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Monday, 2 May 2011

Our new Wii

Today we bought a Wii.  We got the Sport, Resort Sports and Fit plus.  So we have spent most of the afternoon setting it up.  Anyway the good news is that the whole thing is now up and running.  Naturally we had to try a couple of things to make sure that it was okay.  So now for the bad news.  I have pulled something, which hurts a bit when I move.  Actually it hurts quite a lot.  Okay, I agree this is not good, especially on the first day, but I didn't give up.  No, you would have been proud of me, because I stuck with it and did a few other things before I collapsed onto a chair with a glass of wine.  It's amazing how much a glass of wine helps.

Tomorrow is another day, so watch this space, because this cool little chick is not finished yet.

What more can I say? 


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