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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


We might have a go at putting up the swing today.  Then, again, we might not.  Perhaps it's too early.  Maybe we should wait a while, at least until March is out.  We will see what the day brings.

My novel is progressing.  The characters are still doing their own thing, however, I have decided to let them be for a while and see how it pans out.  Perhaps they know best.  I would hate to ruin a good plot because I got in the way!

Signs of grey are showing in my hair.  Should I continue to use some colour to hide them, despite it making my head itch. Or should I leave the stuff off and let it do as it pleases. (Everything in my life seems to be doing it's own thing)  Trouble is, I still need to lose weight, so what with that, and having grey hair, I am going to look very matronly. 

From the above, you'll note that I haven't fixed up a diet yet.  I was thinking about joining a group, but they all seem to hold their meetings in the evenings and I would rather go along in the morning.  I find it better to step on the scales before I have eaten anything. 

I'm sure a few more dilemmas will arise duing the day, but that's enough to be going on with.

On a positive note - I am going for a shower.

Just thought I might add a snippet here.  So far the swing is still in its box sitting in the garage, as we had to fill out the census form! They seem to want to know every single thing about me and my husband.  Could we have got the wrong form by mistake?  Have we just offered our services to MI5?  Oops!!

Might get to the swing tomorrow.


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