Thursday, 26 May 2011

Something and Nothing!

While I can't think of anything to mention here, I feel a lot has gone on this week.  On the other hand, perhaps my imagination has been running away with me.  It does happen sometimes.  I see myself doing wonderful things, when all the time I am sitting here thinking about the things I could or would like to be doing.

I have continued to work out on the Wii.  In fact I think I am becoming an expert ---- No! perhaps expert is too strong a word. But I am certainly getting the hang of it.  Can't say I have lost any weight, which was the whole purpose of me dedicating an hour of my afternoon to leaping on and off the thing, but I am enjoying the experience, so that must count for something.   However, I am starting to aim straight on the Archery, I am getting to grips with the bubble thing and I am even sorting out the ski jump, so all is not lost.

I am going, while I am still ahead.

Hope you are ahead of whatever you are doing.


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