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Friday, 15 July 2011

Bits and Pieces Day

Yesterday was bits and pieces day. It is the day we pop into town and pay the papers, look at the magazines, call at the bank and then look in the dress shop. There is more than one dress shop here, but this one is next to WHSmiths, so I can leave my husband in there, while I browse the stock in M&Co.  There is a sale on at the moment, but I wasn't tempted, as we seem to have spent so much money lately, I thought I should give my card a rest.  Not that it wanted to rest. No, when I spotted a rather nice long white skirt in my size, it almost exploded to get out of my bag, but I pushed it back in sharply and closed the zip tight.

We also have coffee and scones at our local garden centre on bits and pieces day. I have to say they certainly know how to make good scones. Mine never ever turned out like that. I used the phrase, never ever, because I don't make scones any more. Why bother, when you can get better ones at the coffee shop?

Tesco delivered our shopping about an hour ago. When you see the van from the window, it is all hands to the pumps. The guy is following a schedule and can't hang around, so we empty the baskets as fast as we can and after bidding him farewell, we set about clearing all the stuff strewed around the kitchen. Not an easy task, but we get by.

Tomorrow evening, we are going to a Wedding Celebration, so that is something to look forward to.

Meanwhile I shall try to get some writing done.

Have a good day,



  1. Go back and buy that skirt. You'll regret it if you don't. Experto crede!

  2. Frances; You're right, of course. I will take another look at it. :-)