Friday, 20 May 2011

Ten Pin Bowling and more!

Yesterday afternoon a couple of friends called and we showed them how to play ten pin bowling on the Wii.  After the bowling, we decided to introduce them to the delights of the Slalom, the Ski jump, rolling the bubble along the river, catching fish on an iceberg and finally archery.  All this activity took place in the space of three hours.  When our friends set out to visit, I don't think they expected such an energetic afternoon.

The whole Wii set up is so realistic, we found ourselves leaning back and forth on the sofa, as one person was trying to ski between the flags.  The same with the bubble on the river.  Though it was a matter of keeping the bubble from bursting on the side of the river bank. As for the Ski jump, our friends fell head over heels a couple of times, But I must add, they got up, dusted themselves down and had another crack at it!!  Perhaps it might be best not to mention the archery!!!  Except to say, please stand well back when our friends are taking aim.  Arrows were flying all over the place.  I'm sure some poor guy in the hills must have been scared out of his wits, when arrows started flying in all directions.  We expected some little red faced man rushing towards us with arrows sticking out of his hat!  Even if you were out at sea in a boat, where you might have thought, nothing can reach me here, you would have been wrong, as arrows flew past the target  and disappeared over the clifftop never to be seen again.  Sailors beware as you sail along the north east coastline, especially when our friends are around!!

Nevertheless, I have to say we all had a really good laugh and a good time was had by all.  (I hope my friend still speaks to me when she reads this)  :-)

Nothing much going on today - at least I'm not expecting anything to happen, but the day is young, so I will wait and see. 

Enjoy your day, whatever you decide to do.


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