Thursday, 5 May 2011

Voting Day!

I went to the hairdresser this morning, so I am looking all spruced up again - at least my hair is.  After that we went to the polling station to place our votes for a candidate and a party for the Scottish Parliament.  We also had to vote one way or another on the great debate, the Alternative Vote.  The polling station was quiet when we got there, but I gather there had been a good turnout and the boxes were quite full when we pushed our slips through the small hole at the top.  Whether we will get the person or party we voted for I have no idea.  As for AV, the least said about that the better!! 

I am starting to get the hang of the Wii.  Actually I am enjoying the aerobics etc on there and am trying to do a little more each day.  After all, there is no need to do everything at once.  I want to get fit and live a little longer, not kill myself earlier! This afternoon I am going to try to stay with it for a little longer.  Last night my husband and I spent an hour playing ten pin bowling and then did three holes of golf.  Okay, it's not a lot, but it was an hour we would have spent sitting in the chair watching TV.  Also, it was in addition the time we spent doing the aerobics.

Hope you are all having a good day!



  1. Elizabeth McKay5 May 2011 at 08:44

    Hi Eileen, when I voted at lunchtime today the polling station was very quiet (I live in Ayrshire) so I'm not sure if our turnout will be very high. I'm interested in your comments about the Wii as I bought one at Easter in a determined effort to get fit. I love it but am aware that could just be the novelty value at the moment. The first time I tried to jog for ten minutes I walked most of the time but am now managing to keep going quite comfortably so it must be working! It'll be interesting to hear how you get on too.

  2. Hello Elizabeth, lovely to hear from you. We only got the Wii Fitplus thing this week, but I am enjoying it. I will try to keep my blog updated on my progress. Today I was on there a little bit longer, so I guess I must be doing better.
    Are you the Elizabeth McKay who, like me, used to write stories for The Lady magazine before they dropped them.

  3. Elizabeth McKay6 May 2011 at 04:18

    Good morning Eileen. Yes, I am she. I mainly write short stories for magazines, but I have a picture book coming out in September which I'm really excited about. The womag market is shrinking so much now, it's getting scary.

    I'm looking forward to following your progress on the Wii. This morning I worked off the equivalent of a plain omelette and I did my 10 minute jog while watching the election results on TV. Interesting!

  4. Well done Elizabeth. I will be on there this afternoon. I haven't done the jog yet. Mainly the step thing both with and without the group. Without the group it is a ten minute session. However, I tried the training sessions yesterday. My balance is far from perfect though.

    Good news about your picture book. It is sad about the short story problems. I miss The Lady as it used to be. I have been trying other magazine without success at the moment - but you never know.