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Monday, 21 March 2011

Weighty Problems

I woke up this morning an looked in the mirror. I try not to do that first thing in the morning, as it depresses me or sends my blood pressure up. Either way, it's not good.  So I tend to wait until I have had a cup of tea before glancing at my reflection. However, this morning, I broke the rule and took a look - I have got to lose some weight!

I realise every glance in the mirror, whatever time of day, tells me that I need to lose weight. But this morning, that first glimpse of me, after crawling out of bed, convinced me that I must do something drastic.  So I will have to give dieting, some serious thought. I will let you know what I come up with.

Beautiful morning. I went to see my doctor. Nothing serious, but I think it is a good idea to pop in once in a while, simply to let them know I'm still around.

Waiting for the post man. I wonder whether he will have anything for us this morning. Surely someone, somewhere has sent us a letter. By that I mean a proper letter. A letter, which someone has gone to the trouble to write. And then put a stamp on the envelope and gone out to the post box to post it. All we ever seem to get are bills or flyers asking us to vote for someone or something.  Or people asking for money for a charity.  I don't mind that, as I do give to charities, especially animal charities, but I can't do it every day. Probably won't get any mail this morning after all my grumbling!

Met some friends on my way to the Doctors. I stopped the car to say hello and while we were chatting, my friend's husband spotted some water dripping onto the road from the front of the car. "Probably condensation," I said. However he said he would take a look and asked me to open the bonnet. (hood for any Americans who might be reading this to while away the time.). "I don't know how to do that," I replied. "I usually get someone else to look inside there." Of course my friend and I laughed, but her husband's expression was that of  - 'silly woman' or something similar!

However it's true. I have never had to open the bonnet/hood. Why would I? The car is serviced regularly. The men at the garage do everything that needs to be done or at least I hope they do. The bill tells me they virtually take the thing apart and put it back together again every time they see it. So why would I feel the need look under the bonnet?

Anyway, it seems it was condensation after all, so we'll leave it at that.

Off to hang out the washing - yes, it's Monday!


  1. Hi Eileen:
    Very nice blog, if I might say so. I usually do not get into them, I started one a couple of years ago and had the same aprehensions about it as you do.
    However, what I did to solve the problem was stop writing it. No more fears...

    There is a difference in language between USA and UK and the rest of the world. When communicating around the world as we do it gets to be quite interesting.

    Weight is a problem, I look in the mirror every day and say who is that fellow. What should he do about that stomach! Diets are nice, but the conclusion is that I should get out and walk each day. My great savior is the weather. It is either too cold, too hot, too windy, or I can't find my walking shoes.

    Interesting that you write several books at a time. I usually just write until the book is done. I read 3 to 5 books at the same time and find that to be very enjoyable. When I write a column it is very easy to pick one up and read the last few chapters. My column this week is going to be about Alan Arkin as his memoirs just published.

    Have a great week and enjoy nice weather. Here in the Arizona desert it has been rainy, windy and cold. We had a visit from spring for about three days and it disappeared.


  2. Thank you for your comments, Clark.
    Yes, you are right about taking walks. Getting out and about can do a power of good for th tummy. I will seriously consider that.
    Arizona! We did a tour of California in 2000 and I know we went to Nevada - Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon on our way up to San Francisco or is the GC in Arizona?? I do recall going through some desert areas. We even went to a lighthouse out in the desert somewher. We still have the piece of Fossil wood we bought at the lighthouse shop. Anyway, we had a Great Time!!! I hope you pick this up.

    Cheers, and thanks again

  3. Hi Eileen,

    I've come via the Writer's Cafe on LinkedIn and I'm really glad I did. I needed a laugh and there you were. As a woman in the middle of a mid-life crisis, career crisis, Kid crisis, diabetes crisis and pretty much every other crisis that arises every day, I can totally relate to your blog. Well done, I'll be back for more. It's wonderful to know I'm not alone :D