Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Monday!

Today hasn't started well!  I thought it was about time I cleaned out the en-suite.  Not the most exciting thing to be doing on Easter Monday.  While most folks were out there doing pleasurable things, there was I stuck with my head down the loo, holding a brush in my hand almost as though it was a wand.  Before that, I was scrubbing away inside the shower for all I was worth. (I must add here that I was using a different brush at that time).   The mind boggles at what I will be doing next.

One bit of good news today, I have found all five eggs in the Daily Mail hunt the egg competition.  I spent some time scouring every page with gusto - Sherlock Holmes would have been proud of me.  So here's hoping I win.  Now that would certainly make up for the dismal start to the day.  However, I doubt the Daily Mail read this, so I can't expect any sympathy from those quarters.

It's my friend's birthday today.  I gather she is having a lovely day opening presents.  I hope you will join me in wishing her a Happy Birthday!

I will add a postscript if something out of the ordinary happens.

YES! I have a postscript. 

1)  I have printed out a story to send to Take a Break.  It is all ready to post off tomorrow morning.

2)  I have contacted someone to come and check out why my car is making weird noises.  Whatever the noise is, you can bet that it is going to cost a small fortune to stop it.  Cars cost a fortune to buy, they cost a fortune to run - petrol, tax etc, and cost a fortune when something goes wrong, even if it is something minuscule.  However, I believe that this guy tells it how it is, so I'm going for it.

Hope your day is working out for the best.


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