Murder on Tyneside

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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Today I am going to do nothing at all.  That's right! Absolutely nothing!  The swing is in position and if the sun continues to shine, I might get the chance to try it out this afternoon.  On the other hand, I could look at a couple more episodes of The West Wing for the umpteenth time. Or I could take a little walk to bump start the diet, which is still trying desperately to get a foothold.  I also have a new book to read. It's called Revenger, by Rory Clements and if it is anything like his last book, Martyr, it will be hard to put down once I start reading it.  Actually, I could read that, while I am sitting in the swing in the sunshine. 

Who would have thought a day of doing nothing would put me in such a dilemma?   I will let you know what I decide.

Meanwhile, one thing is certain, no matter what else I decide to do, I will be glued to Dancing on Ice this evening. Tonight is the final, so I can't possibly miss that.

Cheers to one and all

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