Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Phone Calls

This morning I had a phone call. It was one of those calls where when you find out that the person on the other end wants to sell you something, you hang up. However, I found that this time the woman on the other end of the line was talking about the PDSA.

As I am an animal lover and do support animal charities when I can, I continued to let her speak and only interrupted to inform her that I had already agreed with an earlier caller to sell raffle tickets on their behalf.  She thanked me for that, but then went on to suggest that I might like to consider including the PDSA in my Will and would I be interested in receiving a booklet telling me how to go about it. I laughed and told her that in no way was I even close to thinking about popping off just yet!

Hopefully, I still have a few good years in me - there is so much I want to do. Besides, we have just bought a new TV and stand and also subscribed to BT Vision and I certainly intend to get my money's worth. Nevertheless I said she could send the booklet.

Anyway, we had a good laugh and I think I made the lady's day. Not a call she will forget quickly.

Have a good day!


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