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Friday, 25 March 2011

More Thoughts

The swing is still in the garage.  Those who have just joined me and my blog, won't know that I have a garden swing waiting to be set up.  It's in its box sitting in the garage.  Wednesday was haircut day (social event) and yesterday we were at Berwick, so today, we may get around to getting the swing sorted.  Must do it soon, because I can hear it in the night.  It's screaming to be out of its box and into the sunshine.

The orange four leaf clover has weaved its first spell, because yesterday I was told I had won a small prize in a competition I entered last week.  It was the first time I had ever entered that particular competition, so how about that??  I shall definitely keep the orange four leaf clover safe!

The diet is still waiting to get started.  However, today might be the day.  I have a low calorie meal in the fridge for this evening, so perhaps it will motivate me.  The problem is - wine.  I really do enjoy a glass or three of wine during the early evening, which means the calorie intake is off to a rocky start whatever day I decide to set the diet in motion.  Willpower is what I need.  If I say that a few times it might work - though I have doubts.

My husband has gone to look at the swing in its box, so I had better get out there as it recommends two people put the thing together.  This means that might not get any further today.  On the other hand, when I switch it on later, I could find that the characters have moved on without me!! Ever hopeful.

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