Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Day That Never Was

Today should have been haircut day.  This is the day a friend comes around to our house and cuts my husband's hair.  Okay, I can hear you saying, what is so special about having your hair cut.  Well it is normally a social event because my friend's husband comes here as well.  We all enjoy a drink or three, while putting the world to rights.  Somewhere in between, my husband has his hair cut.  However, today my husband isn't too well, so the day has been cancelled, which is why this is the day that never was.

This means the ironing will get done this afternoon after all.  I had already warned it that it would have to wait until tomorrow, as today was haircut day.  Therefore, it is in for a surprise, when it sees me get the ironing board out.

Haircut day will take place next week.  Watch this space.

Meanwhile, I will be seeing my hairdresser on Thursday.