from a whole new perspective.  So I am looking at today wearing another hat.  A sunny hat with large bright coloured flowers and it has a big smiley on the front.  You will certainly recognise me if you see me in the street!

Having said all that, today could have been a bad day, because the water was turned off this morning.  It appears there is a leak somewhere down the road, so it is being repaired.  However, I decided that even the lack of water wasn't going to spoil the day.  Besides, it's a good excuse not to wash anything and to have a glass of wine! 

We went out into the town this morning, not because of the water thing, but because today is Thursday.  We go into town every Thursday.  It's a kind of ritual that we go to the post office, the bank, WH Smiths, the dress shop and the Garden Centre Coffee Shop on a Thursday.  I think I might have mentioned that sometime before - I tend to forget what I have already told you and say the same thing over again.   But I'm not going to concern myself over that, because I am wearing my sunny hat!

Tomorrow is the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  The newspapers have been filled with the goings on for weeks and I gather people are flocking into London to see the procession to and from Westminster Abbey.  There are to be street parties galore around the country - there's even one being held in our social club, but we aren't going.  We're not into street parties.  Nevertheless, I shall watch the whole thing on television wearing another sunny hat and drink a toast to the happy couple.

Enjoy your day, it's only 24 hours long and won't come around again.