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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The DVD is installed - whether it likes it or not!!

Good News! Our DVD was installed last night. We waited until it thought it was safe from tampering, before sneaking up on it.  My husband then plugged in all the necessary leads into the back as quickly as possible, while I held onto the front incase it decided to try to slip off the stand and make it's escape! Then we switched on! There was a wobbly moment, when the DVD image came onto the screen and then went off again. It did this twice. One one occasion, the image turned a very pale colour and we held our breath.  At this point, I reckon the DVD box was trying to pull the leads out, but thankfully, they held fast. I reckon even they were getting tired of being handled so much, so decided enough was enough and stayed put.

So now everything is working or at least it was last night. Fingers crossed this evening when we switch on in case the DVD has been working out a plan to mess us around again.

Apart from that, all is well in our world.

Have a good day


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