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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Still Very Quiet

It seems that today is going to be another quiet day! 

However, I have changed the bedclothes and washed them, so I suppose that is something positive.  At the moment, they are hanging on the line taking in the sunshine.

I am adding a little more to my novel and earlier I began making changes to a short story that was rejected for some reason or another.  Not knowing the reason makes altering it difficult: I could be changing the wrong thing and making it worse in the eyes of a Fiction Editor.  Best I don't dwell on that.  My stars said I have to think positive, all my signs are in place for something good to happen so I'll plod on with the alterations and see how the story ends up.

Don't know why, but I read my stars every morning in the newspaper.  I guess I am hoping that one day, he is going to tell me something wonderful is going to happen.  Still you have to have something to clutch onto, so why not?

I wonder if it will be warm enough to sit in the swing this afternoon.  I doubt it. It wasn't too warm when I hung out the washing.  So I guess it's another case of wait and see.  My life seems to be full of 'wait and see'.  Wait and see if the lottery comes up, wait and see if an editor is going to buy my stories and beg for more, wait and see if the postman delivers something other than bills, wait and see if a publisher is going to publish my novel.  It must be lovely not to have to 'wait and see' all the time.  'Wait and see' seems to trip off my tongue effortlessly, I am so used to hearing it or saying it.  There I go - moaning again.

Yes, it's definitely going to be a quiet day!

Enjoy your day, quiet or otherwise,


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  1. Have courage!! One day it will happen if you believe in yourself?? At least thats what I keep telling myself...