Monday, 23 May 2011

The Weekend

Yesterday my niece and her boyfriend drove up from the city to see us. It was the first time we had met him and he seems a really nice guy.  We had lunch in a local hotel, which my husband and I enjoy going to, so we were able to relax and have a good natter.  (My cooking is not what it was, so I thought I wouldn't ruin a good day with something inedible)  The time seemed to pass very quickly and it wasn't long before they were back on their way home again. That's the trouble with weekends, as my niece said, they pass too quickly.

Yes, if you are working all through the week, I guess the days you have free do go quickly. I never seemed to have time to all the things I would like to do when I was working.  Now that I am retired, I have all the time in the world to gad around all over the place, but do I really want to dash around any more?

YES! YES! I do, but my body now has limits, despite the Wii telling me that the condition of my body is that of a twenty-three year old.  Perhaps it was referring to my mind!  Come to think of it, that could be the answer, because I do tend to think like a twenty-three year old!  Not always appropriate, but fun, nevertheless.  Who on earth wants to think and feel their real age?  I will leave you with thought!

I hope your weekend was good,


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