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Sunday, 10 July 2011

End of the Saga

Okay everyone, the moment of truth came today at 11am when two men arrived to deliver our TV stand.  I asked them whether they knew they were to take the old TV away and they said no they didn't. No one had mentioned it. It wasn't on the paperwork.  He we go again, I thought.  However, after peering at it from all angles, the two men lifted our old TV, lumbered out the door and placed it in their van. So we bade a farewell to the Television set and set about putting up the new stand.

There weren't any problems to speak of.  All the bits were there and fitted together without too much fuss. The main problem came when we had to dismantle the DVD, Video and BT Vision box and set them all up again on the new stand.  Why are there so many wires and plugs for each piece of equipment?  You wouldn't believe the tangled mess we have behind our TV set.  Anyway, after fiddling around for what seemed like an eternity, things are working, well almost. The DVD is unhappy with the new arrangement and has put its foot down about being installed. So we are leaving it for the moment until it gets used to the idea of being on a lower shelf.  Then we will sneak the leads in while it isn't looking and switch on.  I hope that does the trick.

There is no need to use the Wii today. I have had enough exercise acting as the labourer to last me for a few days. My poor knees and hips are almost dropping off with lifting things up and putting them down. I am absolutely knackered.  Goodness knows what we will eat tonight, as this cute little chick is finished for the day. 

I am going to settle down with a glass of wine and watch Midsomer Murders - yes I have seen it before and can probably mouth the script with the characters, but does this face look bothered? I don't think so.

Hope you are having a great day!



  1. Argh - I tried to comment yesterday and wasn't sure if it had come through or not (Blogger was messing about again)! I'm glad your old telly has gone and you did make me laugh - sneaking up on the DVD when it isn't looking!

  2. Blogger messes me around all the time. I wish they would fix it. I guess sneaking up on the DVD is the only way we'll get it to work. But we shall see. :-)