Friday, 8 July 2011

New Television

Yesterday our new television arrived. Our neighbour very kindly took it in. We were under the impression that we would receive a text an hour or so before it arrived. But this didn't happen, so that's why we were out when it was delivered. The plan was that the delivery van would take away the old one, so that also didn't happen. Now we have two TVs in our room, our shiny new one and a very large bulky old one.

Why is it that things never go to plan? When we ordered the new one, we were assured that the old one would be taken away. However, it seems that the firm used a National Carrier to deliver our order, so I doubt they would have taken it away even if we had been in. Nor would they have unwrapped it and taken away the packaging, as we were told would happen. Or would they? Apologies if I am wrong here, but as far as I am aware, they run a courier/delivery service.

My husband rang the firm once we carried our TV across the road and they said someone would call to pick up the old TV and would ring in the next four hours to give a time. That was yesterday and no one has been in contact. Therefore our heavy TV is still standing next to the dining room table.

I wonder whether we will hear anything from the company today. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for our new TV stand, which we ordered from the same company at the same time as the TV. Wouldn't it have been a good idea to deliver both at the same time? It seems not.

Anyway, to get over the whole experience, I had a glass of wine. I doubt there is a better antidote for solving problems.

The new TV is great. It seems to be working okay and we are pleased with it. It is certainly easier to move around should you need to get to the back where the plugs etc are.

Incidentally, I met my friends in Berwick yesterday for a natter over coffee and scones. It was very enjoyable, as I hadn't seen them for some time.

Have a good day,



  1. Aagh I hope they come for the old telly soon, but I'm glad you're happy with the new one :-)

  2. Thanks Teresa, but there still hasn't been a call. It might be a case of calling the council to take it away. But we shall see. Meanwhile, I shall continue with the antidote - a glass of wine :-)