Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tights! What is Going On!

There has been a great deal of talk about M&S underwear of late. Some say it isn't up to their normal standard. I can't say I have noticed that, but what I have had a problem with is their tights.

At one time I could pick out some tights knowing that they were going to fit like a glove. I should add here that I did need to choose the Large size. However a little while ago, I found that the large size were enormous, so I opted for the Medium size. Again these were too big. Therefore on a third visit, I chose the Small size, yet these were also too big. Actually, too big are not the right words - the legs were so long, I could have almost pulled them up over my whole body and tied a knot at the top of my head!!

I still buy M&S tights, but have to opt for the body support tights, as they are firmer and don't stretch beyond where they are meant to. But I still only need to buy a medium size. I suppose that sounds good, really, but what it means to me is that whoever supplies the tights in the first place, must think that British women are giants.

So far today, I have done some washing and changed the bed covers, which means more washing. In turn it also means lots of ironing later this afternoon.

Have a good day!


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