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Friday, 8 April 2011

More Moans

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary as my husband had an appointment.  We have been there a few times now and I have come to the conclusion that, for a new hospital, it is decidedly dingy.  Well, at least it is downstairs in the main hall or whatever they call it.  A few brighter lights wouldn't go amiss, also the seating could be a teeny-weeny bit softer.  I waited an hour on one of the most hard, uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in, while my husband was having his appointment.  I was as stiff as a board when I finally came to stand up.  I had to wait a few seconds for the blood to rush back into my sit-upon, before I could move!

I appreciate that the NHS is strapped for cash and good money can't be spent on finery for people waiting for friends and relatives.  However, I'm not talking about spending a fortune here, simply, a little more in the entrance area would make the place feel less severe.  I could also mention the lack of room to manoeuvre in the free disabled car parking, perhaps I had better not. Anyway, that is my rant for the day, unless something else irritates me this afternoon.

Tomorrow is the AGM at our social club.  I am serving the tea and coffee with a couple of friends before the big debate.  Sometimes it is difficult to find people willing to be on the committee, however, I think we have enough nominations to keep it running for another year.  More on the big debate tomorrow.

Off out again this morning, things like visiting the bank, the paper shop, and WHS are on the list.  Also there will be a visit to the garden centre coffee shop, where they have the most wonderful scones!

Enjoy your day,


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