Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wii - Day Two

Had another go at this fitness lark today.  I have to say that it is quite enjoyable using the gadget.  I have learned one thing, though, my balance is bad and I am so very unfit. Oops! That's two things.  Having said that, there are probably a few other things I have found out about myself, but I shall leave them for another day.  Anyway, I had a try on the Ski jump and now know that I would never dare go on a real slope.  I also tried the Slalom and the same thing applies.  I am getting the hang of the step aerobics, but need to learn my left foot from my right foot.  I tend to loose track of which is which when I have to change feet or direction.  Nevertheless, it is good fun and will try to keep up with the little Mii's on there.  They are so much better than I am.

Tomorrow, I will have a go with the Training program.  There is a super little guy on there who is going to lead me gently through the whole thing.  Poor guy hasn't a clue what he has let himself in for.

How is your day going?


1 comment:

  1. I have one of those wii things too. It stares at me reproachfully from under the telly... Not done it since xmas! I simply stick my tongue out at it - that'll show it!
    Keep at it...