Monday, 11 July 2011

My Body is Aching

Oh my goodness! I could hardly get out of bed this morning, I was so stiff! I guess it was all that bending up and down yesterday when we were putting the new television stand together and then getting everything transferred from one stand to the other. It seemed to take up most of the day.

I felt a bit better after a hot shower and decided to do some polishing and dusting to make the room look bright and sparkling after its new make-over.  The old television stand is made from wood and looks just like a coffee table, so after polishing it like mad, it has taken on a new role and is standing in the middle of the room, sporting a vase of flowers.

As for the DVD, (I am whispering now) we are going to wait a few days, before trying to re-install it. We need to let it think it is safe and then pounce when it is sleeping. Some of these gadgets can be so temperamental.

I won't be doing much else today!

Hope your day goes smoothly.


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